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- - By ChiefPushesWood (**) Date 2018-03-19 20:59
So I purchased this last night. Downloaded and installed it this morning. Read manual, watched videos, etc. So I converted a 600k game database from ICCF from .cbh file. No issues. I tried to convert a 3mil game .cbh file and the program froze at 6%. I've tried to do it SEVERAL times. No joy. I painstakingly converted the .cbh file to .pgn (2 files due to size limitation). Aquarium will open all of these files but just will not convert them. Keeps freezing permanently and I have to ctrl alt del.

I uninstalled (I think 3 times now) and reinstalled. Tried again... no joy. So I tried to make a tree out of the ICCF database that I was able to convert. It keeps failing throwing the exception error in the image.

I'm getting REALLY frustrated. Can someone please help me?

Parent - - By Brian J.J. (*) Date 2018-03-19 21:19 Edited 2018-03-19 21:22
I also use both AQ2017 and chessbase, but always pgn,files.

Maybe convert the Cbh file to Pgn in chessbase, before you use them in AQ.
Parent - - By ChiefPushesWood (**) Date 2018-03-19 21:33
Well why wouldn't the tree function work on a .cdp file?

Anyways... I uninstalled AGAIN. Reinstalled in a different directory. Gave the program administrator privileges.
Did everything over again. Converted the 660k games ICCF ..cbh file. No problem. Tried to make a tree out of it... got this error this time.

This is aggravating. Anyone know how to get in touch with tech support? I've sent emails but no response.

Parent - By ChiefPushesWood (**) Date 2018-03-19 21:41
By the way I’m running windows 10 home 64 bit
Computer is i5-6402P 2.80
16GB ram
Parent - By Brian J.J. (*) Date 2018-03-19 21:55
If you had sent a email, they will answer you, but you have to wait :cry:

Until then, reinstalled it and wait with your ICCF file to you get your answer.
I prefer to make tree of my ICCF database in chess assistent.
Parent - - By ChiefPushesWood (**) Date 2018-03-19 22:02
Do you convert the pgn files to the CA format? Or just leave them .pgns?

Parent - By Brian J.J. (*) Date 2018-03-19 22:09
I have a base in Chess assistent only with ICCF games in Pgn. (it works for me)
Parent - - By dickie (**) Date 2018-03-19 21:54
This sort of problem is often caused by an error in the database, maybe an illegal move or an incorrect control character in annotation. Unlike Chessbase, both Aquarium and Chess Assistant are very sensitive to any errors of this kind. The error check in Chessbase will not find them. I carve up the offending database into smaller units until I find the flawed game or games and then correct them manually. The freeze at 6% suggests the first error is about 6% of the way into the database.
Parent - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2018-03-21 02:46
I have seen similar problems using both Aquarium and Chess Assistant.
They seem to happen more frequently with bigger files.

It is likely that the crashes are caused by some corruption in the data, but also likely that this corruption was caused by the conversion process itself.

Here is a link to a thread where I had an illegal move in a converted database:;hl=illegal%20move

I thought the illegal move was in Mega Database.
After further review it turned out that the illegal move was not on the disk from Chessbase, but rather was introduced by the conversion process

Have you tried converting the Hugebase database that came with Aquarium?

It is nearly identical to mega database at the highest levels, and the difference is negligible for recent GM games.
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