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Up Topic The Rybka Lounge / Computer Chess / Houdini 6.02 Pro x64pext vs SupaR_XPro 05
- By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-08 17:07
1hr 15secs/move 2048 hash 50 games Silversuite opening book
- - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-08 17:10 Edited 2017-10-08 21:46
[Event "Houdini 6.0.2 Pro x64 pext vs SugaR _XPro 051017x64 popcnt "]
[Site "NY"]
[Date "2017.10.08"]
[Round "5"]
[White "Houdini 6.02 Pro x64-pext"]
[Black "S_XPrO 051017 x64 popcnt"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Annotator "Silversuite"]
[ECO "A29"]
[TimeControl "3600+15"]

{Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6900K CPU @ 3.20GHz (@3.20GHz)^13 ^10 White:
Houdini 6.02 Pro x64-pext, hash size: 2048M, opening book: NarrowBook^13 ^10
Black: S_XPrO 051017 x64 popcnt, hash size: 2048M, opening book: NarrowBook^13
^10 } {[%t Long] White forfeits on time. (0-1)} 1. c4 e5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. Nf3 Nc6
4. g3 {+0.01|d1} 4... d5 {+0.05|d1} 5. cxd5 {+0.01|d1} 5... Nxd5 {+0.01|d1} 6.
Bg2 {+0.01|d1} 6... Nde7 {+0.34|d1} 7. b4 {+0.00|d1}{Black out of book} 7...
a6 {+0.31|d35|148s}{White out of book} 8. O-O {+0.64|d27|218s|TB:4} 8... g6
{+0.31|d34|79s} 9. a4 {+0.38|d26|26s} 9... Bg7 {+0.45|d33|22s} 10. Ba3
{+0.47|d27|59s|TB:57} 10... O-O {+0.28|d36|199s|TB:16} 11. d3
{+0.63|d28|227s|TB:4}{(Re8)} 11... a5 {+0.48|d36|138s|TB:4} 12. b5
{+0.55|d28|107s} 12... Nb4 {+0.66|d33|17s} 13. Nd2 {+0.64|d27|108s|TB:1}{(c6)}
13... Rb8 {+0.37|d34|40s|TB:23}{(Ne4)} 14. Nc4 {+0.62|d29|104s} 14... c5
{+0.49|d36|200s|TB:36} 15. b6 {+0.69|d29|93s|TB:13}{(Nc6)} 15... Be6
{+0.35|d36|40s|TB:60} 16. Nxa5 {+0.48|d30|145s|TB:84} 16... Qxb6
{+0.34|d33|15s} 17. Nb3 {+0.62|d29|53s|TB:16} 17... Rfd8 {+0.52|d39|158s|TB:1k}
18. Rb1 {+0.48|d31|147s|TB:5k} 18... Nec6 {+0.39|d38|45s|TB:262} 19. a5
{+0.52|d33|121s|TB:64k} 19... Bxb3 {+0.47|d37|14s|TB:805} 20. axb6
{+0.44|d32|22s|TB:715} 20... Bxd1 {+0.36|d40|75s|TB:61k} 21. Rfxd1
{+0.54|d33|113s|TB:13k} 21... Ra8 {+0.51|d35|15s|TB:11k} 22. Bc1
{+0.54|d32|80s|TB:1k} 22... Ra5 {+0.49|d37|72s|TB:17k}{(Be3)} 23. Bg5
{+0.56|d32|174s|TB:111k} 23... f6 {+0.42|d40|115s|TB:4k} 24. Be3
{+0.46|d34|134s|TB:3k} 24... f5 {+0.67|d37|37s|TB:1k} 25. Rbc1
{+0.60|d30|18s|TB:409} 25... Kf7 {+0.47|d38|100s|TB:14k} 26. Nb1
{+0.59|d32|91s|TB:5k} 26... Bf8 {+0.37|d34|49s|TB:3k} 27. Nd2
{+0.42|d28|15s|TB:140}{(Nd5)} 27... Rb5 {+0.46|d36|131s|TB:11k}{(Kf1)} 28. Rb1
{+0.59|d30|81s|TB:17k}{(Rxb6)} 28... Na5 {+0.42|d34|114s|TB:22k} 29. Rdc1
{+0.47|d30|198s|TB:50k} 29... Bd6 {+0.38|d35|120s|TB:34k} 30. Nf3
{+0.44|d30|115s|TB:24k}{(Kg7)} 30... h5 {+0.46|d37|163s|TB:128k} 31. Ng5+
{+0.49|d29|63s|TB:8k}{(Kf6)} 31... Ke7 {+0.54|d32|17s|TB:13k} 32. Nh3
{+0.32|d29|155s|TB:78k} 32... Re8 {+0.37|d36|68s|TB:106k} 33. Kf1
{+0.45|d28|49s|TB:37k}{(Kf6)} 33... Nac6 {+0.45|d31|24s|TB:61k} 34. f4
{+0.20|d30|149s|TB:234k} 34... Kd7 {+0.35|d35|130s|TB:755k}{(fxe5)} 35. Bg1
{+0.19|d29|83s|TB:292k}{(h4)} 35... Nd4 {+0.62|d32|45s|TB:89k} 36. fxe5
{+0.33|d26|41s|TB:37k} 36... Bxe5 {+0.20|d32|48s|TB:80k} 37. e3
