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- By user923005 (****) Date 2017-12-30 03:24
These games should probably all have been drawn instead of decisive by playing the recommended move:
rnbqkb1r/4p1pp/2p5/pp1p1p2/3P1P2/PBN2N2/1PP2PPP/R2Q1RK1 b kq - acd 45; acs 3375; bm e6; c3 "Nd7"; ce -57; pm e6;
pv e6 Re1; tcec_depth 20; tcec_score -99; tcec_time 58; tcec_engine Laser 200917; tcec_move Nd7; tcec_result 1-0;
8/4pNb1/2p3p1/B1Pk1nP1/1P6/8/3K4/8 w - - acd 58; acs 3375; bm Bc7; c3 "Nd8"; ce -49; pm Bc7;
pv Bc7 Bd4 Ke2 Bb2 Kd2 Bg7 Bf4 Nd4 Be3 Nb5 Ke2 e5 Bd2 e4 Ke3 Bd4+ Ke2 Nc3+ Kf1 Nb1 Ke2 Ba1 Nd6 Be5 Nf7 Nc3+ Ke1 Nb5 Kd1 Na3 Ke2 Nc4 Be1 Bd4 Bf2 Bc3 Be1 Be5 Bd2 Bd4 Nh6 Ba1 Be1 Ke6 Ng4 Bd4 Bd2 Bb2 Be1 Bh8 Bd2 Bg7 Be1 Na3 Bd2 Nc2 Kd1 Nd4 Bc3 Kf5 Ne3+ Kf4 Nc4; tcec_depth 36; tcec_score -130; tcec_time 15; tcec_engine Bobcat 8; tcec_move Nd8; tcec_result 0-1;
r1b1kbnr/1ppp1ppp/p4q2/4n3/4P3/5N2/PPP1BPPP/RNBQ1RK1 b kq - acd 36; acs 413; bm Bc5; c3 "Bd6"; ce -42; pm Bc5; pv Bc5; tcec_depth 18; tcec_score -92; tcec_time 75;
tcec_engine Laser 200917; tcec_move Bd6; tcec_result 1-0;
2r5/5pk1/pR2b1pn/P1q1P3/3p1P2/5B1P/2rQ2P1/R4N1K w - - acd 43; acs 1800; bm Qb4; c3 "Qe1"; ce -24; pm Qb4; pv Qb4; tcec_depth 32; tcec_score -76; tcec_time 114;
tcec_engine Andscacs 0.921; tcec_move Qe1; tcec_result 0-1;
1R6/8/5p2/k5p1/2p1n2p/7P/4K1P1/8 b - - acd 88; acs 3375; bm Nc3+; c3 "Nc5"; ce 0; pm Nc3+;
pv Nc3+ Ke3 Nd5+ Kd4 Nf4 Rb2 Nd3 Rb1 Nf4 Kc5 Ka6 Ra1+ Kb7 Ra2 c3 Kd4 Kc6 Kxc3 Kd5 Rd2+ Ke5 Kc4 f5 Rb2 g4 hxg4 fxg4 Rb5+ Kf6 Kd4 Ne6+ Ke3 h3 gxh3; tcec_depth 38; tcec_score -90; tcec_time 29; tcec_engine Hakkapeliitta 210416; tcec_move Nc5; tcec_result 1-0;
rnbq1rk1/pp2bppp/5n2/3p4/8/4PN2/PPQB1PPP/RN2KB1R w KQ - acd 47; acs 3375; bm Bc3; c3 "Nd4"; ce 15; pm Bc3; pv Bc3; tcec_depth 17; tcec_score -69; tcec_time 123;
tcec_engine Laser 200917; tcec_move Nd4; tcec_result 0-1;
r2q1rk1/pp3pbp/2npp1p1/8/4P3/4NQ1P/PPP2PP1/1K1R1B1R b - - acd 41; acs 3375; bm b5; c3 "Na5"; ce 107; pm b5;
pv b5 h4; tcec_depth 26; tcec_score 54; tcec_time 143; tcec_engine Wasp 2.5; tcec_move Na5; tcec_result 0-1;

For each of these positions, an alternative move appears to be either a little better or a lot better.  The alternative moves would not affect game outcome for the most part.

