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- - By rivaldo (***) Date 2008-01-17 13:01
as I understand convekta developed a GUI for PPC and searches for a strong program for it.
I am not a programmer, but I suspect, that the reason why rybka mobile was not ready, was that the small mobile version could get disassembled easier and the more advanced concepts of rybka 2 could be revealed this way. I was looking forward to a rybka for PPC and still would like to buy one with the convekta GUI. but there might be other reasons of course. there even IS a mobile version for windows mobile, that is used in these expensive dedicated computers produced by Ruud ..
maybe vasik can say something about this without giving all critical details!?

my main interest is: will there be a mobile rybka and when aproximately?
Parent - - By Cubeman (**) Date 2008-01-18 02:04
The last I heard was that Vas was still concentrating on Rybka 3 for PC and had not got time to do mobile version.Then after Rybka 3 is released he will work on the mobile version.I hope that he is not worried about all this Strelka crap that seems to be going on.If he is worried about the code for Rybka been too easy under mobile version been too easy to decode then I think he is too late if he believes what he sees in Strelka already.I read somewhere in one of the forums that they have got Strelka to run under Scid for PPC and that they were not very impressed with its performance.The delay could be for commercial reasons since Ruud would not be happy if the PPC version was released too soon then there would be less interest in the expensive dedicated machines he is making.The longer this delay goes on the less interested in Rybka for PPC I get.Soon ChessBase will release PocketFritz3 and I would be buying that and would be happy since the gap between Fritz and Rybka is closer now that a few years ago that I could live with the strength difference.Convecta might miss the boat on the Rybka mobile release with Hiarcs also planning a new release but only for the Palm systems.
Parent - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2008-01-18 14:30
Of course, the delays are not intentional. We just have limited resources right now to handle everything, and have to prioritize.

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