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- - By jerome75 (*) Date 2020-06-17 08:15 Edited 2020-06-17 13:50
Please, is it possible to have in one of the next versions of chess ok aquarium in a 100% LINUX version !!
Many people are annoyed by windows or rather `` windaube '' with its bugs, slowdown and others ....
Honestly, with linux it's too good! stable, fast, Light, efficient.
Another request. Is it possible to simplify the remote machine connections between windows (aquarium interface) and linux (remote engine uci).

thank you
Parent - By bifmeister Date 2020-06-19 17:20
I've been looking for this for years. There are a few of us here that would like to see this.

Just need to keep asking I suppose.
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2020-06-19 18:15
For what it is worth (not much probably)... I would like a Linux version of Aquarium and the RTHomeServer app also.  What a nice gift that would be... and make some money for the devs too.  But somehow I think it unlikely.   A big ask.
Parent - - By farseer (*) Date 2020-07-03 22:50
Why would you need RTHomeserver for Linux?  I'm a windows user and hate RTSingleServer so much I've considered writing a replacement.  On linux, you can use inbetween, plink, and SSH to the Linux box to spawn a worker.  No software on the remote Linux side is required at all.  I do this all the time to spin up workers on cloud servers.

The only reason RTHomeserver is required (that I know of) is that Windoze doesn't support SSH until Windows 10.  In fact, I plan to try spinning up workers over SSH on Windows 10 later this year when I buy a second Windows 10 computer this fall (all but one of my computers are currently Win 7).  I'm hoping Microsoft's SSH implementation will work the same way as Linux, but if it does not, I plan on writing a windows engine worker manager.  I want one program that can spawn as many engines as I want.  Running RTSingleServer a dozen times on the remote host is beyond stupid.  I actually started coding it yesterday, but stopped when I read that Win 10 now supports SSH.  I really don't want to attempt to reverse engineer Aquarium's username/password protocol etc to do it.  Hence, why I'm waiting to try SSH once I have two Win 10 boxes.

Am I misunderstanding what you are requesting?
Parent - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2020-07-04 16:34
Hi Farseer.

Please post instructions on how to do this in Win10 if you ever figure it out.

It's a little more expensive for the OS, but I managed to avoid all of the odious aspects of win 10 (forced driver updates, Cortana, Spyware, random rebooting) by using Windows 2019 Server Essentials as my operating system. It is effectively a single machine license of the Enterprise level software and comes with built in server functionality that would almost certainly make your task of providing remote engines easier to accomplish.
Parent - By dickie (**) Date 2020-07-08 11:26
Farseer, thanks for the great idea! I have a second W10 box, and though I am not particularly computer literate, I have managed to install SSH and link my remote engines to Aquarium with InBetween. Is there a better way?

I have a couple of caveats. IDeA successfully launches up to 10 instances of the remote engine, but beyond 10 some instances fail and close. Perhaps this is an Intel hardware rather than software issue. There maybe a workaround to have more than one copy of the remote engine and launch instances of up to 10 in series. I tend not to use more than 10 remote instances so it is not a problem here.

Secondly there is quite a dramatic drop in nps in stockfish when probing tablebases with the remote engine at depths 6 and 7.  I am happy to probe at depth 5, so again not a problem for me.

The big upside, apart from disposing of all those RTHomeserver folders, is the simple engine setup and the ability to easily switch IDeA engines. Last night I built a NNUE tree, today I am working with normal stockfish and tonight I may build an alternative Komodo tree.

For anyone who is interested there are plenty websites and youtube videos dealing with SSH. I found this most useful Then information on InBetween is given here, in Jesse Gersenson’s contribution. This is relatively straightforward if the remote pc has a password login. Without a password login, as in my case, it is necessary to generate a key and then generate a putty format copy of the key to put into the InBetween folder My InBetween.ini looks like this:

Priority := low
CommandLine := plink.exe -ssh -i id_rsa.ppk UserName@ComputerName "EngineAddress"

where -i id_rsa.ppk has replaced -pw password. Id_rsa.ppk is the name of the key file which I had placed in the InBetween folder.

It’s likely that there is a much better way than using InBetween, but it is all I know and it works.

Again, thanks to farseer for the idea.
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