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- - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2020-04-22 04:11
Something is seriously screwed up and I am at a bit of a loss here.

I'm pretty sure the cause of this was accidentally sending every position from over 100,000 games to an IDEA project.
The program froze and had to be killed with the task manager.
It opened fine, I deleted all of the tasks, went back to the database and sent 9 positions.
Started analyyzing them with a single instance of LCO, it got through 4 of them but then was taking way too long on the 5th one considering the max 30 seconds analysis time.

I clicked on the green square and all of the information disappeared from the tree window. The task was running over and over again, looping back to start after 30 seconds and beginning again.

I stopped IDEA, deleted all the tasks, exited Aquarium and re-started it.
Now the tree configuration window is empty except for the words "No Info".
There is nothing for any tree configuration, including the default ones that come with Aquarium.

I tried deleting that project, removing the files from my hard drive, and checking all the trees but nothing works.
The trees all either verify as green or are empty as grey but there is only the words no info in the configuration window for every configuration.

Any Ideas for how I can try to fix this?
Parent - - By dickie (**) Date 2020-04-22 06:58
When things go haywire after a crash, and there is no obvious solution, I often find deleting the infinite analysis files and/or deleting LastSession.xml rescues things. I think IA appears in all the default Aquarium config trees, so it may be the source of the problem. IA can be corrupted in a crash. Good luck!
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2020-04-22 07:09
Good advice!

Also, since such a large amount was fed into IDeA all at once, the events for evaluation are all stored in a xml file (I forget the name).  I once tried putting around 50k events in the queue at once and everything went to sh*t.  If you look around for an _extremely_ large xml file... delete it... maybe someone else can tell you the name of it.  It is just a flat file that contains (among other things) all events from the evaluation queue.  Since it is flat, things get real dicey if it gets too large.
Parent - - By dickie (**) Date 2020-04-22 11:25
Tasks are held in the project xml file in the folder Data\IDeA\Projects. If the file has been damaged, a new project will need to be created for the tree.
Parent - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2020-04-22 13:02
Thanks for trying guys, but those things didn't help.
If nobody else has anything worth trying I will backup the projects folder, individual trees, and egines.xml then reinstall.

Is there anything else I should preserve to get back to where I was?
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