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- - By jerome75 (*) Date 2020-06-03 14:36

From the Chess ok aquarium 2018 interface (installed on a machine with windows). I can't control my UCI type window engines (which are installed on a remote Linux + Wine machine).

However, I installed on my Linux computer the Wine applications, RTHomeserver.exe version 4.06, and engine type UCI windows like komodo64b .... exe

Can you please explain to me in detail all the steps to follow to get extended messages .....?

For your information, I tested the opposite and it works. This is to say with aquarium + Wine on Linux and UCI machines under windows. It works.

But in the other direction, it does not work, it is impossible to connect to my linux. No connection established via IP 192.168.1.xx

There is surely a solution.
Either by Rthomeserver ...., Or by ssh maybe? The duty? .....
I am lost and young beginner under Linux mint xfce 19.3.
I want to be able to use the interface "aquarium chessok" under windows and UCI engines under Linux !!

Thank you in advance for your help
Parent - - By jerome75 (*) Date 2020-06-08 12:28
someone has a solution please ?
Thanks you
Parent - - By CumnorChessClub (***) Date 2020-06-08 16:47
Parent - - By jerome75 (*) Date 2020-06-13 10:28
I can't do it. can you explain me the procedure please?
Parent - - By jerome75 (*) Date 2020-06-16 10:41
has someone managed to control aquarium under windows on a pc and uci engine installed on a remote linux machine?
it is important to me that the remote machine with UCI engine is under Linux ?
How to do it , exatly ?
Thanks you for your help
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2020-06-16 15:45
I tried, and failed.  I ended up being forced to use Windows on both machines.  Sad.  Linux would have been much more stable.
Parent - By jerome75 (*) Date 2020-06-16 16:24 Edited 2020-06-17 04:28
Hello pawnslinger,
yes it's a shame. Linux is stable, fast, light and free !!
I also thought about having two raspberry pi4 (4 hearts with 4go) which could run remotely in parallel (2 separate motors) what do you think?
If someone succeeded, can he help us please? it is surely doable.
an additional solution would be to use xrdp on linux with the aquarium + wine package also on Linux. For info xrdp uses little bandwidth, therefore fluid.

See you soon
Parent - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2020-06-24 19:58
I missed that one, so sorry for the late response. The way to go currently should be "inbetween", also supporting native engines.

See, Jesse Gerenson wrote:
I use Debian and also Xubuntu which is ubuntu with the xfce windows manager. The benefit of xfce is it doesn't (visually) change -- it always looks like windows 98.

Here is the iso for Xubuntu 14.04:

After you install it run these commands from a terminal:
sudo apt-get install wine gufw && sudo gufw

turn the firewall 'on'.

"netchess" doesn't work with current operating systems.

InBetween.exe by Gunnar Malin works.
It is what I use to connect Arena, which is a windows program I run on my linux machine with the command 'wine Arena.exe', to a 24 core linux machine which runs a development version of Komodo.

InBetween has two files.. InBetween.exe and InBetween.ini. One is the executable and the *.ini file is a text file you must edit. Note, you can change the name from InBetween to something else but make sure the base filename is the same, ex. MyNewEngine.exe & MyNewEngine.ini

1. Stick both InBetween files in a folder. And in the folder also put plink.exe.
2. install an ssh server on your linux machine, in xubuntu you do this with the command:
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

3. make sure ssh is working by trying to connect to your machine with this command (change 'yourusename' to your actual username):
ssh yourusername@localhost

you should be prompted for your password. enter it and you'll get some 'thanks for connecting' text and a command prompt. type exit to close the connection and return to your non-ssh command prompt.

4. set up InBetween.ini. Here is an example:
Priority := high
CommandLine := PLINK.EXE -ssh -pw SecretPassword USERNAME@localhost "/home/USERNAME/linux-engine"

The text in bold face will be changed; replace SecretPassword with your actual password and change USERNAME to your USERNAME and linux-engine with be komodo-10.1-linux or stockfish_15082821_32bit or something similar...

5. run "wine InBetween.exe" from the command line and answer 'y' when asked to cache the machine key.
6. In Aquarium, or any windows based GUI, use InBetween.exe as your engine. 
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