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- By ChessMonster (***) Date 2014-03-27 04:53 Edited 2014-03-27 05:06
I searched the forum and also read the Aquarium wiki files, but i did not find an exact explanation of what the blunder settings are. Can someone tell me what exactly minimum delta (percents) does? Should I set it high or low? What is high, what is low?

I mean i either get too little suggestions or i get too many suggestions. All I want to find is all mistakes in a database where the error was more than 0.30 centipawns. But right now, altough i set it to 30 centipawns, I am finding also more subtle mistakes which I do not need. (I kind of want to also limit tactical solutions actually, so I wished there was a max value for centipawns also, i just want to study more strategic mistakes in one's games)

- By Hamster (**) Date 2017-06-09 13:00
I wanted to post a similar question before I found your post...
Unfortunately I do not have a good answer, all I know is that
the default settings (see screenshot) suck.

Probably changing OR to AND and increasing the time spent on
the Second pass make sense but I have not found a satisfying
combination of inputs yet.

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