8/5pk1/5p1n/4pP1P/4P1p1/4Q3/3R2K1/2q5 w - - acd 79; acs 413; bm Kh2; c3 "Re2"; ce 110; pm Kh2;
pv Kh2 Qb1 Rg2 Qb5 Qe1 Qc4 Qe2 Qc1 Rg1 Qg5 Kg2 Kh7 Qd3 Qf4 Rd1 Qg5 Qd2 Qg8 Re1 Qf8 Qd3 Qg7 Qe3 Qg8 Kg3 Qb8 Re2 Kg7 Rg2 Qb5 Qd2 Qf1 Kh2 Qb1 Qc2 Qf1 Rg3 Qf4 Qe2 Qc1 Kg2 Qc5 Qd3 Qb6 Re3 Qc5 Re2 Qa5 Kf2 Qa1 Qe3 Qh1 Qg3 Qc1 Re1 Qd2+ Kf1 Qc2 Kg1 Qc5+ Re3 Qc2 Qe1 Kh7 Rc3 Qa2 Kf1 Kg7 Re3 Qc2 Rg3 Qc4+ Kf2 Qc2+ Kg1 Qc4 Kh1 Qd4 Kh2 Qb6 Kg2; tcec_depth 29; tcec_score 68; tcec_time 9; tcec_engine Texel 1.07a35; tcec_move Re2; tcec_result 1-0;
8/5pk1/5p1n/4pP1P/4P1p1/4Q3/4R1K1/1q6 w - - acd 81; acs 413; bm Re1; c3 "Kh2"; ce 110; pm Re1;
pv Re1 Qb2+ Kg1 Qa2 Kh1 Kh7 Rg1 Qb2 Rg2 Qb1+ Kh2 Kg7 Rd2 Qb5 Rd6 Qb4 Rb6 Qc4 Rb2 Qc8 Rd2 Qa6 Qg3 Qb6 Rg2 Qb4 Re2 Qb7 Qa3 Qb5 Qa2 Qd3 Qd2 Qh3+ Kg1 Qb3 Re3 Qb5 Rd3 Qb1+ Kh2 Qb7 Qg2 Qb8 Qe2 Qc8 Rg3 Qc5 Kg2 Qb6 Re3 Qd4 Qe1 Kh7 Qf2 Kg7 Qe2 Qb4 Qd3 Qb7 Kg3 Qc8 Qc3 Qf8 Kg2 Qb8 Re2 Qb1 Qc4 Qb8 Re3 Qb2+ Kg3 Qa1 Kh2 Qb2+ Qe2 Qb8 Qc2 Qb6 Qd2 Qc5 Kg3 Qf8 Rc3 Kg8; tcec_depth 29; tcec_score 67; tcec_time 10; tcec_engine Texel 1.07a35; tcec_move Kh2; tcec_result 1-0;
3b1k1r/p5pp/1p3n2/n1pq4/5B2/3P1PP1/1PP3KP/R2Q1R2 b - - acd 42; acs 3375; bm Kf7; c3 "h6"; ce 114; pm Kf7;
pv Kf7 c3; tcec_depth 25; tcec_score 63; tcec_time 87; tcec_engine Fire 6.1; tcec_move h6; tcec_result 0-1;
3b1k1r/p5pp/1p2qn2/n1p5/5B2/3P2P1/1PP2PKP/R2Q1R2 b - - acd 41; acs 3375; bm Kf7; c3 "Qd5+"; ce 115; pm Kf7; pv Kf7; tcec_depth 27; tcec_score 56; tcec_time 55;
tcec_engine Fire 6.1; tcec_move Qd5+; tcec_result 0-1;
r1br2k1/pp1pp2p/2n2pp1/3Pq3/4N3/1P2B3/P3PPBP/Q4RK1 w - - acd 35; acs 413; bm Qd1; c3 "dxc6"; ce 117; pm Qd1; pv Qd1; tcec_depth 38; tcec_score 72; tcec_time 76;
tcec_engine Booot 6.2; tcec_move dxc6; tcec_result 1-0;
r3k2r/pbqnppb1/n2p2p1/2pP3p/1pP1PB1P/P2B1N2/1P3PP1/RNQ1R1K1 w kq - acd 41; acs 1800; bm Nbd2; c3 "Bc2"; ce 117; pm Nbd2; pv Nbd2; tcec_depth 22; tcec_score 74; tcec_time 69;