{+0.31|d28|90s|TB:170k} 37... Ndc6 {+0.26|d36|211s|TB:1m}{(d4)} 38. Nf4
{+0.35|d29|55s|TB:197k} 38... g5 {+0.32|d38|68s|TB:2m} 39. Nxh5
{+0.25|d30|89s|TB:706k} 39... Nxd3 {+0.34|d37|21s|TB:875k} 40. Rxb5
{+0.44|d27|31s|TB:457k} 40... Nxc1 {+0.29|d40|73s|TB:3m} 41. Rxc5
{+0.49|d27|9s|TB:294k} 41... Nb3 {+0.20|d36|14s|TB:967k} 42. Rd5+
{+0.16|d32|123s|TB:10m} 42... Ke7 {+0.25|d40|69s|TB:5m} 43. h4
{+0.24|d31|42s|TB:2m} 43... Rh8 {+0.18|d38|17s|TB:1m} 44. Bf3
{+0.24|d31|11s|TB:1m} 44... g4 {+0.22|d41|78s|TB:9m} 45. Bd1
{+0.24|d31|TB:204k} 45... Rxh5 {+0.23|d42|14s|TB:2m} 46. Bxb3
{+0.19|d34|63s|TB:11m} 46... Bxg3 {+0.20|d44|171s|TB:28m} 47. e4
{+0.19|d31|10s|TB:1m} 47... Bxh4 {+0.08|d32|8s|TB:826k}{(Bd1)} 48. Bc5+
{+0.10|d33|350s|TB:57m} 48... Kf6 {+0.00|d35|26s|TB:2m} 49. Bd6
{-0.03|d31|52s|TB:6m} 49... Ne7 {+0.00|d35|20s|TB:2m}{(Rc5)} 50. Re5
{-0.03|d31|22s|TB:4m} 50... Nc8 {+0.00|d39|39s|TB:5m}{(Re6)} 51. Bc7
{-0.02|d32|35s|TB:6m} 51... Ne7 {+0.00|d42|59s|TB:8m}{(Kg2)} 52. Re6+
{-0.03|d32|33s|TB:6m} 52... Kg7 {+0.00|d45|38s|TB:5m} 53. Be5+
{-0.02|d33|10s|TB:2m}{(Kh7)} 53... Kf8 {+0.00|d45|32s|TB:5m}{(Rd6)} 54. Bd6
{-0.03|d33|32s|TB:10m} 54... fxe4 {+0.00|d46|35s|TB:9m} 55. Rxe4
{-0.02|d33|9s|TB:3m}{(Rb5)} 55... Rf5+ {+0.00|d45|14s|TB:4m}{(Kg1)} 56. Ke2
{-0.02|d33|29s|TB:12m} 56... Rb5 {+0.00|d46|41s|TB:12m}{(Rf4)} 57. Rxg4
{-0.02|d35|28s|TB:13m} 57... Rxb3 {+0.00|d68|49s|TB:32m} 58. Rxh4
{-0.01|d36|5s|TB:3m}{(Rxb6)} 58... Kg7 {+0.00|d71|9s|TB:5m} 59. Bxe7
{-0.01|d39|31s|TB:18m} 59... Rxb6 {+0.00|2s|TB:981k} 60. Bb4
{+0.00|d29|17s|TB:31}{(Rc6)} 60... Kf7 {+0.00|d51|122s|TB:8}{(Bd2)} 61. Kd3
{+0.00|d33|35s|TB:30}{(Rc6)} 61... Ke8 {+0.00|d60|47s|TB:10} 62. Kc4
{+0.00|d34|47s|TB:30}{(Kf7)} 62... Kd7 {+0.00|d47|18s|TB:7} 63. Rh7+
{+0.00|d37|34s|TB:27}{(Ke8)} 63... Kc8 {+0.00|d59|129s|TB:2}{(Rh8)} 64. Rf7
{+0.00|d32|62s|TB:29}{(Kd8)} 64... Rg6 {+0.00|d62|35s|TB:6}{(Bd2)} 65. Bc5
{+0.00|d32|22s|TB:30}{(Rh6)} 65... Kb8 {+0.00|d55|36s|TB:13}{(Rf5)} 66. Be3
{+0.00|d30|112s|TB:32}{(Rc6)} 66... Re6 {+0.00|d47|53s|TB:9} 67. Bd4
{+0.00|d30|19s|TB:33}{(Rg6)} 67... Re4 {+0.00|d44|41s|TB:11}{(Kc5)} 68. Rf6
{+0.00|d34|21s|TB:21}{(Kc8)} 68... Re7 {+0.00|d51|26s|TB:10}{(Rf8)} 69. Bb6
{+0.00|d36|20s|TB:32} 69... Kc8 {+0.00|d48|25s|TB:3} 70. Kd5
{+0.00|d29|20s|TB:30}{(Kd7)} 70... Re1 {+0.00|d52|12s|TB:6} 71. Rf8+
{+0.00|d32|47s|TB:26} 71... Kd7 {+0.00|d1|TB:1}{(Rd8)} 72. Bc5
{+0.00|d23|2s|TB:27} 72... Rd1+ {+0.00|d45|189s|TB:10} 73. Bd4
{+0.00|d34|13s|TB:5}{(Rd3)} 73... Kc7 {+0.00|d47|147s|TB:10}{(Rg8)} 74. Rh8
{+0.00|d35|13s|TB:20}{(Kd7)} 74... Rc1 {+0.00|d46|28s|TB:9} 75. Rh7+
{+0.00|d34|12s|TB:30}{(Kc8)} 75... Kb8 {+0.00|d49|111s|TB:3}{(Be5)} 76. Bc5
{+0.00|d32|12s|TB:31}{(Rd1)} 76... Rb1 {+0.00|d44|87s|TB:9}{(Bd4)} 77. Re7
{+0.00|d37|14s|TB:31} 77... Rd1+ {+0.00|d45|44s|TB:10} 78. Bd4
{+0.00|d29|8s|TB:6}{(Kc8)} 78... Rc1 {+0.00|d47|14s|TB:9}{(Re8)} 79. Re2
{+0.00|d31|18s|TB:31}{(Rc8)} 79... Kc7 {+0.00|d47|14s|TB:10}{(Rb2)} 80. Rh2
{+0.00|d30|42s|TB:31}{(Rd1)} 80... Kb8 {+0.00|d46|14s|TB:11}{(Be5)} 81. Rh4
{+0.00|d36|21s|TB:31}{(Rc6)} 81... Kc7 {+0.00|d47|14s|TB:11}{(Rh7)} 82. Rh3
{+0.00|d28|14s|TB:25}{(Rd1)} 82... Kb8 {+0.00|d47|14s|TB:12}{(Rh8)} 0-1

