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- - By Heer (*) Date 2020-01-13 09:22
When I click on the board and want to have some positions analysed and also IDeA create own tasks, I start the analyse and see that 20 to 40 positions are analysed per second. That's good.

But when I open my database, filter some positions and send it to IDeA and start the analysis, IDeA is only analysing 1 position per second. The difference is to big, so it is maybe a bug.

I'm using LC0 and 2x RTX 2080 Ti GPUs
and 1 second + depth 1 per position.
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2020-01-13 09:49
I do not think that the program can handle 1 position per second... that is completely too fast, in my opinion.
Parent - - By Heer (*) Date 2020-01-22 18:23
It works.
Even 40 positions per second are possible.
Parent - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2020-01-22 19:09
Kudos!  Your hardware is better than mine.  If I did 40 per second, I would be evaluating at a depth of 12... or something like that.  I prefer depths much deeper (takes time).... so 40 per second is wonderful, but it doesn't sound like you achieve very great depths.  But like I said, perhaps your hardware is much better than mine.  Mine is a couple of years old by now.
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2020-01-22 19:16
Here is screenshot from the project I am current working on... I am working on trying to figure out my 10th move, the 1st 8 moves are "book" moves, so this project started at move 9.  This is my 2nd analysis session.
Parent - - By Heer (*) Date 2020-01-22 19:30
I have:
5d 8:39:22
Parent - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2020-01-22 21:44
Of course you do.  Because you are only allowing 1 second per move.  If you note my screenshot, I am allowing about 10 minutes (I think) per move.  What a difference!!  You get a lot more analysis, but very shallow.  In my view, you are not really getting the most you can from LC0 (or whatever engine you use).

In my big trees, I have over 5 million positions, each to a minimum depth of 24 or 25 ply.  Now that is what I call a database!  But even that seems pretty shallow to me.  The longer I do this, the more depth I want to have.

Really good players in this forum, go to greater depths than I do.  I am working up to it.
Parent - - By ChiefPushesWood (**) Date 2020-01-13 15:48
I would like to add that I think using Leela in this way takes away the 'magic' of what you get from that engine. Leela is super if used correctly. Using Leela in Aquarium is wrong in my opinion.

Parent - - By dickie (**) Date 2020-01-13 18:21
Can we ask how you like to use Leela?
Parent - By mattchess (**) Date 2020-01-14 04:39
I use leela and other engines in IA to evaluate positions of interest in multi-pv to substantial depth and then send the resulting lines to IDEA and add all the positions as tasks in IDEA - but I use stockfish as my IDEA engine.
Parent - - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2020-01-13 20:22 Edited 2020-01-13 20:25
Leela works fine in Aquarium, but you have to give it a little time to think.

10 seconds per move gives reasonable results with a single 2080Ti card, but I would probably give it 30 seconds per move for serious analysis.

Heer, can give me detailed instructions on how you configured Aquarium to use both cards?
I have not been able to get LC0 to use anything except GPU0.
Parent - - By Heer (*) Date 2020-01-13 22:24
BackendOptions: (backend=cudnn-fp16,gpu=0),(backend=cudnn-fp16,gpu=1)
Parent - - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2020-01-14 00:25
Thanks for replying.

Do you type that into the field in the engine setup or point it to a file with that in it?

Does that use both at once or "Round Robin" where the 2 cards alternate processing tasks?

Do you use each card as a separate engine or combine into one big engine?
Parent - By Heer (*) Date 2020-01-14 07:10
1.engine setup.
2.Backend: Choose: roundrobin... or multiplexing or demux.
3.I use 1 Engine running on 2 GPUs.
Parent - - By dickie (**) Date 2020-01-14 11:16

Use roundrobin if your 2 gpus are identical, otherwise multiplexing.

Assuming you are using 2 RTX gpus, then type backend=cudnn-fp16,(gpu=0),(gpu=1) into BackendOptions. Heer's version should also work, but the repetition of backend etc is unnecessary.

Increase threads from the default 2 to 3. You may want to trial with 4 threads too to see if it gives greater nps.

Lco defaults to gpu0, so if you want to use your 2 gpus independently as separate engines then you need to type into Backend options gpu=0 for the first and gpu=1 for the second.
Parent - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2020-01-14 17:43
Thanks to both of you for clearing that up.

I will probably add each card as a separate engine in IDEA by giving the executables different folders and assigning 1 card to each with the backend otions.
Parent - By Heer (*) Date 2020-02-12 17:20
Okay I know what the problem is, there are 2x BUGs.

I'm using LC0 and 2x RTX 2080 Ti GPUs.
Only 1 LC0 is running.
Somehow IDeA don't want to use 1 second per position, maybe because the GPUs are to strong or for different reasons.
That's why IDeA shows much more positions are analysed per second, instead of using the full power for only one position for one second.
That's the first BUG.
But after the first ~40000 positions were analysed, IDeA starts to analyse 1 position per second and it is doing exactly what it should do.
So it's a BUG which goes automatically away.
But this happens again and again with every new project.

The second BUG was, that IDeA started to use 3 seconds per move instead of 1 second, after 400000 positions were analysed.
This happens only because I have taken some games from the hugebase database and pushed them to IDeA.
But note that I have done this at the beginning of the project.
It was also very easy to work around, first I clicked new project, the arrays are filled with the same data from my first project, I changed nothing and started the new project.
Then it starts to analyse very fast to ~40000 positions from 0 and then like I wanted with 1 second per move.
I deleted the first project.
I have no data loss, all evaluations and the analysed positions are there.
This time I haven't pushed games from hugebase to IDeA and I'm now above 600000 positions with this second run and it still goes with 1 second per position.
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