tcec_engine Nemorino 3.04; tcec_move Bc2; tcec_result 1-0;
3r1rk1/p1q1npb1/1p2b1pp/2pnp3/P1N1N3/2PP2P1/1PQ2PBP/R1B1R1K1 b - - acd 42; acs 3375; bm f5; c3 "Rd7"; ce 117; pm f5; pv f5; tcec_depth 25; tcec_score 61; tcec_time 69;
tcec_engine Gull 3; tcec_move Rd7; tcec_result 0-1;
3q4/5p1k/2R2p1n/4pP1P/4P1p1/4Q1K1/8/8 w - - acd 78; acs 3375; bm Rb6; c3 "Rc3"; ce 141; pm Rb6;
pv Rb6 Kg7 Rb1 Qd7 Rg1 Qb5 Rg2 Qf1 Kh2 Qb5 Qf3 Qd7 Qg3 Qb5 Qe3 Qb1 Rg1 Qb5 Rd1 Qb2+ Kg3 Qa2 Qd3 Qa7 Rc1 Qa2 Rg1 Qa7 Re1 Qa8 Qd2 Qa4 Kg2 Qb3 Re3 Qb5 Qe2 Qb1 Qf2 Qb5 Rg3 Qc4 Qe3 Qb5 Qe1 Qc4 Rc3 Qb5 Kg3 Qb2 Qe3 Kh7 Rc7 Kg7 Qd3 Qb6 Rc1 Qb2 Rd1 Kh7 Qe3 Qb5 Rd8 Qb1 Kh2 Qc2+ Rd2 Qc7 Qd3 Qc1 Kg2 Kg7 Rd1 Qb2+ Kh1 Qf2 Rd2 Qb6 Kh2 Qc5 Kg2; tcec_depth 26; tcec_score 8; tcec_time 10; tcec_engine Texel 1.07a35; tcec_move Rc3; tcec_result 1-0;
r4k2/3bnp2/p1q4r/Pp1pPpQ1/2pP3N/2P2PP1/2P2K1P/R6R b - - acd 49; acs 413; bm Rh8; c3 "Rc8"; ce 159; pm Rh8;
pv Rh8 Ng2 Qh6 Qe3 Qxe3+ Kxe3 Be6 Nf4 Kg7 h4 Ng6 Ng2 Rab8 Rab1 Rbg8 Kf2 Re8 Rbg1 Ne7 Ke3 Reg8 Nf4 Ng6 Ng2 Rh6 Kf2 Ra8 Re1 Rhh8 Ke3 Ne7 Nf4 Rad8 Rb1 Ng6 Ng2 Rb8 Rhe1 Ra8 Rh1 Bd7 Kf2 Rh5 Ne3 Be6 Ng2 Rah8 Rbe1 Ne7; tcec_depth 32; tcec_score 117; tcec_time 101; tcec_engine Bobcat 8; tcec_move Rc8; tcec_result 0-1;
2b2rk1/2b2r2/3q3p/1B1p1ppN/P1pQ4/4P1P1/5PP1/1R4KR b - - acd 38; acs 1800; bm Qe6; c3 "Qe5"; ce 168; pm Qe6; pv Qe6; tcec_depth 21; tcec_score 125; tcec_time 18;
tcec_engine Gull 3; tcec_move Qe5; tcec_result 0-1;
6k1/p4p2/1p2pqp1/r7/5n1P/P1P1RBQ1/1P3P2/6K1 b - - acd 45; acs 3375; bm Kg7; c3 "Rc5"; ce 169; pm Kg7;
pv Kg7 Kf1 Rc5 Re4 Nd3 Rd4 Nxb2 Be2 a5 h5 Rg5 Qh4 gxh5 Bxh5 Nd3 Bd1 Ne5 a4 Ng6 Qe4 e5 Rd3 Nf4 Re3 Qh6 Rg3 Rxg3 fxg3 Ng6 Qf3 Nf8 Ke2 Qg6 Kd2 Qg5+ Ke2 Nd7 Bc2 Kf8 Qb7 Qg4+ Qf3 Qxf3+ Kxf3 Nc5 g4 f6 g5 fxg5 Kg4 e4 Bd1 Ke7 Kxg5; tcec_depth 30; tcec_score 101; tcec_time 39; tcec_engine Chiron 040917; tcec_move Rc5; tcec_result 0-1;