[Event " Houdini 6.0.2 Pro x64 pext vs SugaR _XPro 051017x64 popcnt "]
[Site "NY"]
[Date "2017.10.08"]
[Round "6"]
[White "S_XPrO 051017 x64 popcnt"]
[Black "Houdini 6.02 Pro x64-pext"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[Annotator "Silversuite"]
[ECO "A29"]
[TimeControl "3600+15"]

{Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6900K CPU @ 3.20GHz (@3.20GHz)^13 ^10 White:
S_XPrO 051017 x64 popcnt, hash size: 2048M, opening book: NarrowBook^13 ^10
Black: Houdini 6.02 Pro x64-pext, hash size: 2048M, opening book:
NarrowBook^13 ^10 } {[%t Long] Draw. (1/2-1/2)} 1. c4 e5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. Nf3 Nc6
4. g3 d5 5. cxd5 Nxd5 6. Bg2 Nde7 7. b4 {Black out of book} 7... a6
{+0.42|d28|141s|TB:2}{White out of book} 8. O-O {+0.59|d34|134s|TB:1} 8... g6
{+0.29|d25|15s} 9. a4 {+0.46|d31|15s} 9... Bg7 {+0.46|d28|133s|TB:6} 10. Ba3
{+0.53|d35|83s|TB:25} 10... O-O {+0.31|d29|319s|TB:526} 11. b5
{+0.67|d35|71s|TB:9} 11... Nd4 {+0.51|d30|146s|TB:104}{(Ng5)} 12. e3
{+0.63|d30|23s|TB:7} 12... Nxf3+ {+0.47|d30|104s|TB:48} 13. Qxf3
{+0.74|d35|98s|TB:293} 13... Re8 {+0.41|d30|73s|TB:608} 14. Qe2
{+0.40|d34|18s|TB:491} 14... axb5 {+0.39|d31|86s|TB:501} 15. axb5
{+0.49|d37|58s|TB:490} 15... Rb8 {+0.40|d31|106s|TB:735} 16. Rfc1
{+0.48|d39|235s|TB:3k}{(Be6)} 16... Bf5 {+0.61|d31|139s|TB:7k} 17. Ne4
{+0.70|d37|45s|TB:787} 17... Nd5 {+0.48|d30|67s|TB:1k} 18. h4
{+0.62|d34|22s|TB:1k} 18... h6 {+0.39|d28|62s|TB:2k} 19. h5
{+0.67|d36|79s|TB:6k} 19... g5 {+0.40|d29|187s|TB:17k} 20. Bb2
{+0.93|d33|52s|TB:953} 20... b6 {+0.56|d30|118s|TB:5k} 21. Ra7
{+1.07|d31|15s|TB:429}{(Rc8)} 21... Re7 {+0.49|d30|175s|TB:10k} 22. Nxg5
{+0.86|d39|182s|TB:51k} 22... c5 {+0.66|d30|150s|TB:29k} 23. Rxe7
{+1.08|d37|50s|TB:9k} 23... Nxe7 {+0.84|d28|21s|TB:6k} 24. Nf3
{+0.95|d33|27s|TB:5k} 24... e4 {+0.73|d31|81s|TB:37k} 25. Ne5
{+0.82|d39|136s|TB:169k}{(Qd6)} 25... Qd5 {+0.67|d32|95s|TB:133k} 26. f4
{+0.98|d36|80s|TB:173k} 26... exf3 {+0.66|d29|13s|TB:6k} 27. Qxf3
{+0.98|d33|29s|TB:175k} 27... Qxf3 {+0.76|d33|118s|TB:562k} 28. Bxf3
{+0.99|d40|133s|TB:1m} 28... Be6 {+0.64|d31|90s|TB:703k}{(g4)} 29. Bc3
{+0.84|d42|360s|TB:6m} 29... Re8 {+0.80|d34|145s|TB:1m}{(Kf2)} 30. Ra1
{+0.82|d44|101s|TB:1m} 30... Nd5 {+0.85|d36|103s|TB:1m} 31. Bb2
{+0.97|d43|73s|TB:1m} 31... Nb4 {+0.78|d36|63s|TB:685k} 32. Ra6
{+0.81|d48|124s|TB:3m} 32... Bxe5 {+0.82|d34|12s|TB:157k} 33. Bxe5
{+0.88|d43|12s|TB:411k} 33... Bc4 {+0.81|d33|TB:14k} 34. Ra8
{+0.99|d50|44s|TB:2m} 34... Rxa8 {+0.81|d41|69s|TB:6m} 35. Bxa8
{+0.99|d51|14s|TB:1m} 35... Bxb5 {+0.81|d41|37s|TB:3m} 36. Bc7
{+0.99|d55|56s|TB:5m} 36... Be2 {+0.80|d41|130s|TB:10m} 37. Bxb6
{+0.99|d52|18s|TB:1m} 37... Nd3 {+0.76|d42|16s|TB:2m} 38. Be4
{+0.99|d58|79s|TB:7m} 38... Kg7 {+0.76|d42|77s|TB:15m}{(Bxd3)} 39. Kg2
{+0.99|d53|14s|TB:2m}{(Kf6)} 39... c4 {+0.79|d40|65s|TB:6m} 40. Bd5
{+1.20|d53|115s|TB:12m}{(Bxh5)} 40... Ne5 {+0.79|d38|15s|TB:1m}{(Bc7)} 41. Bd4
{+0.87|d70|342s|TB:45m} 41... f6 {+0.77|d44|53s|TB:10m} 42. Kh3
{+0.87|d71|65s|TB:8m} 42... Bxh5 {+0.77|d45|9s|TB:2m} 43. Bxe5
{+0.87|d81|8s|TB:1m} 43... fxe5 {+0.77|d46|TB:2k} 44. Bxc4
{+0.87|d109|42s|TB:9m}{(Bf3)} 44... Kf6 {+0.76|d56|50s|TB:12m} 45. Kh4
{+0.87|d107|41s|TB:8m} 45... Bf3 {+0.76|d59|50s|TB:12m}{(Ba6)} 46. Bg8
{+0.87|d104|54s|TB:9m}{(Kg7)} 46... Be2 {+0.55|d51|34s|TB:2m} 47. Bh7
{+0.87|d117|57s|TB:17m}{(Bf3)} 47... Kg7 {+0.46|d47|57s|TB:927k}{(Bf5)} 48.
Be4 {+0.87|d109|40s|TB:7m} 48... Kf6 {+0.40|d49|250s|TB:6m}{(Bb7)} 49. Bb1
{+0.87|d94|28s|TB:3m}{(Kf7)} 49... Kg7 {+0.39|d46|58s|TB:502k}{(Ba2)} 50. Be4
{+0.87|d100|37s|TB:5m} 50... Kf6 {+0.01|d99|TB:78k}{(Bb7)} 51. Bb1
{+0.87|d97|11s|TB:2m}{(Kf7)} 51... Kg7 {+0.01|d99|TB:12k}{(Ba2)} 52. Bf5
{+0.87|d112|36s|TB:5m}{(Bf3)} 52... Kf6 {+0.39|d50|301s|TB:8m}{(Bd7)} 53. Bc2
{+0.87|d108|84s|TB:18m}{(Bc4)} 53... Ke6 {+0.39|d45|31s|TB:181k}{(Bh7)} 54.
Bb1 {+0.87|d112|36s|TB:4m}{(Kf7)} 54... Kf6 {+0.39|d50|35s|TB:432k}{(Be4)} 55.
Bh7 {+0.87|d114|36s|TB:3m}{(Ke6)} 55... Kg7 {+0.01|d99|TB:25k}{(Bf5)} 56. Bc2
{+0.87|d115|39s|TB:7m}{(Bf3)} 56... Kf6 {+0.38|d54|144s|TB:1m}{(Bb3)} 57. Be4
{+0.77|d81|74s|TB:456k} 57... Kg7 {+0.38|d50|108s|TB:866k}{(Bg2)} 58. Bb1
