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- By MrKris (**) Date 2019-08-27 06:23
2019-08-26  Ala  master  diff 
ELO: 45.46 +-3.7 (95%) LOS: 100.0%
Total: 8846 W: 1773 L: 622 D: 6451
40000 @ 30+0.3 th 8  Multicore regression/progression test against SF10 after "Tweak Late Move Reduction at root" of August 26th.

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Stockfish 10 was released at +50 Elo over Sf 9, also near the 10th anniversery:!searchin/fishcooking/stockfish$2010th$20anniversary%7Csort:date/fishcooking/6BpzcOisdvg/TtXl1qm8CwAJ 
10 Years of the fish completed at Nov 2 and SF10 new version, are we interested? If yes, its one week from now, enough imo to merge latest patches, Progression test for >+50, locate new default contempt and launch!

Note that this comment, same thread: 
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Well congrats to the efforts of the team! And special thanks to noobpwnftw without his cpus sf10 would have probably taken 3 years. This is the most expensive version of stockfish yet, taking at least 15000 test or almost half of the entire's framework test history!

Looking forward to stockfish 11, hopefully it gets released before the decade ends. Though I feel like it is gonna take another magnitude of cpu and test attempts to get that 50 elo or it will take 2-3 years this time. But hey, we have talented devs, so it might be still possible. ;)
Up Topic The Rybka Lounge / Computer Chess / Stockfish 11 ?

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