r1r5/4pk2/1q3pp1/p1pPp2p/1nP1P2P/R7/1P2QPP1/R1N3K1 w - - acd 41; acs 1800; bm Qd2; c3 "Rb3"; ce 172; pm Qd2; pv Qd2; tcec_depth 21; tcec_score 127; tcec_time 90;
tcec_engine Nemorino 3.04; tcec_move Rb3; tcec_result 1-0;
rnbqkbr1/pp2pp1p/2pp1n2/8/3PP3/2N1BPpP/PPP3P1/R2QKBNR w KQq - acd 31; acs 413; bm Bd3; c3 "a3"; ce 180; pm Bd3;
pv Bd3 Nbd7 f4 Qb6 a3 h5 Kd2 Bh6 Qf3 Qc7 Nge2 c5 dxc5 Nxc5 b4 Nxd3 cxd3 Bd7 Rac1 Qb8 Nxg3 a6 Bd4 e5 Be3 Qd8 Nce2 Bb5 Nxh5 Nxh5 Qxh5 Rh8 Qf3; tcec_depth 30; tcec_score 130; tcec_time 183; tcec_engine Andscacs 0.92; tcec_move a3; tcec_result 1-0;
2r1r1k1/1b2bp1p/pqn1p1p1/1pNp4/PPnP4/2NBPQBP/R4PP1/1R4K1 w - - acd 37; acs 3375; bm Be2; c3 "Bf4"; ce 184; pm Be2; pv Be2; tcec_depth 25; tcec_score 108; tcec_time 44;
tcec_engine Ginkgo 2; tcec_move Bf4; tcec_result 1-0;
2r3k1/pn3qb1/1p1r2p1/2p1pp1p/PP5Q/2PPBPPP/5NK1/1R1R4 b - - acd 45; acs 3375; bm c4; c3 "Rdc6"; ce 200; pm c4; pv c4; tcec_depth 27; tcec_score 121; tcec_time 38;
tcec_engine Chiron 040917; tcec_move Rdc6; tcec_result 0-1;
8/1B1kb1r1/1p1p1qr1/p1p1pp1p/2P4P/1PP2PPK/5QR1/6R1 b - - acd 37; acs 413; bm d5; c3 "Kc7"; ce 205; pm d5;
pv d5 cxd5 c4 b4 f4 g4 hxg4+ Rxg4 Rxg4 Rxg4 Rxg4 Kxg4 Kc7 Bc6 axb4 cxb4 Bxb4 Qc2 Be7 Be8 Qxh4+ Kf5 Qh7+ Bg6 Qh3+ Ke4 Qf1 Qa4 Qd3+ Kxe5 Bd6+ Kf6 Qd4+ Kg5 Qxd5+ Kg4 b5 Qa5+ Kd7 Bf5+ Ke7 Qa7+ Kf8 Qh7 Be5 Kg5 b4 Qh6+ Ke7 Qh7+ Qf7 Qxf7+ Kxf7 Bd7 Ke7 Bb5 c3 Ba4 Kd6; tcec_depth 35; tcec_score 161; tcec_time 21; tcec_engine Arasan 20.2; tcec_move Kc7; tcec_result 0-1;
3b1k1r/p2q2p1/1pn2n2/2p1B2p/2P4P/3P1PP1/1P4K1/R2QR3 b - - acd 44; acs 3375; bm Kf7; c3 "Rh6"; ce 219; pm Kf7; pv Kf7; tcec_depth 24; tcec_score 123; tcec_time 55;
tcec_engine Fire 6.1; tcec_move Rh6; tcec_result 0-1;
2kr3r/1p3p2/3p2p1/P1bP3p/3NPPnN/2PK4/4R3/5R2 w - - acd 36; acs 612; bm Rb1; c3 "Rb2"; ce 223; pm Rb1;
