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- By Werner (***) Date 2007-12-23 15:05
Hi all :-),

our new rating lists are online and can be found under the attached links.

40 / 120:
Our 40/120 list was not updated this week doe to internet problems. Some finished matches can be found later in our forum: We hope we soon can upload the games and make a separate update.

40 / 20:
This week we added more than 3000 games with 50 different engines to our list. Mainly we made games with engines which had not enough games for a sure rating. See more in our list "Games of the week". In total our 40/20 list is based now on 209.298 games!

[]New engines:
The new Arasan 10.1 was tested in the 64bit-version on 2CPUs. After 588 games the rating is 2480 and we do not see a progress to version 10.0:

293 Arasan 10.0 x64 2CPU 2502 +-26
311 Arasan 10.1 x64 2CPU 2480 +-23

With Hamsters 0.6 w32 we have a start rating of 2598 after 148 games. This is much stronger as for the older version in our list - but both engines do not have enough games yet.

223 Hamsters 0.6 w32 2598
383 Hamsters 0.0.6 2217

[u]Updated engines:[/u]

Shredder 8 made 221 games this week and did stabilize his rating. Now we are sure, this version is stronger than Shredder 9.1.

We now have 2 Crafty versions with more than 300 games. The version 21.6 is still not the strongest version in our list:

158 Crafty Cito 1.4.3 x64 2CPU 2672 113 games
159 Crafty Cito 1.4.2 x64 2CPU 2670 330 games
185 Crafty 21.6 x64 2CPU 2643 332 games

Romichess is another example where engine versions changed places after more games:

354 RomiChessNG5 w32 2391
360 RomiChess OW2aLD X64
376 RomiChessX64P3i 2310

Now we are waiting for the announced update.

40 / 4:
Our blitz list was not updated this week. New results with Glaurung 2.01 x64 2CPU and another 6 new engines can be found in our forum:

A big „Thank you“ to all testers as usual! :)
And of course I wish all testers and all computer chess fans a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Games of the week:

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