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- - By Ladyhawk (*) Date 2016-12-18 09:59
Hi I have a chesscomputer millennium ChessGenius Pro
It has an option to choose for nest best move, then it takes back its last move and plays the next best move.
You can doe this how many times you want til he plays the move you want.
That's an interesting option to practice endgames. I'm looking for a chess program on a windows 10 64bit pc that does the same, beside ChessGenius.
Thous anyone knows of such a program.
Parent - By BogStandard (*) Date 2016-12-29 17:34
Get a (free) copy of Arena from

Install it and click the Help.
Click the Index tab and from the list select Analysis Lines:
In the text the 7th subheading is...

Next best move:
The engine searches for the next best move. It is necessary, that the engine has calculated (not analysed, but calculated and executed) a move already in the same position. Arena takes back this move and sends the engine a special command to calculate a new move. If the engine always 'finds' the same move, it does not support this function.

In any(?) chess GUI eg Aquarium, it is also possible using variations control to increase the variations reported by the engine then playing other than the PV's first move.
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