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- - By The Wizard (***) Date 2019-05-23 02:29 Upvotes 1
:grin: Hi All,
                  I have arrived at yet another water cooled setup after a let us say a set back going sub zero with my phase change cooler and losing one of the dimm slots ... Only 24GB instead of 32GB of memory is shown in the BIOS and in windows although in the separate SPD section in the BIOS and programs such as AIDA 64 the faulty dimm slot is showing that the slot is actually populated with the 8GB DDR4 memory stick ..... Not sure what has happened but assume it was down to condensation in some way. Must admit I think the sub zero unit was having more than its fair share of problems trying to keep things under control with the CPUs power output .... Putting the memory into another slot brings back the full 32GB but memory ATM is only running at triple instead of quad. It maybe that the dimm slot simply packed up of its own accord so I might get around to RMAing it but need it working for now

Anyway back to the latest WC setup where I have done away with the radiator and its 4x140mm fans in the loop (it may return lol) and am now using 2 water pumps, 2 reservoirs and 1 other item :twisted: and it is basically silent. There I think there are more improvements I can make mainly to the way it looks and the ease of taking it apart and tinkering with it in general.

I loaded my basic BIOS settings for testing which is 46x100 for the CPU but with SPEEDSTEP on and the CPU voltage set to manual and at 1.250V ... It is also set to run ALL CORES.

The pictures show the CPU core temps at idle followed by running on 18 cores and finally with its 18 cores plus its HT so 36 ... The room temp was showing 22C during the test (YES the CPU temps and AMBIENT temps are correct and not a misprint lol)

Parent - - By jpqy (**) Date 2019-05-23 06:36
These are fantastic Temps!!

Can you put some pictures here from your WC setup if possible.

Parent - - By The Wizard (***) Date 2019-05-23 21:48
Hi JP, I will get around to it but you must promise not to laugh :razz: it is still sitting on the infamous piece of wood I made years ago but everything else has changed, I would like to beat my previous best but time will tell

Parent - - By The Wizard (***) Date 2019-05-24 22:45 Upvotes 1
Hi JP, The picture is the basic working setup and has to be tidied up immensely now that I know it works.

Basically it is a small chest freezer with a slim recycling bin inside similar to this one without the lid on for now holding around 25L of distilled water and a little anti freeze. Sitting in the plastic container is my nigh on 20 year old Eheim 1260 water pump (or maybe it is the 1250 I really cannot remember) the reason for the pump sitting in the water (I guess acting as a sump pump) was because I had issues with pressure getting the water to circulate with a single pump sitting outside the chest freezer with or without the reservoirs although I think when I get hold of some one way valves or non return valves the whole issue will go away .....

The Eheim pump sends the water into my old twin bay reservoir and then into the EKx4 Reservoir which I got as part of the new replacement WC loop (The EK coolstream quad radiator with its 4x140mm Noctua fans  are also part of the new WC loop you can see sitting next to the freezer) ... the water is then is then sucked from EK reservoir by my new Fluval water pump which I got when the Mrs spotted it in a local garden centre (I have to do these things lol) just by chance walking through the aquarium section and it had 80% off because it was the last one, the fluval water pump send the water into the XSPC Raystorm Neo waterblock  from which the water simply flows back into the recycling bin below the waterline.

Before anyone asks yes I drilled a 20mm hole through the top of chest freezer. Sadly you cannot drill through the sides of freezers. .... When I get the final setup sorted in my head I will refill the hole and go through the side of the freezers lid with the in and out tubes maybe with quick release connectors, in this way the lid can be fully closed as it cannot at the moment as you can in the picture.

The only issue I have ATM is to much water pressure which believe me is not easily released through any fill port so I might connect up the radiator inside the freezer (without its fans) and send the water through it to see if it helps.

The freezer has simply 2 settings minimum and maximum and the bit of anti freeze in the system solves ice issues with the water, the only other thing you have to look out for is condensation problems on and around the waterblock. Because the freezer acts as a big cold box I have even turned the chest freezer off and for quite a few hours there was hardly any changes in temps

I know it is not a Koolance but even a new small chest freezer is only about £100 and with a bit of ingenuity is what it all about for me and I also find it fun.

I just discovered these but I do not think I could justify the cost although figuring out where to drill through it so I can fit the water cooling tubing could be fun :evil: :twisted: I just shouted down to Sandra (the Mrs) I know what I want for Christmas :razz::wink::grin::eek:

Parent - By jpqy (**) Date 2019-05-25 08:09
Hi Tony,

Thank you very much for your detailed explenations even with links to all the parts/items you have used in this custom freezer water-loop!

Looking great..have sit here with similar idea's as a unit like this Koolance EXC-800 Chiller ($1700) is way too expensive for just bringing Temps down.

Kind regards,
Parent - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2019-05-23 16:15
4.5 GHz on 18 cores, and handling the heat just fine. Very nice.
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2019-05-23 18:19 Edited 2019-05-23 18:29
Hi Tony,

I'm waiting! It's coming down the pike!  Just make sure you do it in the garage! Industrial supply-liquid nitrogen!

Best wishes!

(You get a "Big update" go for the should get Hallmark Cool Master of Rybka Form!)

I think you should build your own nuke cooling tower in the garage! :grin:
Bolton will  threaten you to dismantle or suffer Trumpian  pain of tweeting!

