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- - By Boombaard (**) Date 2017-08-07 13:26
Is it possible to copy a database into an IDeA tree? And how?
Parent - - By nebulus (****) Date 2017-08-07 14:47
Do you want to create a browsable tree or seed your IDeA project?

If it's the first, open your database, go to tree tab and build a tree. Then add a tree to your preferred tree configuration. See Introduction to Tree Configurations, Creating Tree Configurations and Customizing Your IDeA Tree Configuration.

If it's the later, see Carl's video Seeding an IDeA Project using a database and Sending Games and Position to IDeA.
Parent - By Boombaard (**) Date 2017-08-07 15:16
Thank you very much!! This is very, very helpfull.
Parent - - By Boombaard (**) Date 2017-08-15 19:24
Now I tried to import NoomenBook10152016 into Aquarium but didn't manage. Can I import a ctg-file into Aquarium and how?
(After that I want to seed IDEA-projects wich thnaks to Nebulus I'm able to do.)
Parent - - By nebulus (****) Date 2017-08-16 00:59
Yes, you can open CTG book in Aquarium. Go to Sandbox mode → Tree tab → Load CTG and then you can use ctg configuration to browse the book. Or you can create a new configuration: Sandbox mode → Tree tab → Options → New... button at the top → New CTG-based opening book → click Next and follow the instructions. And then use this new configuration that you created to browse the book. Switch to this configuration (see image bellow) in IDeA, browse and add positions you have in your Notation pane to the queue with All Positions button.

Parent - - By Boombaard (**) Date 2017-08-17 05:13
Thank you again. But what I want to do, is to copy the whole opening database into IDEA-project(s). Now I can only seed IDEA with the moves I browsed through. E.g. I want to copy all the Sveshnikov moves into my Sveshnikov-project. How is that possible?
Parent - - By nebulus (****) Date 2017-08-17 11:00
I'm not sure it's possible, not without the database from which CTG book was created or some external program that would convert CTG to let's say EPD list.
Parent - - By Boombaard (**) Date 2017-08-18 08:06
Unfortunately, but thank you anyway.
Parent - By Ghengis-Kann (***) Date 2017-08-28 20:55
Is it necessary to set all of the play percentages by hand in a ctg file?

My idea is to create skill level specific opening books by extracting all of the games from a database where the players are in a certain ELO range and use their moves as an opening book.
These opening books could then be used in human versus computer games to realistically simulate what players of that level will do in the opening.

Ideally the play percentage would be the same as the percentage the move was actually played in the database.

Is there some way to accomplish this other than to manually assign the play percentage to each move in every opening?
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