{+0.75|d92|34s|TB:5m}{(Kf7)} 58... Kf6 {+0.01|d99|TB:36k} 59. Be4
{+0.75|d104|32s|TB:6m} 59... Kg7 {+0.01|d99|TB:9k}{(Bg2)} 60. Bf5
{+0.75|d107|43s|TB:10m} 60... Kf6 {+0.01|d99|7s|TB:1m}{(Bc8)} 61. g4
{+0.75|d101|31s|TB:3m}{(Bd1)} 61... Bf3 {+0.32|d49|36s|TB:622k}{(Kh5)} 62. Bd3
{+0.75|d101|30s|TB:6m}{(Bc6)} 62... Bd1 {+0.32|d52|15s|TB:740k}{(Bb5)} 63. Be4
{+0.75|d111|41s|TB:13m}{(Kf7)} 63... Ba4 {+0.32|d52|17s|TB:751k} 64. Kh5
{+0.75|d110|49s|TB:18m} 64... Bd1 {+0.32|d51|TB:10k} 65. Bf5
{+0.75|d113|29s|TB:5m} 65... Kg7 {+0.32|d49|72s|TB:2m}{(Bb1)} 66. Be6
{+0.75|d98|5s|TB:664k}{(Bf3)} 66... Be2 {+0.32|d49|20s|TB:47k} 67. Kh4
{+0.75|d107|29s|TB:2m} 67... Kf6 {+0.32|d48|19s|TB:898k}{(Bd5)} 68. Bf5
{+0.75|d115|28s|TB:2m}{(Bd1)} 68... Bf3 {+0.01|d99|1s|TB:64k}{(Kh5)} 69. Bc2
{+0.75|d101|40s|TB:2m}{(Ke7)} 69... Bc6 {+0.32|d50|40s|TB:1m} 70. Kh5
{+0.75|d114|34s|TB:1m} 70... Bf3 {+0.32|d54|1s|TB:169k} 71. Bf5
{+0.75|d102|27s|TB:2m} 71... Kg7 {+0.32|d53|TB:1k}{(Bd7)} 72. Bd3
{+0.75|d102|27s|TB:5m}{(Kf6)} 72... Bd1 {+0.32|d53|19s|TB:651k} 73. Bc4
{+0.75|d105|33s|TB:4m}{(Kf6)} 73... Bc2 {+0.32|d51|2s|TB:27k} 74. g5
{+0.75|d106|26s|TB:1m}{(Bd1)} 74... Bg6+ {+0.32|d52|22s|TB:624k} 75. Kg4
{+0.75|d107|88s|TB:4m} 75... Bc2 {+0.32|d52|TB:17k}{(gxh6)} 76. Kh5
{+0.75|d109|76s|TB:924k}{(Bd1)} 76... Bg6+ {+0.01|d84|14s|TB:4m} 77. Kg4
{+0.75|d104|24s|TB:74k} 77... Bc2 {+0.01|d97|16s|TB:5m}{(gxh6)} 78. Bb5
{+0.75|d90|4s|TB:2k}{(hxg5)} 78... Kg6 {+0.32|d54|47s|TB:1m} 79. Be8+
{+0.75|d107|46s|TB:2m} 79... Kg7 {+0.32|d50|5s|TB:36k}{(gxh6)} 80. Bb5
{+0.75|d94|20s|TB:550k} 80... Kg6 {+0.01|d90|9s|TB:3m} 81. Be8+
{+0.75|d98|4s|TB:81k} 81... Kg7 {+0.01|d99|TB:8k}{(gxh6)} 82. Kh5
{+0.75|d103|21s|TB:665k} 82... Bd1+ {+0.32|d54|49s|TB:875k} 83. Kh4 {+0.75|d1}
83... Be2 {+0.32|d57|5s|TB:34k}{(gxh6)} 84. Bh5 {+0.75|d104|21s|TB:1m} 84...
Bd3 {+0.32|d50|33s|TB:327k}{(Bd1)} 85. Bg4 {+0.75|d103|24s|TB:1m}{(hxg5)}
85... Be4 {+0.32|d44|10s|TB:202k}{(Be2)} 86. Bd7 {+0.75|d99|24s|TB:1m}{(hxg5)}
86... Bg6 {+0.32|d54|11s|TB:514k}{(gxh6)} 87. Kg4 {+0.75|d104|20s|TB:1m}{(Bd3)}
87... Be4 {+0.32|d51|24s|TB:292k}{(gxh6)} 88. Kh5 {+0.75|d104|22s|TB:1m}
{(hxg5)} 88... Bg6+ {+0.32|d51|14s|TB:173k}{(Kh4)} 89. Kg4
{+0.75|d107|21s|TB:85k}{(Bd3)} 89... Be4 {+0.01|d91|6s|TB:1m}{(gxh6)} 90. Kh5
{+0.75|d103|20s|TB:726k}{(hxg5)} 90... Bg6+ {+0.01|d99|1s|TB:80k} 91. Kh4
{+0.75|d109|21s|TB:323k}{(Bb1)} 91... Bd3 {+0.32|d59|30s|TB:666k}{(Be6)} 92.
Be8 {+0.75|d102|21s|TB:163k}{(hxg5)} 92... Be2 {+0.01|d99|2s|TB:392k}{(gxh6)}
93. Bc6 {+0.75|d102|22s|TB:190k} 93... Bd3 {+0.32|d57|32s|TB:146k}{(gxh6)} 94.
Kh5 {+0.75|d105|25s|TB:902k}{(hxg5)} 94... Be2+ {+0.01|d99|5s|TB:2m} 95. Kh4
{+0.75|d108|40s|TB:143k} 95... Bd3 {+0.01|d95|13s|TB:5m}{(gxh6)} 96. Ba4
{+0.75|d106|32s|TB:164k}{(hxg5)} 96... Be4 {+0.32|d52|22s|TB:450k}{(Kg4)} 97.
Bd1 {+0.75|d105|20s|TB:1m}{(Bb1)} 97... Bd3 {+0.32|d48|19s|TB:382k}{(Bf3)} 98.
Bh5 {+0.75|d100|19s|TB:947k}{(Bb5)} 98... Bh7 {+0.32|d55|9s|TB:213k}{(gxh6)}
99. Be2 {+0.75|d108|18s|TB:1m}{(Bb1)} 99... Be4 {+0.32|d55|11s|TB:320k}{(Bc4)}
100. Bd1 {+0.75|d94|21s|TB:816k} 100... Bd3 {+0.01|d94|9s|TB:2m}{(gxh6)} 101.
Bf3 {+0.75|d94|17s|TB:995k}{(hxg5)} 101... Bf5 {+0.32|d58|28s|TB:703k}{(gxh6)}
102. Bh5 {+0.75|d106|19s|TB:2m}{(Bd3)} 102... Bh7 {+0.01|d99|TB:3k}{(gxh6)}
103. Be8 {+0.75|d104|46s|TB:3m}{(hxg5)} 103... Be4 {+0.32|d58|29s|TB:624k}
{(gxh6)} 104. Bb5 {+0.75|d97|17s|TB:346k}{(Kg6)} 104... Bc2
{+0.32|d56|9s|TB:396k}{(Bc4)} 105. Be2 {+0.75|d95|15s|TB:326k}{(Bb1)} 105...
Be4 {+0.01|d99|13s|TB:5m} 106. Bg4 {+0.75|d105|15s|TB:407k}{(Bg6)} 106... Bd3
{+0.32|d53|21s|TB:230k}{(gxh6)} 107. Bd7 {+0.75|d107|62s|TB:5m}{(Bb1)} 107...
Bg6 {+0.00|d93|9s|TB:4m}{(gxh6)} 108. Ba4 {+0.75|d107|14s|TB:118k} 108... Be4
{+0.00|d99|TB:22k}{(gxh6)} 109. Kg4 {+0.75|d109|16s|TB:1m}{(Kh7)} 109... Bd3
{+0.32|d50|32s|TB:336k}{(gxh6)} 110. Bc6 {+0.75|d99|14s|TB:1m}{(hxg5)} 110...
Kg6 {+0.32|d53|16s|TB:101k} 111. Be8+ {+0.52|d76|26s|TB:340k} 111... Kg7
{+0.32|d56|2s|TB:31k} 112. gxh6+ {+0.52|d82|13s|TB:176k} 112... Kxh6
{+0.32|d55|TB:84}{(Bc6)} 113. Kf3 {+0.52|d77|13s|TB:267k} 113... Kg5
{+0.32|d54|21s|TB:142k}{(Kg2)} 114. Bc6 {+0.52|d72|2s|TB:14k}{(Bf5)} 114...
Bg6 {+0.32|d44|33s|TB:231k}{(Ba8)} 115. Bb5 {+0.52|d82|14s|TB:355k} 115... Kf6