pv Rb1 Rhe8 Reb2 Re7 a6 Bxd4 Rxb7 Rxb7 axb7+ Kc7 Kxd4 Rb8 e5 dxe5+ fxe5 Rxb7 Ra1 Kd7 c4 Rc7 c5 Nxe5 Kxe5 Rxc5 Nf3 f6+ Kd4 Rb5 Kc4 Rb7 Ra6 Ke7 d6+ Kd7 Nd4 h4 Kd5 g5 Ne6 Rb5+ Nc5+ Rxc5+ Kxc5 g4; tcec_depth 26; tcec_score 131; tcec_time 35; tcec_engine Ginkgo 2; tcec_move Rb2; tcec_result 1-0;
2r5/2q2k2/r4pp1/p1pPp2p/RnP1P2P/1N4R1/1P3QP1/6K1 w - - acd 39; acs 413; bm Rf3; c3 "Qd2"; ce 230; pm Rf3;
pv Rf3 Kg7; tcec_depth 24; tcec_score 178; tcec_time 17; tcec_engine Nemorino 3.04; tcec_move Qd2; tcec_result 1-0;
2b1r1k1/pp1r1qb1/n1p2n2/B1Pp1pp1/3Pp3/1P2P1P1/P2QNPBN/1RR3K1 b - - acd 33; acs 413; bm Qh5; c3 "Nc7"; ce 239; pm Qh5; pv Qh5; tcec_depth 24; tcec_score 193; tcec_time 48;
tcec_engine Houdini 6.02; tcec_move Nc7; tcec_result 0-1;
5rk1/1N1n1p1p/pP2p1n1/3pP3/2rB1p1P/3q1P2/1Q4P1/R1R3K1 w - - acd 35; acs 413; bm Bf2; c3 "Nc5"; ce 240; pm Bf2;
pv Bf2 Ngxe5 Nc5 Rxc5 Bxc5 Rb8 Bf2 Nc4 Qb1 Qxb1 Rcxb1 Kf8 Rxa6 Nd6 Ra4 Ke7 Rxf4 e5 Ra4 Ke6 Ra7 d4 Bxd4 exd4 Re1+ Ne5 f4 f6 fxe5 fxe5 Rb1 h5 Rh7 d3 Kf2 d2 Ke2 Ne4 Rc7 Kd6 Rc4; tcec_depth 36; tcec_score 88; tcec_time 44; tcec_engine Arasan 20.2; tcec_move Nc5; tcec_result 1-0;
2r5/r1q2k2/5pp1/p1pPp2p/RnP1P2P/1NR5/1P3QPK/8 w - - acd 36; acs 413; bm Rf3; c3 "Rg3"; ce 247; pm Rf3; pv Rf3; tcec_depth 23; tcec_score 179; tcec_time 14;
tcec_engine Nemorino 3.04; tcec_move Rg3; tcec_result 1-0;
6r1/2q2k2/r4ppQ/p1pPp2p/RnP1P2P/1N4R1/1P4P1/7K w - - acd 41; acs 1800; bm Qe3; c3 "Rc3"; ce 249; pm Qe3; pv Qe3; tcec_depth 24; tcec_score 179; tcec_time 14;
tcec_engine Nemorino 3.04; tcec_move Rc3; tcec_result 1-0;
2b2rk1/r1q5/pRp1ppp1/7p/4N3/2P1Q2P/P4PP1/3R2K1 w - - acd 33; acs 413; bm Rd6; c3 "c4"; ce 250; pm Rd6; pv Rd6; tcec_depth 27; tcec_score 207; tcec_time 67;
tcec_engine Texel 1.07a35; tcec_move c4; tcec_result 1-0;
2r3k1/p4pbp/2rpp1p1/q6P/2p1P3/2P4R/PPR1QPP1/1K3B2 b - - acd 35; acs 413; bm Rb8; c3 "d5"; ce 266; pm Rb8; pv Rb8; tcec_depth 25; tcec_score 142; tcec_time 88;
