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- By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2020-01-09 17:26
Moving this to it's own thread since it really didn't belong there.

N/U By mattchess (**) Date 2020-01-09 07:26
Mega Database and Hugebase are largely redundant.  Hugebase and Mega Database would contain the same games for the most part so I don't think it would be worth the effort of combining and then trying to scrub redundant games - which could become difficult if player naming conventions are not the same. 

If you are getting chessbase and mega database then I would do the following when you get it:

1. After installing chessbase, open megadatabase and allow it to create a search booster
2. Open mega database and then use "filter list" and click advanced to bring up the filter options
3. From there you can set the ELO rating ranges and also the minimum and maximum # of moves.  You can also use the "good games" flag or combine those with the good games flag.  Good games will filter for games in which at least one player has an Elo rating above 2350 or one player had an IM or GM title. This function excludes blitz, rapid and simultaneous games. It also excludes games with less than seven moves and drawn games with less than 20 moves.
4. Once the filter completes, right click on one of the listed games and "select all"
5. Right click in that window again now that the games are selected and use "output" and "selection to text file" to then export the resulting filtered games to a PGN file
6. Also of interest, right click in that window again and select "selection to book" and chessbase will make a ctg tree file from the game list (remember to use file---->save as when it finishes to save it someplace)

To combine databases in chessbase is pretty easy as well.  Once you have loaded two databases in chessbase, to combine them you can either (1) select multiple games in one, do a ctrl-C (copy) and then (2) open the other database and do ctrl-v (paste).  Or you if you want all games from database 1 to be copied to database 2 you can simply drag database 1's icon onto database 2's icon in the file explorer view in chessbase.  If you want to merge them into a third database just create a third new database and drag the other two into it the same way.  There may be easier/faster ways but that is how I do it.
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