{+0.32|d54|12s|TB:151k}{(Bd7)} 116. Bc6 {+0.52|d81|2s|TB:20k} 116... Kg5
{+0.00|d99|1s|TB:3k}{(Ba8)} 117. Kg2 {+0.52|d83|17s|TB:457k} 117... Bd3
{+0.32|d50|32s|TB:675k}{(Kf2)} 118. Kg3 {+0.52|d89|49s|TB:565k}{(Bf5)} 118...
Bh7 {+0.32|d51|16s|TB:76k}{(Bd5)} 119. Bd7 {+0.52|d90|41s|TB:178k}{(Bd3)}
119... Bc2 {+0.32|d43|10s|TB:17k}{(Kh2)} 120. Bc6 {+0.52|d87|16s|TB:35k}{(Bf5)}
120... Bh7 {+0.00|d99|TB:359} 121. Bf3 {+0.52|d87|12s|TB:72k}{(Bf5)} 121...
Bg6 {+0.32|d44|24s|TB:75k}{(Kg2)} 122. Be2 {+0.52|d79|26s|TB:31k}{(Be4)}
122... Bf5 {+0.32|d36|16s|TB:49k}{(Kg2)} 123. Kf2 {+0.52|d76|61s|TB:87k}{(Kf6)}
123... Be6 {+0.32|d39|12s|TB:33k}{(Bf1)} 124. Bf3 {+0.52|d80|14s|TB:59k}
{(Kf6)} 124... Bc4 {+0.32|d39|19s|TB:59k}{(Bb7)} 125. Ke1 {+0.52|d76|8s|TB:63k}
{(Kf6)} 125... Kh4 {+0.21|d30|21s|TB:30k}{(Bg2)} 126. Kd1
{+0.76|d74|5s|TB:177k}{(Bd3)} 126... Bf7 {+0.08|d28|9s|TB:5k}{(Ba8)} 127. Kc2
{+0.76|d94|9s|TB:480k}{(Kg5)} 127... Kg3 {+0.00|d48|7s|TB:221k}{(Be2)} 128.
Bc6 {+0.76|d70|35s|TB:144k} 128... Bg6+ {+0.00|d52|11s|TB:227k}{(Kb2)} 129.
Kc3 {+0.76|d67|14s|TB:25k}{(Bh7)} 129... Kf2 {+0.00|d54|11s|TB:272k}{(Bh1)}
130. Bd5 {+0.76|d68|14s|TB:15k}{(Ke2)} 130... Kg3 {+0.00|d52|14s|TB:123k}
{(Kb4)} 131. Kb3 {+0.76|d69|14s|TB:20k}{(Bf5)} 131... Be8
{+0.00|d54|14s|TB:81k}{(Be4)} 132. Kc2 {+0.76|d64|14s|TB:19k}{(Bg6)} 132...
Kf2 {+0.00|d52|25s|TB:63k}{(Kb3)} 133. Kc3 {+0.76|d63|14s|TB:6k}{(Bg6)} 133...
Bh5 {+0.00|d49|11s|TB:21k}{(Kb2)} 134. Bg8 {+0.76|d56|14s|TB:3k}{(Bg6)} 134...
Bf3 {+0.00|d47|18s|TB:44k}{(Be6)} 135. Bc4 {+0.76|d56|14s|TB:9k}{(Bb7)} 135...
Bc6 {+0.00|d43|14s|TB:4k}{(Bd3)} 136. Be6 {+0.76|d56|14s|TB:5k}{(Ke1)} 136...
Bf3 {+0.00|d45|11s|TB:651}{(Kd3)} 137. Bd7 {+0.76|d52|14s|TB:6k} 137... Be4
{+0.00|d49|15s|TB:16k}{(Kc4)} 138. Ba4 {+0.76|d49|15s|TB:5k}{(Ke2)} 138... Bf5
{+0.00|d41|14s|TB:2k}{(Bc2)} 139. Bb3 {+0.76|d47|9s|TB:2k}{(Ke2)} 139... Bg4
{+0.00|d42|12s|TB:2k}{(Kb2)} 140. Ba4 {+0.76|d48|20s|TB:4k}{(Bf5)} 140... Bf3
{+0.00|d48|16s|TB:29k}{(Bd7)} 141. Bb5 {+0.76|d45|14s|TB:7k}{(Bb7)} 141... Ke1
{+0.00|d45|12s|TB:871}{(Bd7)} 142. Ba6 {+0.76|d40|9s|TB:14k}{(Kf2)} 142... Bc6
{+0.00|d42|12s|TB:535}{(Bd3)} 143. Kd3 {+0.76|d39|20s|TB:29k}{(Kf2)} 143...
Bf3 {+0.00|d45|15s|TB:2k}{(Kc3)} 144. Bc8 {+0.76|d61|14s|TB:519k}{(Kd1)}
144... Bc6 {+0.00|d47|12s|TB:17k}{(Be6)} 145. Kc3 {+0.44|d72|14s|TB:576k}
145... Ke2 {+0.00|d50|14s|TB:45k}{(Bg4)} 146. Bf5 {+0.44|d78|10s|TB:789k}
{(Kd1)} 146... Bf3 {+0.00|d52|16s|TB:51k}{(Bd3)} 147. Kc2 {+0.44|d89|10s|TB:1m}
{(Bd5)} 147... Ke1 {+0.00|d47|12s|TB:14k}{(Kd3)} 148. Bd3 {+0.44|d90|15s|TB:1m}
{(Bd1)} 148... Bd5 {+0.00|d48|13s|TB:24k} 149. Bb5 {+0.44|d81|12s|TB:598k}
149... Be4+ {+0.00|d48|4s|TB:39k}{(Kc3)} 150. Kc1 {+0.44|d83|2s|TB:155k}{(Kf2)}
150... Bg2 {+0.00|d50|14s|TB:116k}{(Kc2)} 151. Bd3 {+0.44|d85|11s|TB:668k}
{(Bd5)} 151... Bf3 {+0.00|d52|13s|TB:172k}{(Kc2)} 152. Bf5
{+0.44|d92|19s|TB:1m}{(Ke2)} 152... Be2 {+0.00|d54|14s|TB:142k}{(Bb1)} 153.
Be4 {+0.44|d84|10s|TB:171k}{(Bg4)} 153... Bb5 {+0.00|d55|17s|TB:141k}{(Bd5)}
154. Bf5 {+0.42|d88|16s|TB:213k}{(Kf2)} 154... Ke2 {+0.00|d56|21s|TB:113k}
{(Be4)} 155. Bc8 {+0.42|d85|17s|TB:235k}{(Kf2)} 155... Ba4
{+0.00|d55|17s|TB:152k}{(Bb7)} 156. Bf5 {+0.27|d90|27s|TB:363k} 156... Bb5
{+0.00|d58|18s|TB:123k}{(Kc2)} 157. Bg6 {+0.00|19s|TB:180k}{(Kf2)} 157... Bc6
{+0.00|d59|15s|TB:51k}{(Bf5)} 158. Bc2 {+0.00|3s|TB:49k}{(Bb5)} 158... Bd5
{+0.00|d58|12s|TB:32k}{(Bd1)} 159. Ba4 {+0.00|d91|10s|TB:13k}{(Bg8)} 159...
Kd3 {+0.00|d64|19s|TB:125k} 160. Bb5+ {+0.00|TB:13k} 160... Ke4
{+0.00|d99|TB:3k}{(Kb2)} 161. d3+ {+0.00|TB:1k} 161... Kxe3
{+0.00|d54|13s|TB:1k} 162. Kc2 {+0.00|d53|24s|TB:10} 162... Kd4
{+0.00|d28|16s|TB:20}{(Kd2)} 163. Be8 {+0.00|d51|55s|TB:9} 163... e4
{+0.00|d26|22s|TB:17} 164. dxe4 {+0.00|d51|14s|TB:11} 164... Bxe4+
{+0.00|d26|5s|TB:16}{(Kd2)} 1/2-1/2
Parent - - By oudheusa (*****) Date 2017-10-08 20:07
This game is drawn right?!
Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-08 21:27 Edited 2017-10-08 21:38
White forfeits on time! Wrap your head around that one!
Both Chess engines are set to 2048 hash with default settings match setup:
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-08 23:51

