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- - By Hurnavich (Bronze) Date 2018-11-16 09:31
Hello can anyone using CB15 confirm they have the issue

Annoying bug not present in CB14 only the new CB15

Take a known game for eg in your main reference DB or any db for that matter and scroll to a position and copy the position.
Now paste it as a fen and hit your reference DB search tab comes back game cannot be found even though i know it is there.

If you paste it as a complete game and scroll to the position in question and hit Reference tab and suddenly the game position is listed.

As i say post any fen in CB14 not a problem so it appears they broke something...

I emailed CB support but the language issue may be a problem for them to understand.

If any German speaking member has CB15 and can reproduce the problem and email support we may get a fix thanks. :sm36:
Parent - - By DamirD81 (***) Date 2018-11-21 10:02

Another thing I have noticed that Fritz has and Chessbase does not is weights.I was wondering if it is possible for chessbase put weights to the moves. So far this opportunity does not exist in Chessbase, so I need transfer game to Fritz to do this. In the future Chessbase versions would it be possible to add this option? So far only Fritz has this option, and I was wondering if Chessbase could put weights to the moves too?:smile::smile:
Parent - By leavenfish (***) Date 2018-11-24 18:51
What do you mean by 'weights'?
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