Thank you for posting -it is always a pleasure to see you progress from wooden block -bathtub -to this! You're a  lucky man you're still in relationship!:yell:
Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2019-05-23 18:55
Hi Tony,
At some point when I get some time when the dust settles. I want to do some research on my latest idea for a build!
Parent - - By The Wizard (***) Date 2019-07-12 21:47 Upvotes 2
Hi, Some how I found myself watching videos on youtube about cooling aquariums with home made water chillers rather than one of the usual kind :roll: I liked the very simple idea of using a hosepipe inside a freezer etc like this one

I should ban myself from even looking at these videos :grin: but went and ordered a 13mm ID X 50M hose pipe and hope I have calculated the amount of water it will hold correctly :eek: just over 6 litres ... Not sure yet if I will simply put the hose pipe in the freezer or have it in a container filled with water inside the freezer? This setup will be a sealed loop so will not have any problems with cat hairs getting into the water :mad::yell:

Parent - - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2019-07-13 02:38
I was wondering if there was some way to incorporate the condensation protection mechanism/medium in with the cooling, like submerge the PC in a non-conductive fluid while at the same time using phase changers. For example a single large compressor with three blocks, two for CPU/GPU, and one that would take heat away from the surrounding fluid somehow. Could also maybe use a liquid with a low freezing point.

I've seen submerged devices before, but they typically tailor the boiling point of the non-conductive liquid such that it boils at some 'warm' temperature for the components, thus inducing the phase change to quickly cool them off. I think this is a bit too limiting though.

It's too bad no one knows how to make Boron arsenide nanocrystals, as you could encase your entire mobo in it, it would be non-conductive and also have a thermal conductivity as good if not better than diamond. Could connect the block directly to the top of the BA layer, and even use some for TIM on the other two blocks. Then I'd like to put a hole in the wall here, run a large pipe through it with a valve and a closeable vent, and connect the large pipe to the phase changer to use as an exhaust. During summer the vent would be closed and the valve open to run all the heat outside, during winter I could close the valve and open the vent to provide heating. Maybe could run a 6 GHz CPU stable, and a 2.5 GHz GPU stable that way. Shrug.

There was talk of CPU manufacturers putting in small 'channels' in their processors that cooling liquids could run through, never happened but I thought it was a 'cool' idea.
Parent - - By gsgs (***) Date 2019-07-13 04:07 Edited 2019-07-13 05:12
put the computer (CPU) into a water-tight metal-cover connected to the heat-sink and then into a small river

Make a company to automize this, put your future super-computing-units into the river near the power-plant
and let them calculate for some weeks,months,years and collect the results and send them back to the customers.

Or locate them at a cool place with power in the first place, Alaska,Siberia
-----edit--------- well, probably not a good idea since creating the power
in a cool environment increases costs more than the reduction from cheaper cooling.
So place the computing units into Sahara , collect solar power at day and run them at night.
Input/Output by satellite.
Parent - By The Wizard (***) Date 2019-07-14 18:08
Hi gsgs, The actual idea is brilliant with only a couple of drawbacks :twisted::razz::grin: it uses the ancient old technique of cooling your beer by putting them in a bag and putting them in the water if your out fishing or something.

They run power cables through water and under the seas and oceans so the theory is sound so now it is just the practical problems to sumount :smile::eek:

Parent - By The Wizard (***) Date 2019-07-14 18:02
Hi Labyrinth, As for the mineral oil bath many have done it although I think my ls gang at Ninjamicros were the first but I cannot find a link at the moment but did find what was built by NM to overclock the old Athlons and reviewed here at Anandtech and  ... The project was run by Fluke his surname was Smith and found his handle at with a link to but it not the real one ...

There was an argument that caused a split sadly and where I sub zeroed my Athlon and went into the chessbase engine room originally as BigBen and then later as The Wizard ... One of the break off forums was Team Ninja but sadly it also now seems defunct although the website owner is still one of our long time friends on facebook and lives in Canada along with a few other friends from NM living in Australia and the USA ... Liquid Ninjas were another bunch who were also very close to NM but are also no longer with us but I found a link to the folding@home page

Condensation will always be an issue I think until maybe you can encase the whole CPU and its socket in something, I guess the motherboard makers could be the answer to this some how building it into the design?

Another option is to move to Alaska, Canada or one of the poles, in fact any country that is on the cold side would do ...... My good m8 Dean is a butcher and in his shop he has a massive freezer for storing the meat which is also an option that would more than likely get around the condensation problem :twisted::evil::grin: .... Unlike many I look forward to the winter months as it is the best time for OCing ... It is not necessarily the air temps that cause issues but the humidity. Your hole in the wall will work as many tropical places I have been on holiday do it, so an air con unit fitted on an outside wall pulling the heat out with the benefit of no noise inside the room etc.

Being lazy ATM with the hose pipe still sitting where I put it after delivery :roll:
Still waiting to see if the AMD 3950 with 16 cores will kill my 7980XE but the AMD OCing on the other chips has been more than underwhelming but the price alone may win the day?

Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2019-07-20 17:24 Edited 2019-07-20 17:28
Hi Tony,
Holy Sh*T!

Best of the Best

( That deserves a Rybka "Emmy"! )
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