> White forfeits on time! Wrap your head around that one!

I'd question the GUI information being passed to the engine. Maybe it lost the handshake with the engine but that is a draw in anybody's book.
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-09 01:20
Peter, there isn't much I can do here. I tried putting a copy of the engine on my Laptop pc and the serial is being reported as being invalid! I'm beginning to wonder about the copy that went on to my 6900k? It seems to be functioning at full capacity. But the real trouble began when I didn't receive the link with my paypal receipt. I messaged Robert Houdart twice with no response. Two days went by and I finally went to the bank and told them to dispute the payment and if I received the software I'd lift the dispute -now that I can't even put a copy on another machine...! This entire process has been disappointing and troubling.
Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-09 01:24
Aquarium is setup on the SSD so for it to miss anything would be highly irregular. As is Houdini 6 and SugaR!
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-09 11:58

> Aquarium

I'm not familiar with the Aquarium GUI so I cannot suggest anything here. I have not seen any time issues with Houdini in the games I have run so far and with +15s for each move would not have been in time diffuclty as in say the case of a blitz finish.

Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-11 18:44 Edited 2017-10-11 18:47
Hi Peter, I believe I've found the issues. Avast wasn't correctly installed. So I had to  completely uninstall the virus software -including going into the registry and cleaning that out manually. This time around I made sure the GUI and Engine and Book folders had exclusions placed on the virus program. I can always run a manual scan on those when I think I need to. However, that computer isn't connected to the internet and isn't running any other programs accept temps while running the match anyhow. But I'm new to Avast so, when it says "Disable permanently" rather drastic, when the other options state "Disable until computer is restarted" big diff!

Secureline wouldn't work at all and even their technician could get it functioning using remote assist. That was when I realized the entire Avast program was installed wrong. Especially when the techie said he could fix it for a nominal fee of $50. I told him I can do it for free.
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-11 19:49 Upvotes 1

> Especially when the techie said he could fix it for a nominal fee of $50

I think that would bring the prompt reply " I can uninstall Avast and install Norton Security (or other) for half the cost!" The way I would look at it Robert, is the protection seems to be acting like a scam virus! i.e. causing a problem and someone wanting to bill you for correcting it.

If the PC is not going to be used on the Internet I would not bother with an antivirus or security program. Windows Defender is probably good enough for general browsing unless accessing Websites of ill repute. As long as a site's security certificate is up to date then a commercial protection program is probably giving peace of mind and not much more.

