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- - By cma6 (****) Date 2018-04-18 21:01
When using IDeA over my Windows LAN, I have been noticing the following error when adding cores from a slave remote system: Error--"_imp_VirtualAlloc failed" so that one of the slave cores does not join the IDeA analysis.
Any idea what that means and how to fix it?
Parent - - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2018-04-19 00:03
I haven't seen this specific issue, but it's pretty clearly a memory allocation problem.

What exactly do you mean by "adding cores"?

Remote engines for IDEA?
For IA?

Is it possible that the combined allocation of hash table memory exceeds the RAM of the remote computer?
Is Windows set to automatically manage the page file or is it set to a fixed value?
Are you running more engine threads than you have cores on the remote computer?
Does it still happen if you try a different engine?

I had some memory access error pop ups using RTHomeServer406 with Houdini 5 Pro that completely disappeared when I swapped it out for Komodo 11.2.
Stockfish also comes in 2 versions with one of them called Popcnt, that could cause problems on older machines.
Parent - By cma6 (****) Date 2018-04-19 01:10 Edited 2018-04-19 02:35
  Thanks for the very detailed diagnostic response to my question. Tomorrow I will give a full and exact answer.
Here is the preliminary answer. I run IDeA from the master system. On one of the slave systems, there are 4 physical cores. (I don't use HT on master or slave systems.) Each of the 4 physical cores on the slave system corresponds to a specific remote engine in IDeA on the master system.
On the master system, the engine personality for the remote engine called "Remote_slave1_SF1" has hash of 1024 MB.
  That remote engine was setup with Port 5013 (on slave1 system).
  On slave1 in \RTHome\SF1 is Rthomeserver.exe; SF engine; various log files; and on\ "rthomeserver.ini"

I made changes to virtual memory on \\slave1.  That fixed the problem. Thanks for the great call.
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