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- - By RSeanOConnell (**) Date 2019-11-13 02:02
I am trying to find the differences between the 2014 version of Aquarium versus 2019.  Not having much success.   Could someone explain the differences?  Trying to decide if it is worth it to upgrade.   2014 is meeting my beds so unless the IDeA function is much better or faster I am not sure why I would upgrade.

Thank you.
Parent - - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2019-11-13 17:35
I upgrade every year to get the new games in Hugebase.
It's as good as Mega Database for my purposes, and significantly less expensive to buy the new version of Aquarium than buy anything from Chessbase.

Functionality hasn't changed since they added the tree generation strategies, but I don't remember exactly when that was.

The main addition in recent version has been more data saved when it crashes.
It will return the scheduled tasks and project information to where they were the last time it cleanly exited, but the tree itself is usually fine and can be brought up to date with "Fill Subtree Power".

I think the newer versions are better than AQ2014 about incrementally saving, so you will lose less data in a crash situation.

These things still happen with alarming frequency.
I have it crash multiple times per day when re-starting IA or on exit, which I do in an attempt to save my work by having it exit cleanly.

The other reason I buy the new version each year is because hope springs eternal that they will eventually fix the stability issues that have plagued Aquarium from day 1.
Parent - By RSeanOConnell (**) Date 2019-11-13 19:43
Thank you!
Parent - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2019-11-14 08:45
I run AQ2017, as you may know.  I don't care about Hugebase or Megabase (over the years I have accumulated my own custom base in CB).  Anyhow... I very rarely get any crashes from AQ2017 -- on average about once every 3 months.  Which I find is inevitably caused by the infinite analysis tree getting too big.  So I let it grow until it crashes, then delete them all at the same time.  I guess I should delete them before it crashes, but I guess that would be boring.  Hehehehe.
Parent - By braindied (**) Date 2019-11-14 00:54
I upgrade for two reasons:

1. The stability has improved with IDEA, and corrupted trees much easier to fix in later versions, and the background save every X works better.
2. You get a 1 year license key to the 7-man online endgame tables integrated into IDEA. The upgrade cost covers part of the access key each year.
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