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- - By Dark_wizzie (***) [us] Date 2014-03-25 04:01 Edited 2014-03-25 22:43

This is my latest rounds of abk book testing. Here is the ending result:

This is a gauntlet, NOT a Round Robin test. However, due to the large sample size (1710 games total), you can get a feel for which books are stronger.

Time Control: 10 minute + 5
CPU: 4670k @ 4.5ghz
GUI: Arena 3.5
Hash: 512mb
Arena Type: Gauntlet (For Fauzi private book)

Please note, that time control means NOTHING without context of CPU speed. Why? If you double calculating speed, that is like doubling the time control. So my 10 minute time control test is approximately equal to a 30 minute time control for my old Q6600 machine. To help you understand the calculating speed in context with the time control, the best way is to list the time control + kilonodes per second. For this I choose Stockfish BETA as it is free and powerful. From starting position as white, after 10 seconds of calculation Stockfish has calculated 78,852k nodes (with 512mb hash). You can now use this value and compare it to your result to figure out how my computing power differs to yours to understand what time control the engine needs to run at to simulate my gauntlet conditions.

I've also finished old ABK tournaments called ABk Book Bash. There have been 3 already. It is in my opinion that the strongest abk book is currently Fauzi private beta. However, alternatives like Diffusion (the latest one you can get your hands on) or even Rotate 7, Yaneo 4, King Liveson, etc, all hold up quite well without being private.

Final note:
In the roster, Houdini_4_pro_x641vx is actually Houdini 4 + Perfect 2012t book. I should have renamed it to Houdini Perfect.

Also, please note that the Diffusion and RPC versions are not public. They are 1.1.7f and 3.2.0 respectively.
Parent - - By thebossss [in] Date 2014-03-25 16:38
Can we have PGN of the games played.. Thanks..
Parent - - By Dark_wizzie (***) [us] Date 2014-03-25 18:07 Upvotes 1
Parent - By thebossss [in] Date 2014-03-26 06:12
Thank you.. :cool:
Parent - - By Saldom (***) [ru] Date 2014-04-21 07:54 Edited 2014-04-21 07:58
Long time no see.
After the break, I decided to make a new book for the Arena (Diffusion 140420).
Good processor is not available. So I test the free Q6600 2.4.
Book while small <2MB.

D140420-2         12.5/19
D140420           11.0/19
Fauzi 1.9          9.5/19
RpC-Alpha-3.2.1W   8.5/19
Diffusion 0.9.9W   8.0/19
Barracuda2014b     7.5/19

Time Control: 8 minute + 4
CPU: Q6600 2.4ghz
GUI: Arena 3.5
Hash: 512mb

I give this book:
If you send me your book
Or you send me games Stockfish with time control> = three minutes
Or test this book on other processors with different time controls

PS. Today add Fauzi 2.2.abk and Diffusion 140421.abk
mail: shaldm*
Parent - - By Dark_wizzie (***) [us] Date 2014-04-22 08:06
Hey Saldom.

It has been a long time. I'm not 100% sure what you are asking for. Fauzie 2.8 is not my book, and it is not my book to give away. The 1700 games of gauntlet with Fauzi 2.8 is already posted, and at 10 minute time control. I have since upgraded my processor from Q6600 since we last talked and the processing speed is about 3.5 times faster.

I would like to get my hands on the new beta RPC or Diffusion books.
Parent - - By Saldom (***) [eu] Date 2014-04-22 14:03
Hi Dark, email me shaldm*
Parent - By Dark_wizzie (***) [us] Date 2014-04-23 05:12
Check your email. :lol:
Parent - By Dark_wizzie (***) [us] Date 2014-05-19 20:38
Saldom, Fauzi's finally got his new beta ready for testing tomorrow. You can email me an updated version for testing if you'd like.
Parent - - By Nelson Hernandez (Gold) [us] Date 2014-05-16 16:55
Can you post these games to another site?  I need Premium to download this now.
Parent - - By Dark_wizzie (***) [us] Date 2014-05-16 20:27
That is unfortunate. I deleted the file.

Well, thebossss downloaded the file, maybe he still has it, I pmed him just now.
If not, then I don't think anybody has it. On the bright side, later on I will be conducting a Fauzi 3.0 or Fauzi 3.1 gauntlet test, where both Fauzi and Diffusion are updated to their latest beta, so it should be even more interesting.
Parent - - By Saldom (***) [ru] Date 2014-05-16 22:45
Hi, is ready to Needle v.140514.
Notify me of beginning of testing.

Best regards,
Parent - By Dark_wizzie (***) [us] Date 2014-05-17 07:40

Still waiting for Fauzi to update his book.

Poke him and tell him to hurry up! :sad:
Parent - By Dark_wizzie (***) [us] Date 2014-05-07 06:09 Edited 2014-05-07 06:48
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