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- - By Hamster (**) [ch] Date 2017-04-18 09:47
How can I manually edit an IDeA evaluation?

During an analysis I have reached a position which is a draw according to a manual lookup of the Lomonosov TB7:

1k6/8/1P6/8/b3B1p1/4K1P1/8/8 b - - 0 65

but IDeA is showing +1.74

How can I change +1.74 to +0,00 so that IDeA looks for alternatives further up the tree and does not think that White is "much better"?
Parent - By pawnslinger (****) [us] Date 2017-04-18 16:44
I do not know, but it is an excellent question.  I am looking forward to the answer, if there is one forthcoming.
Parent - - By CumnorChessClub (***) [gb] Date 2017-04-18 16:52
Maybe feeding the moves into IDeA or using the auto 7 men look-up for IDeA... but the auto look-up is limited to a certain number of look-ups during a IDeA run.
Parent - By OempaS (***) Date 2017-04-19 06:44
auto look-up in IDeA is limited by default, yes.
But if you are good customer of could help to send them a request for a higher limit....
Parent - - By OempaS (***) Date 2017-04-19 06:40
Have you set the access to the Lomonosov tables in IDeA?

Try increase the depth to very high level, because the result of any evaluation is very much related to depth/time.
Parent - - By Hamster (**) [ch] Date 2017-04-19 07:36
I cannot access the TB7 via Aquarium anymore.

Would that solve the problem or is just an idea?
Parent - By OempaS (***) Date 2017-04-19 20:00
It seems to me you have reached your (limited) access to the server.
Contact customer service at ChessOK: they would be able to advise you.
Parent - - By cma6 (****) Date 2017-04-19 23:51
I can access Lomonosov TB7 but that is with the engine stopped. How does one set the engine to automatically access TB7 during analysis?
I already have a path to Syzygy TB6 on disk?
Parent - - By Hamster (**) [ch] Date 2017-04-20 08:01
I think it is the GUI (Aquarium) which accesses the TB7s during IDeA, not the engine.

Parent - By pawnslinger (****) [us] Date 2017-04-20 16:42
Yep!  You can have a tablebase local on your hard drive for the engine too.  The 7-man tablebase is too big for local usage, I think... but I installed a 6-man tablebase and Stockfish uses it.  However, I have never seen the "draw" result given by the engine, only numerical evals, and sometimes they can be quite a bit different than 0.00 and still be a draw.

So the basic question is still valid, how to manually get the "win", "lose", or "draw" result into the tree, so analysis can stop spending time on dead-end variations.  I think, if the tablebase reports a "draw", the eval should be 0.00, if "win" or "lose" +/- 15.00, as appropriate.

But it doesn't seem that engines perform this leap by themselves.  They can get to those evals, but only thru their own evaluation, not thru the verdict of the tablebase.
Parent - - By cma6 (****) Date 2017-04-20 19:25
Thanks, that makes sense. That way, one accesses TB7 during IDeA, instead of TB locally. But if one is doing i.a., not running IDeA, how does one get the engine to access TB7?
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) [us] Date 2017-04-20 20:43
My impression is that you cannot... perhaps there is someway, but normally the engine would do far too many look-ups.  Often times Stockfish will do hundreds of thousands of look-ups trying to analyze a position.  Way too many for internet latency.  And even if latency wasn't a problem, the 7-man TB owners would not like to see soooo many queries... I think they have a limit to avoid people hogging the service.
Parent - - By cma6 (****) Date 2017-04-21 03:59
But is it your impression that ChessOK is OK with online TB7 lookups from IDeA?
Since ChessOK built in the checkbox for "Queries to TB7 server", I suppose they meant us to use that.
  Perhaps that is why some users have had their queries to TB7 server--whether done manually with Analysis/TB7 Online or automatically with IDea--shut down mid month: too many IDeA queries.
Parent - By pawnslinger (****) [us] Date 2017-04-21 07:22 Edited 2017-04-21 07:25
Yes, of course, ChessOK means for us to use TB7 from IDeA.  And, yes, some people overuse it, and run into a situation where the server refuses further queries.  There have been such cases reported in this forum from time to time.  The TB7 subscription is one of the selling points that ChessOK uses to promote sales of Aquarium.  I don't know what the exact usage limit is.

For myself, I have rarely used TB7, and then only manually, looking up the odd position here and there.  For routine use I rely on my 6-man TB which is on my local hard drive.  It seems very efficient -- surprisingly more efficient than the 5-man TB that I had previously used.  Stockfish routinely gets hits in the 6-man TB in the early middle game.  Quite impressive in my opinion.  Clearly the 7-man TB would be preferable, but most people simply don't have the drive space available to host it.  In the future, who knows... perhaps local disc drives will be much larger (or some other form of mass storage).
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