It should be remembered these companies are in business to make money and sometimes the cynical side of me wonders if they are not behind the security risks out there to frighten us into buying their products. I suppose it makes sense though to have additional protection on devices that have sensitive information or are used for financial transactions when I do not trust anyone when it comes to money ... and I'm not even sure I trust myself!

Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-11 20:02 Edited 2017-10-11 20:13
No! Already committed myself on all three machines. There isn't anything wrong with Avast. I like the vpn and have it on all my machines. I was hijacked and had to format my laptop pc having Kaspersky!

I use that computer for Adobe photoshop and once in a while go on line. I wouldn't be without a virus program and vpn -if one computer goes down ...!
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-11 20:09 Edited 2017-10-11 20:17
Right now I'm running Houdini at 2hr/40 repeated -  However, S_XPr0 -051017 x64 popcnt is show itself to be stronger.
I cannot help what turns out to be the factual.

What I am doing is running the first game using a different contempt first game was set at default "2"  this next game is set at "0". This game will run usually around 6hrs. See how goes. The first game went to guess who?! :lol: And it was Houdini.

For the most part I usually run chess engines in default mode and leave them to their own devices! Which I think is only fair! Right now I'm kind of playing God and intruding upon Houdini's brain and adjusting its attitude!
Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-11 20:39 Edited 2017-10-11 23:10
Tentative early- observation! Placing "0" contempt has leveled out Houdini's time management issue that it had at default. Houdini was running real close to the edge of losing time otherwise on default. Again this is an early observation during the first hour of play.


It might take a few days to find the right contempt for Houdini.
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-12 00:30

> It might take a few days to find the right contempt for Houdini.

Do the engine test houses such as CCRL and CEGT adjust the Contempt value for each opponent? I don't believe they do. I leave it at default for all the games I run.
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-12 04:31 Edited 2017-10-12 04:38
Good question! I usually do the same, leave everything at default. In the  past when I was running long matches -I was getting nagged to change the contempt values on one of my matches  by a certain individual but I flat out refused. But in this case I'm just experimenting, shall we say behind closed doors to see if it does create any radical positive difference. If it doesn't I can be reassured in the resulting match  that I run in the default settings.
Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-12 04:48 Edited 2017-10-12 04:51
Some one or if not both these programmers  are throwing the bull here eh!

Especially since I'm testing an engine  that is only asking for donations and seems to be taking on both of these yahoo's claims. S_XPrO.051017.x64.popcnt

I'm trying like hell to make sure that Houdini gets a fair shake in the match that I'm running. But there is a point where I' have to say, "let it ride!".
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-12 12:32
I have run a couple of shorter 12 core ponder off mini tournaments and it has to be said Komodo has twice come out on top above asmFish, Stockfish and Houdini so perhaps Komodo does indeed perfrom better on bigger hardware and maybe ponder = off too.

A bit of a dilemna with Houdini 6 Pro because I am getting an unexpected measurable difference when with 6 of the available 16 cores I use per engine for my ponder = on matches I see around 10500 kN/s from the start position but the higher 11300 kN/s when NUMA aware = false. In contrast with all 16 cores it is 4.8% faster than with NUMA off. There is also an issue when asmFish is run with NUMAaffinity = all it can affect Houdini 6 Pro when the kN/s can be anywhere between 3500 to 11300 coming out of book so I am quickly coming to the opinion using NUMA for less than the machine's full cores is probably a disadvantage.

Not sure how close the SugaR code is to Stockfish but it does sometimes give an alternative output. I took note of MZ's engines about 3½ years ago when it was seeing off the others with around +40 Elo. I do not include it too often in my tournaments because I do not want a flood of Stockfish based engines. It would be good to see the commercials take top spot once in a while at least!
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-13 00:36
I'd like to test Komodo against Houdini but that will have to wait until November. I will buy only one " World's Strongest Chess engine " a month. :lol:
Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-13 00:49 Edited 2017-10-13 00:53
I should tell you that I have an issue that I remedied with Windows 10! Please be aware that I just installed a full version ( this cost me my first born! This month is a budget disaster! :lol:) I apparently screwed up the app's - leading to a litany of issues. No texts showing up on software for one. Although not all software seemed to be affected I'm sure there were underlining repercussions until I just recently reset the app's. Then wonder of wonder's text in software that I installed that prior only showed chess fonts now showed the texts also.

I cleaned out everything and reinstalled all chess software. Pain in the butt.

Best windows  ever developed was Windows 2.3!
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-13 02:03 Upvotes 1

> I just installed a full version ( this cost me my first born! :lol:)

I understood that as long as you have a serial number, Windows 10 is downloadable and can be installed without another purchase. e.g. if the hard disk had to be replaced. It downloads an ISO image for installing onto a DVD

Quote MS:

"You can use this page to download a disc image (ISO file) that can be used to install or reinstall Windows 10. The image can also be used to create installation media using a USB flash drive or DVD."
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-13 02:29 Edited 2017-10-13 02:46
I received my copy of Windows 10 pro  on a flash drive through newegg.

Originally, I went from windows 7 pro full - upgrading to windows 10 pro on by Microsoft's insistence -big mistake . trash!  Pure trash!

Tried to return to windows 7 pro -Microsoft wouldn't have it until I got and formatted in Linux. I put that hard drive on the side for posterity.

Then I decided to buy the full version of  Windows 10 pro -newegg sent it to me on a flash drive. Which is now on my machine. But like I indicated. In my effort to keep anonymity I ended up somehow closing down fonts to some of my installed chess software. I spoke with an old IBM engineer and he told me to just reset the apps and Voilà!

By the way I used  to format the SSD. which  was in the machine and  not otherwise identifiable. Magic is trash!
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-13 02:52 Edited 2017-10-13 03:02

>> "You can use this page to download a disc image (ISO file) that can be used to install or reinstall Windows 10. The image can also be used to create installation media using a USB flash drive or DVD."

Don't waste your time! And I mean don't waste your time! Before even buying the full version I have a number of those discs floating around and flash drives that never worked when applied to the purpose!

I still have to format the flash drives so I can apply them for more useful purposes.

They want you to buy " There " prepared flash with Windows 10 already on it! Not the free upgrade version. It used to be real easy to upgrade to windows 10 -now they tell you -an error has occurred .
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-13 03:10 Edited 2017-10-13 03:13
But no matter how you cut it -Windows 10 is a real pain to square off initially. If you aren't careful you may as well just give them access to all your personal data right off and kiss your anonymity out the door. What I end up doing is shutting down the OS and working backward until I feel the door is opened enough to where I'm comfortable. But, yeah! I do need text in my chess software! :grin:

Hey! That is my own personal Thumb up! :yell:
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 03:57
When, at least using Aquarium GUI, the way I could avoid Houdini 6 from claiming a victory from his opposite color running out of time was to place his contempt on "1" instead of leaving it on the default "2"!

