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- - By Boombaard (**) Date 2017-09-23 10:53
My IDeA projects suddenly do not work anymore: they won't calculate after pushing the 'Start IDeA" button; nothing happens. After that the whole Aquarium programm is frozen. Restarting Aquarium (build 912) does not help.
Does anyone has a solution?
Parent - - By OempaS (***) Date 2017-09-23 21:31
Try delete LastSession.xml in config directory

also update to version build 950
if you cannot find it on the internet ask (that is .. if you have a purchased version)
Parent - By Boombaard (**) Date 2017-09-24 12:49
I always pay for chess programms.
Such a small market and a supergrandmaster at your disposal, is worth the money.
Parent - - By Viktor (**) Date 2017-09-24 07:05
To eliminate the brake to remove:

and folders

In leveldb.ini there is a line create_logs=1.
It adds to the process in the folder tree any information about errors statistics (log.old.*).
The time that takes, but files will be much, if so leave.
You can put:
Files will not be created.

It is not necessary to reinstall the software. It does not help. Only at first can be improved, but the accumulation of information hovering again.
Parent - - By Boombaard (**) Date 2017-09-24 12:47
Thank you! It works.
Parent - - By ANUAR71 (**) Date 2017-09-28 03:12
i have same freezes but
my problem there is a little difference, there is a problem freezes when I (infinite) anylisis by engine.
minimaxing error will be visible. (Freezes while minimaxing) and sometimes cause a blue screen .
occur in both two Aquarium ( build 912 and 950 ) .occur in both window 7 or window 10 .
for settle problem :lol: , I had to make a copy of the new tree (idea)
Parent - By ANUAR71 (**) Date 2017-10-06 01:33
:cool: . my friend suggest to update direx x . . .and  has fixed the problem
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