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- - By centipawn (*) Date 2020-01-12 15:49
This is a question about how best to use Aquarium's IDeA for ICCF games. I use Aquarium 2020.

This is what I do at the moment:
For each ICCF game I play, I have downloaded the pgn and added to a database in Aquarium, once the game was beyond the first few opening moves - for the sake of an example, let's assume I did this when the last move played was 3. ... e7. From this game in the database, I then create a linked IDeA project with an analysis tree not used by any other projects, and no master tree.

I then use IA in database view which sends the best lines to IDeA. I also manually add variations and use 'add all positions' to force IDeA to look at them. The root of the IDeA project will be the position after 3. ... e7.

I believe that so far, this is probably what most users do. The question I have is: what is the best procedure to follow when I decide on my next move (or when an opponent moves)?

Here is what I do at the moment (let's assume I decide on 4. g3):
In database view, I add the move. This will not change the IDeA project as far as I can see.
In IDeA view in the corresponding project, I also add the move and place the cursor after it so tree & board will update. I then use the "Root Node" button to add this position as a root node, and manually disable the old root. I believe this will stop IDeA from looking at any position that can arise after 3. ... e7 when white's 4th move is different from 4. g3, but I am not entirely certain about this.
I then do my analysis using IA in database view etc. as before.

Is this the right procedure? It feels odd that I have to add the move twice (in the IDeA project as well as to the database game used for IA). Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Parent - - By braindied (**) Date 2020-01-13 08:29

I do very similar.

A couple of tips:

You can from the Start - External Programs - Correspondence Play option automatically download and update your games in your database from the ICCF server.
To do that you need to chose ICCF as the server, enter your ID and password, and under the database button nominate which local database you wish to store your games in. It keeps a separate database for classical and 960 chess games.
This keeps your analysis database up to date with the actual game.

Within IdEA you do need to move the root node as you describe (or at least I do the same as you). I often move the root node up and down the tree to force generation of certain lines, and occasionally do that with having more than one root node at once.
However, just like running multiple projects, I find once a tree gets above around 300,000 nodes it starts growing out of control in size, minmax slows down, and even get the dreaded never-ending minmax. Small trees are no problem.

I also change the Idea Project every X moves - where X can be as small as 3, or as large as 10-20. I do this once a tree gets big. Within the new project at a later move you can import previous results from the last project, starting at the new root node, which discards all the other lines that never happened, and therefore reduces tree size again.

I am unsure whether my "issues" with tree size are hardware/OS or other dependent.
Parent - By centipawn (*) Date 2020-01-13 09:22
Very helpful - thank you braindied. I will dig more into how roots work, into importing results from one tree to another, and into the direct ICCF connection.

My biggest tree is just scratching at 25000 at the moment, and I have not run into size issues yet - good to know that you've run into issues from around 300'000. If I experience the same, I'll let you know!
Parent - By Uwak (***) Date 2020-01-27 13:57
When trees become too big, IDeA becomes unwieldy.  This is the reason why I & others disable automatic prolongation and I set longer settings for my IDeA engines (30 sec & 30 plies with max at 600 sec). I run auto prolongation only sparingly.
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