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- - By user923005 (****) Date 2015-04-07 18:30
When Morphy went to Europe, all the best chess players dodged him.  I am still peeved at their cowardice, 150 years later.
What a tragedy that he did not try to get some games against Eichborn.
The two greatest chess enigma-prodigy combinations of all time.
Note that I do not think either was the greatest chess player of all time.
That would probably be Kasparov, but Lasker, Fischer, and Capablanca could all be added to the argument.
Parent - - By Venator (Silver) Date 2015-04-27 07:08
Remarkable! I own a lot of chess books, but none of them mention Louis Eichborn...... Chess is my hobby for over 40 years and only now I heard of the name Eichborn! Is there any book about him?

Speaking about Kasparov: I saw him playing this weekend in a rapid/blitz match against Nigel Short. It was good to see Gary at the chessboard again. And, he played very well. Sharp, attacking chess, grasping the initiative in all of the games. Short was completely crushed and had no answer.
Parent - - By user923005 (****) Date 2015-04-27 18:51
I have searched for books on Eichborn, but never found anything.
I have even had people claim that Eichborn must be a myth, but I found game scores for Eichborn in books from the 1800's so he is no myth.
Parent - By Venator (Silver) Date 2015-04-28 14:47
There are games of Eichborn at

But they are all 'casual' games. also says the following:

"His games were found among his papers after he died. He had kept his wins and some draws. The games were published in "Adolf Anderssen, der Altmeister Schachspielkunst," by Gottschall in 1912. About fifteen other games played by Eichborn with other opponents were published by "Deutsche Schachzeitung" during his lifetime."
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