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- - By RSeanOConnell (**) Date 2019-12-28 21:44 Edited 2019-12-28 22:04
I recently purchased a new laptop.  Unfortunately the advertising is incorrect indicating the laptop has 8 cores and 16 threads.  Turns out it only has 4 and 8.

I set up a project in AQ2020 with 14 instances of Komodo.  Did the same thing on my other laptop with has 4 cores and 4 threads.  Put them side by side to see if the new one is actually that much faster.

Why is it that I was able to have 14 instances running when I do not have that many logical engines?  It seemed to work fine.

I have since changed the settings on each to 7 instances on the new laptop and 3 on the old one.
Parent - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2019-12-29 02:10
Windows is able to multi-task many many tasks... but not all get a big time slice.
Parent - - By mattchess (**) Date 2019-12-29 19:33
As pawnslinger said it will run but will not run efficiently.  You are processing more positions simultaneously, but processing each more slowly.  The bigger issue is that aquarium will try to assign cache memory to each engine instance. You may be running low on memory which may cause programs to hang.

Check to see how much cache memory you have assigned to the engine and confirm that with your assigned cache x number of instance you still have enough left for your OS and other applications you may be running while aquarium runs.  So for example retain at least 2 gb for general tasks.  Microsoft recommends a minimum of 2 gb for 64 bit windows 10.
Parent - - By RSeanOConnell (**) Date 2019-12-30 02:02
Thanks.   After rereading the question I realize it was kind of a silly question.   I have since gotten a 6 core 12 thread laptop.   Running 10 Engines and divided the Ram by 10.  Will be adding Ram as soon as possible.
Parent - By dickie (**) Date 2019-12-30 11:17
Komodo recommends not using more than 50% of Ram for hash tables. Sounds sensible, and would mean dividing Ram by 20 for running 10 engines. I am beginning to wonder if some of your other problems may in part be related to having insufficient free Ram?
Parent - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2019-12-30 18:48
In my setup, I always try to keep at least 8gb of free ram available to Windows.  Anything less and at best I start getting a lot of slow downs.  I do admit I do a lot with my system... all at the same time (but I have A LOT of ram to play with).
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