tcec_engine Wasp 2.5; tcec_move d5; tcec_result 0-1;
r7/2r2k2/1q3pp1/p1pPp2p/RnP1P2P/1N4R1/1P3QP1/6K1 w - - acd 37; acs 413; bm Ra1; c3 "Kh2"; ce 276; pm Ra1;
pv Ra1 Ra6 Nd2 Rca7 Nb1 Qd8 Nc3 Qe7 Na4 Rc7 Rd1 Qd6 Nc3 Rd7 Ra1 Rb7 Rf1 Rd7 Nb5 Qe7 Ra1 Rb7 Rga3 Qd8 Qxc5 Kg7 Rf1 Nc2 Rc3 Nb4 Rcf3 Rab6 Nc3 Na6 Qxa5 Qf8 Na4 Qb4 Qxb4 Rxb4 b3 f5 exf5 Rxb3 Rxb3; tcec_depth 26; tcec_score 179; tcec_time 13; tcec_engine Nemorino 3.04; tcec_move Kh2; tcec_result 1-0;
r2q1rk1/3b1pp1/p1n2b1p/4p3/1p1pP3/3B1NNP/PPP2PP1/1K1RQ2R b - - acd 36; acs 2141; bm a5; c3 "Be6"; ce 277; pm a5;
pv a5 Bc4 a4 Rd3 Rc8 Qd2 Qc7 Nh5 Be7 h4 Na5 Bd5 Bb5 Ne1 Kh7 b3 Nb7 Ng3 Nd6 Nf5 Bxd3 Nxd3 Nb5 Ka1 Nc3 Nxe7 Qxe7 bxa4 f5 f3 fxe4 fxe4 Nxa4 Qxb4 Qxb4 Nxb4 Nc3 g4 Rfd8 g5 Nxd5; tcec_depth 21; tcec_score 105; tcec_time 517; tcec_engine Rybka 4.1; tcec_move Be6; tcec_result 0-1;
rnb2rk1/ppp2p1p/3b4/3P4/2BP1p1q/6n1/PPP3PN/RNBQR1K1 b - - acd 41; acs 1800; bm Kh8; c3 "Bf5"; cce 178; ce 277; pm Kh8; pv Kh8; white_wins 1; black_wins 3; draws 1; tcec_depth 29; tcec_score 171; tcec_time 103;
tcec_engine Hakkapeliitta 210416; tcec_move Bf5; tcec_result 0-1;
r4rk1/pppn1p1p/3b4/3P1b1q/2BP1p2/5Nn1/PPPB2PN/R2QR1K1 b - - acd 35; acs 413; bm Qh6; c3 "Rae8"; ce 280; pm Qh6;
pv Qh6 Bb5; tcec_depth 30; tcec_score 149; tcec_time 147; tcec_engine Hakkapeliitta 210416; tcec_move Rae8; tcec_result 0-1;
1R6/1p4p1/3n1p2/P1k5/2p4p/7P/4K1P1/8 w - - acd 47; acs 413; bm Ke3; c3 "Rg8"; ce 287; pm Ke3;
pv Ke3 Kc6 Kd4 Kb5 Kd5 Nf5 Rxb7+ Kxa5 Kc5 Ka6 Rb6+ Ka7 Rb2 c3 Rc2 Kb8 Rxc3 Kc7 Rf3 Ne7 Rf4 Kd7 Rxh4 Ke6 Rb4 g5 Rb7 Nf5 g4 Nh4 Kd4 Ng6 Rb4 Nf4 Ke4 Ng6 Rb6+ Ke7 Rc6 Kf7 Rc7+ Ke6 Rg7 Nh4 Rg8 Kf7 Rh8 Ng2 Ra8 Nh4 Ra7+ Ke6 Rb7 Ng6 Rb1 Ne7 Rc1 Ng6 Rc7 Nh4 Rc1; tcec_depth 28; tcec_score 116; tcec_time 23; tcec_engine Texel 1.07a35; tcec_move Rg8; tcec_result 1-0;