That seemed to even things out and help to find a drawn game instead of one by forfeit.
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 22:29 Edited 2017-10-16 22:33
This bug only surfaces when faced with a very strong competitor. When the score reaches 0.03 or 0.02 against it's comp 0.00 Houdini still holds on to the dream of a mate and looks for it while running out the clock and if its competitor runs out the clock first -Oh! Well it is then the loser! Houdini turns into a Donald Trump winner!
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-15 22:42 Edited 2017-10-16 04:02
Both these programmers should try and at least make it "real" eh!

( addendum: perhaps this just the residual effects of having Donald J." Tweedle-dumb"  Trump in the White House!)

Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 15:24 Edited 2017-10-16 15:27
Okay, after much time running game after long time controlled game and coming out with forfeited games -  I've found something of an answer.
{Sedat found the same problem in Houdini 4 on long time controlled games. Sedat referenced it as a bug! } Houdini 5 on default seems to not  find a drawn game.  Blitz games aren't a problem just when you get into longer time controls scores like 0.02  or 0.03 Houdini  continues to find mate even with Nalimov and Syzygy, which by the way Robert Houdart NOW claims will work together. That wasn't his pronouncement in the past -before he stated Houdini will only work with one table base and that being the first one it encounters.

I've found that what works on long game controls starting at 25 minute's  'contempt at minus "1" ' . Otherwise .At least this has been the case thus far on the Aquarium GUI.

Addendum: So far! Knock on wood ( my kitchen table will work for the purpose- it's sold oak! )
- - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 16:40 Edited 2017-10-16 16:54
25 minute 10sec game S_XPrO 051017 x64 popcnt vs Houdini 6

Six games in to a 25 game match and Houdini forfeits on time! Go figure.
4 drawn 1 Houdini won by checkmate and the 6th in Houdini tries to find mate in a drawn game :roll:! Buggy?! No matter what Contempt I put Houdini "Default" et al it tries to find mate in a drawn game on long time controls.

Experiment - after 7th game closing down GUI -bringing it back up and changing Houdini's contempt back to default  contempt "2"! 7th game went to a forfeit as well on time.
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-16 16:56

> Six games in to a 25 game match and Houdini forfeits on time! Go figure.

I've run two tournaments when H6 has played 300 games in a Gauntlet and 300 games in a round robin and no time issues recorded. Changing Contempt should make no difference to time handling but of course the engine is also dependent on what information the GUI sends it.

>Houdini tries to find mate in a drawn game

Have you got corrupted EGTB's? Paste the game, it will be interesting to see what was going on.

Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 18:59
Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 19:00
Did you test Houdini on long time controls?!
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-16 21:00

> Did you test Houdini on long time controls?!

No all my games are at 40 moves in 5 minutes repeating.
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 22:09
I've seen no issues in Blitz. Only in long time controlled games.
Parent - - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 22:20 Edited 2017-10-16 22:22
Topic Houdini 2.0s vs Houdini 2.0c By keoki010 Date 2012-07-11 13:31
Look in the pgn and see if you have time forfeits.  Houdini sometimes doesn't get started in Arena for some strange reason.

Topic SCCT Super League II By Sedat Canbaz Date 2012-04-27 02:48
Unfortunately i noticed 17 games forfeits on time under i7 970 machine,still not clear what can be the reason

Normally i have played thousands of games in Auto232 mode on this machine and so far there is no any single game by time forfeit by Houdini 2.0c

Topic Fire 2.2 Cremator, version 2 By Qxf6 Date 2011-08-06 07:20
Fire2.2GH‡Cremator3beta06 - Houdini1.5a‡   53.0-47.0    100 games: +26 =54 -20     53%    +20 Elo

Games (PGN):

While I am tuning this beta, is someone willing to slightly test this at different time control and share the results? That would help to improve.

Please note:
1) the executable is Fire 2.2 xTreme GH x64.exe
2) avoid testing in Arena, time forfeits could occur

Topic Lukas and the cluster By Dr.X Date 2012-11-18 04:50
This is getting freaky!

[Event "Houdini 3 x64 vs Deep Rybya 4.1"]
[Site "NY"]
[Date "2012.11.18"]
[Round "2"]
[White "Deep Rybka 4.1 SSE42 x64"]
[Black "Houdini 3 x64"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "A03"]
[TimeControl "300+3"]

{Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz (@3.30GHz)^13 ^10 White:
Deep Rybka 4.1 SSE42 x64, hash size: 256M, opening book: <none>^13 ^10 Black:
Houdini 3 x64, hash size: 256M, opening book: <none>^13 ^10 }  {[%t Long]
Black forfeits on time. (1-0)} 1. f4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. b3 g6 4. Bb2 Bg7 5. e3
O-O 6. Be2 c5 7. O-O Nc6 8. Ne5 {Black out of book}  8... Be6 {[%clk
Parent - - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2017-10-16 23:00 Edited 2017-10-16 23:03
It all smacks of the GUI and engine losing the handshake.

There are certainly some concerns over the way the Chessbase GUIs handle UCI protocol when for example comparing the Chessbase with the Shredder GUI handling of a Gauntlet tournament, the CB UCI set looks weird. It tells the engine to change parameters after it is has issued an ISREADY check. The Shredder handling looks right as would be expected coming from the UCI author! (See attachment)

Whether the other GUIs handle UCI protocol correctly I don't know because I have not checked them.

Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-16 23:28
I'm going to try putting Houdini against a different opponent. Let's see if that has that has something to do with it. There might be something funky going on with S_XPro 051017 .
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-17 03:00
At present I don't seem to be having the same issue with asmFishW_2016-06-16 as with say, SugaR Pro engines. asmFish, Houdini and Komodo have syzygy 50 move rule incorporated into their engine setup where as SugaR doesn't. I'm wondering if this could be part of the problem?
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2017-10-18 16:32
The only other reason I can think of that could have created this issue of forfeited games is running the GUI on another monitor -same panel an IPS off of the same graphics card (high-end). Shouldn't be any issue there, but decided to take both it and SugaR out of the equation and put asmFish into it.

Running both now at default parameters at 1hr/15 minutes 25 games just about 8 games in with no forfeits and few drawn games. The score looking much more to the point of where one would expect it to be.
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