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- - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2014-11-09 00:52

There is also kingcrusher live commentary on youtube. I don't know where all else. Playchess obviously.

The first game Anand had white and it was a draw.
Parent - - By Venator (Silver) Date 2014-11-10 11:59 Upvotes 1
Here you can watch the players live, with live commentary from GM Peter Svidler:

Second game was a Carlsen win, so currently it is 1.5-0.5.
Parent - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2014-11-10 23:37
Cool thanks for the link.
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2014-11-11 14:14 Upvotes 1

really great live engine analysis by Steinar :-)
Parent - - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-15 00:17
Unfortunately Convekta didn't think it was as great, and banned me from their 7-man tablebase service. :-) (Sort of funny; there's nothing about automated queries on their webpage, and they didn't respond to my question if it would be fine or not, but after it got up this game, my account was promptly banned. Not even email, just boom.)

Oh well, the analysis will go on. Just limited to 6-man.

/* Steinar */
Parent - - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2014-11-15 03:07
Not really smart on their part. The alternative, asking you to place a thank you for use of their tablebase service, would have been great PR. You're getting a lot of traffic, and many people will be spending lots of hours looking at your feed...
Parent - - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-15 11:28
I guess they can choose whatever terms they'd like for their service. (Well, technically I paid for it, but $28 isn't exactly a loss I'm crying about.) But I would appreciate it if they sent me an email or something instead of just closing. :-)

The API I was using is seemingly now up again and works (with the same license key I used all along), but my web account (not linked to the license key) still says “You are banned from using the service”. Confused.

/* Steinar */
Parent - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-16 02:05 Upvotes 1
The issue has been cleared up. Thanks to the people who helped. :-) 7-man tablebases will return for game 7 (very fitting).

/* Steinar */
Parent - - By AU (**) Date 2014-11-15 12:26
Wow, this simple looking page really lags...
Parent - - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-15 15:07
What do you mean by lags?

/* Steinar */
Parent - - By AU (**) Date 2014-11-15 15:43
When I click at most moves, such as the move at the end of PV (if the board position has to change after clicking), the browser freezes for 1-4 seconds before updating the board. I'm using Firefox on Windows XP.
Parent - - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-15 16:03
It is true that Firefox is a bit slower on chessboard.js than Chrome is, but it shouldn't freeze for 1–4 seconds. It sounds like you either have an incredibly slow machine, or a very old Firefox version.

In any case, you most certainly should not use Windows XP anymore! It's a 13 year old operating system that's not getting security patches anymore, so your machine will be wide open to attackers.

/* Steinar */
Parent - - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2014-11-16 01:41
I use XP, and your site works fine. Using chrome though.

I get a kick out of how your board behaves, in that the pieces move to their spots instead of appearing there when jumping ahead through lines.
Parent - - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-16 02:04
FWIW, the board isn't my code. It's a pre-made library called chessboard.js (see the link at the bottom of the page). So neither awesomeness nor bugs are mine. :-)

/* Steinar */
Parent - - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2014-11-17 11:52
Does the thing keep running after the game is over? It's at the starting position before the game has started, but it says it has analyzed up to 54 giganodes and thinks 1. d4 is best :P
Parent - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2014-11-17 12:30 Upvotes 1
"1. d4 is best" I always knew it ;-)
Parent - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-17 14:41
I usually start it an hour or so before the game, since I can't always be there to babysit it.

/* Steinar */
Parent - - By turbojuice1122 (Gold) Date 2014-11-17 19:41
So...anyone know what happened today?  I'm seeing comments on the official site that Magnus was being unsportsmanlike today, but no descriptions/explanations...  (I am/have been at work and didn't get to see the live transmission.)
Parent - - By Dadi Jonsson (Silver) Date 2014-11-17 20:17
He played on in a R+N vs. R ending until it was clear that he wouldn't make any progress. I don't see anything wrong with that myself.
Parent - - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-17 20:21
Actually it was RN vs. RPP, but he gobbled up the two pawns. Then he made twenty more moves or so until it was clear that Anand knew how to draw.

It was actually quite an impressive fortress by Anand; he sacrified a bishop for two pawns to get into an unclear ending that was clearly worse, but seemingly in the end drawn (certainly by the point they converted to 7-man).

At some point, Anand got up and asked the arbiter something; I don't know exactly what (nobody asked about it at the press conference), but presumably if Carlsen was really allowed to play on in a theoretically end draw.

/* Steinar */
Parent - - By Dadi Jonsson (Silver) Date 2014-11-17 20:47

> At some point, Anand got up and asked the arbiter something

I thought he might have asked about the 50-move rule. There were some changes made in the latest version of the FIDE rules which now also mention 75 moves:

...the game is drawn: [If] any consecutive series of 75 moves have been completed by each player without the movement of any pawn and without any capture.

This might be something that players want to ask about to understand if the 50-move rule still applies (which it does, I think).
Parent - - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-17 21:26 Edited 2014-11-17 21:34
Hm. So it's sort of an asynchronous 75-move rule? If I ever make 75 non-capture, non-pawn moves in a row, you “only” need to do the same (at some much later stage) to force a draw?

Edit: No, it seems it's something else. Seems like the right interpretation is: After 50 moves, any player can _claim_ a draw; after 75 moves, it _is_ a draw.

/* Steinar */
Parent - By Dadi Jonsson (Silver) Date 2014-11-17 22:55
Your 'Edit' is the same as my understanding.
Parent - By Sesse (****) Date 2014-11-18 11:11
Norwegian TV interviewed the arbiter today. He said that Carlsen got up to ask when his last capture or pawn move was made (since they exchange the score sheets every 40 moves, he didn't have it in front of him). Anand's question was immediately afterwards, and very similar: He just wanted to check that the arbiter was properly recording the moves, wrt. the 50-move rule.

/* Steinar */
Parent - By turbojuice1122 (Gold) Date 2014-11-17 20:29
I see; I agree, nothing wrong with this, especially after the blunders the other day!
Parent - By insipid (**) Date 2014-11-18 03:26
I'm surprised he didn't play on for longer, but I think he probably wanted to just rest himself. It's common for GMs to play out R+N vs. R. And in this case, given Anand's age, I'd personally have made him work the entire 50 moves. Nothing wrong with that, fitness is part of the equation in a match like this. But I think Carlsen probably got to the point where he didn't think Anand was actually doing any meaningful work.

Really, Carlsen could have made him suffer quite a bit more .. he could also have waited longer before playing c4. No reasonable grounds to criticize him for this, in my opinion.
Parent - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2014-11-24 08:20
Rdb8 wasn't a bad move at all, Rb4 was though.. :-)

I think he got caught up in the crazy notion that he could win with black in such a critical game/match in a drawish opening and also up against the world champion. That would have been really extraordinary.

It wasn't to be though, and of course the sensible thing to do would be to just hold the draw and press like hell with the white pieces on Monday. It was like he said, he gambled and he got punished.

I guess his courage was admirable even if misplaced. I wish things had turned out differently, I was looking forward to Monday's game.
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