r3r3/1p1b3p/1P1p3k/2pP2b1/p1B1p1p1/R1P1P3/1P1BK1P1/1R6 b - - acd 39; acs 413; bm Bf6; c3 "Bh4"; ce 288; pm Bf6;
pv Bf6 Rba1 Kg5 Rh1 Kg6 Be1 Ra5 Bg3 Bb5 Bxb5 Rxb5 Rb1 Ra8 Bxd6 c4 Bc7 Rxd5 Rba1 Rb5 R3a2 h5 g3 a3 bxa3 Rb3 a4 Rxc3 a5 Rb3 Rc1 c3 Rcc2 Rb5 a6 Rxa6 Rxa6 bxa6 Kd1 Rb1+ Rc1 Rb4 Rc2 a5 Ra2 Bg5 Rxa5 Bxe3 Rd5 Rb2 Rd6+ Kf7 Rc6 Bf2 Be5 Rxb6 Rxc3 Ke6 Bf4 Rb1+ Kc2 Rg1 Ra3 Be1 Rb3; tcec_depth 38; tcec_score 170; tcec_time 42; tcec_engine Hannibal 121017; tcec_move Bh4; tcec_result 0-1;
1r4k1/2b2r2/2b1q2p/1B1p1ppN/P1p5/4P1PR/5PP1/1R2Q1K1 b - - acd 35; acs 413; bm Bxb5; c3 "Qe4"; ce 340; pm Bxb5; pv Bxb5; tcec_depth 20; tcec_score 205; tcec_time 10;
tcec_engine Gull 3; tcec_move Qe4; tcec_result 0-1;
2r1qbk1/2r2p1p/2P3p1/R2pPp2/pPbN4/P6P/3Q1BP1/2R3K1 w - - acd 36; acs 1119; bm Re1; c3 "Bg3"; ce 381; pm Re1;
pv Re1 Rxc6 Nxc6 Qxc6 Bd4 Re8 Qc2 h5 Qxa4 Qxa4 Rxa4 g5 Ra5 f6 Ra7 Re6 Kf2 g4 Bc3 g3+ Kxg3 fxe5 Bxe5 Bh6 Kf2 Bd2 Rd1 Bh6 Bd4 Re2+ Kg1 Bd2 Bc5 Bd3 Re7 Rxe7 Bxe7 Be3+ Kh2 Bc4 Bc5 f4 Ra1 d4 a4 d3 a5 Bd5 a6 Kf7 a7; tcec_depth 32; tcec_score 169; tcec_time 67; tcec_engine Bobcat 8; tcec_move Bg3; tcec_result 1-0;
4R3/1p4p1/5p2/3k1n2/P1p4p/7P/4K1P1/8 w - - acd 54; acs 3375; bm Kd2; c3 "Rb8"; ce 387; pm Kd2; pv Kd2; tcec_depth 27; tcec_score 75; tcec_time 26;
tcec_engine Texel 1.07a35; tcec_move Rb8; tcec_result 1-0;
3rr1k1/1pp2p2/p4np1/1PRn4/P2Pp2q/BQ2P2P/5PB1/1R4K1 b - - acd 35; acs 960; bm b6; c3 "g5"; ce 392; pm b6;
pv b6 Rc2 axb5 Kh2 g5 Qxb5 Kh7 Rh1 Nxe3 fxe3 Ng4+ Kg1 Qe1+ Bf1 Qxe3+ Kg2 Qf3+ Kg1 Qg3+ Bg2 Ne5 Qe2 Rxd4 Bb2 Nf3+ Kf1 Rd3 Rc3 Rd2 Bxf3 Rxe2 Bxe4+ R8xe4 Rxg3 Rxb2 Rg4 Re5 Rc4 c5 Rc1 Rd5 Rg1 Rf5+ Ke1 f6 Rf1 Re5+ Kd1 Kg6 Ra1 Ree2 Ra3 f5 Rff3 Rh2 Kc1 f4; tcec_depth 28; tcec_score 281; tcec_time 65; tcec_engine Andscacs 0.92; tcec_move g5; tcec_result 0-1;
