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- By chessforblindkids Date 2015-01-18 08:09
We are pleased to present you a new, innovative product, a pair of electronic shoes which will allow cheatters to play chess assisted by computers fully unnoticed by the referees and players.This was presented comprehensively in the international chess event "Silver Krakow 2014 in Poland",in the Galaxy Hotel in Krakow on 28December-3th January 2015.

in the list,click on:

We are willing to cooperate with FIDE referees worldwide so that nobody will cheat again,showing them all the possible methods,tricks and electronic devices that can be used for cheating in chess(standard 2014) and all effective ways to prevent it.(we tested 16 versions,only 4 versions including audio/video links) We would like to emphasise that FIDE is well-protected from cheating and supported by electronic experts.Please invite us to your chess events,chess clubs and chess schools and we'll be there absolutely free
(We only demonstrate the product and ideas without displaying the details of hardware and software as well as the exact distribution of electronic components so that nobody can reproduce this by themselves)

Special thanks to Texas Instruments, P.O.BOX 660199 Dallas U.S.A., a world-leader of electronic components for their technical assistance in software and hardware especially their well-built SoC cc1110 8-bit transceiver chips.

software/hardware developer:Carlos Felipe Shapoval Grimal
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