8/4k3/2b3p1/1p2Pp1p/p2p1P1P/P2B4/1P3KP1/8 w - - acd 47; acs 413; bm Ke2; c3 "Be2"; ce 433; pm Ke2; pv Ke2; tcec_depth 39; tcec_score 211; tcec_time 30;
tcec_engine Komodo 1937.00; tcec_move Be2; tcec_result 1-0;
1r3b2/3r1b1k/1qn2np1/1pp1pp2/6Pp/NNPP1P2/1PQ1BB1P/RR4K1 b - - acd 36; acs 4260; bm e4; c3 "Nd5"; ce 459; pm e4;
pv e4 dxe4 fxg4 Rd1 gxf3 Bxf3 Ne5 Bg2 Nfg4 Rxd7 Nxd7 Bh3 Nde5 Bxh4 Bxb3 Qg2 Ne3 Qg3 c4 Kh1 Bg7 Bg5 Nd1 Nxb5 Nf2+ Kg2 Bc2 Qh4+ Kg8 Qxf2 Bxe4+ Kg3 Qxf2+ Kxf2 Rxb5 Ke3 Bb7 Rb1 Nf7 Bf4 Bxc3 Be6 Bxb2 Bxc4 Bd4+ Kxd4 Rxb1 Kc5 Rh1 Bxf7+ Kxf7; tcec_depth 20; tcec_score 163; tcec_time 22; tcec_engine Gull 3; tcec_move Nd5; tcec_result 0-1;
8/2b1q1k1/1pQ5/1Kp5/2PpNp1p/3P1P2/6P1/8 w - - acd 40; acs 413; bm Qb7; c3 "Ka6"; ce 604; pm Qb7;
pv Qb7 Qd7+ Qc6 Qe7 Ka6 Bd8 Nd6 Qe6 Kb5 Be7 Nc8 Qf7 Qd7 Bg5 Nxb6 Be7 Nc8 Bf8 Qxf7+ Kxf7 Nb6 Ke8 Kc6 Be7 Nd7 Bd8 Nxc5 Be7 Ne4 Bd8 Nd6+ Kf8 Nb7 Bg5 Nc5 Be7 Ne6+ Ke8 c5 Bf6 Kb7 Be7 c6 Bd6 Nxd4 Kd8 Ne6+ Ke7 c7; tcec_depth 24; tcec_score 381; tcec_time 11; tcec_engine Fizbo 1.91; tcec_move Ka6; tcec_result 1-0;
1r1q4/5r1k/2n3pb/1pp1p3/4N1P1/NQPP3p/1P3BbP/3RR1K1 b - - acd 36; acs 1507; bm Qe7; c3 "Qd7"; ce 713; pm Qe7;
pv Qe7 Bxc5 Qd7 g5 Rf4 Ng3 Bxg5 Rd2 b4 Nb1 Be7 d4 bxc3 Qxc3 Nxd4 Bxd4 exd4 Qe3 Bg5 Qe6 Qxe6 Rxe6 Rg4 Rde2 d3 Rf2 Rf4 Rd2 Rc4 Re1 Bxd2 Nxd2 Rc2 Ngf1 Rbxb2 Re3 Bxf1 Kxf1 Rc1+ Kf2 Rxd2+ Kg3 Rg2+ Kh4 g5+ Kh5; tcec_depth 21; tcec_score 326; tcec_time 31; tcec_engine Gull 3; tcec_move Qd7; tcec_result 0-1;
r1rb2k1/5pp1/p6p/q3pN2/1nPpP3/1p1B1N1P/1P2QPP1/2KR3R b - - acd 35; acs 626; bm Qa4; c3 "Na2+"; ce 834; pm Qa4;
pv Qa4 Ne7+ Bxe7 Kd2 Qa5 Ke1 Nxd3+ Kf1 Nf4 Qd2 Qc7 Qc1 a5 g3 Ne6 Kg2 a4 Rhf1 Bb4 Kg1 a3 bxa3 Rxa3 Qb2 Nc5 Rb1 Na4 Qe2 Be7 Nd2 b2 Qg4 Rb8 h4 Bb4 Nf3 Rc3 Nxd4 exd4 f4 Rxc4 f5 Rc2; tcec_depth 15; tcec_score 444; tcec_time 13; tcec_engine Rybka 4.1; tcec_move Na2+; tcec_result 0-1;
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