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- - By Gr00vy (**) Date 2007-12-22 20:12
Or ELO/Watt...

I want a power miserly strong chess opponent analyzer.  I want to be able to take my laptop on the road, with a bitchin' chess program, and not have the machine melt through my thighs in 20 minutes then the power immediately going out.

In order to get what I want, we have to test/compete for it.  I am thinking of race to 10 in 20 minute games on matched laptops, and if the battery dies on your machine first, you forfeit the match.  If it doesn't die, then the best score wins. 

Besides just ELO per watt, the programs will have to focus on those things that give the best bang for the buck and force looking at optimization of the algorithm in not just a time oriented fashion, but in a resource oriented fashion.   Ultimately we may not get the "best" program on a laptop, but we may get a sufficient one, that is laptop/battery friendly.  I think that there is a market for that kind of program, both for play and analysis, and use on the road or in the skittle room after the match.
Parent - - By Vempele (Silver) Date 2007-12-22 20:42
How about a laptop that fits two (or more) batteries? You'll never run out of power provided you have enough replacement batteries.
Parent - - By NATIONAL12 (Gold) Date 2007-12-22 21:48
good reply,however if on the road means driving just use your cigar lighter. if you have plenty of bread get a quad laptop, their is one at least now available and if your driving in winter you wont have to switch the cars heater on.
Parent - - By noctiferus (***) Date 2007-12-22 21:58 Edited 2007-12-22 22:03
Is it an oven?
(when I was working on satellites ('73-74), I remember this was the question they put us in Bristol, in the System Design Review, about our battery discharge regulator).  Is it the same thing?  :)
Parent - - By NATIONAL12 (Gold) Date 2007-12-22 22:09
i live in bristol, this is going back a long time but i used to write technical articles about memory in cadium batts. this was in the photographic business. god that was a can of worms.
Parent - - By noctiferus (***) Date 2007-12-22 22:30 Edited 2007-12-22 22:39
It happened at Grand Hotel.
At that time, I was the Product Assurance Manager of Geos Power Supply. 
Our prime contractor was BAC: I appreciated their PAM (Bob Hargrave) and Reliability Manager (Mike Lambert): very nice, serious and skilled.
How much time passed  :(

(BTW, I remember we had serious troubles in demonstrating the overall reliability, due to low reliab. estimates of batteries, that , of course, were a single point failure)
Parent - - By NATIONAL12 (Gold) Date 2007-12-22 22:35
small world. by the way grand hotel no longer exists.
Parent - By noctiferus (***) Date 2007-12-22 22:40
A pity: nice old memories...
Parent - - By Gr00vy (**) Date 2007-12-23 07:53
Fun answer I suppose, but this was not meant to be funny, it is actually a serious thing. 

Right now, running a chess program on a modern laptop will suck your batteries in double plus time.  It is worse than it used to be, because speed stepping makes you believe that the laptop has reasonable battery life, and you do, unless you are running ridiculous spreadsheets, compiling, or running a chess program.    Chess programs by their nature want every available cycle, heat be damned, battery life be damned.

I really do think that there is room for a program that is better suited for the laptop life, without necessarily being useless crap.  For instance, Rybka does really well in shorter time frames, because as I understand it, it is better at move one, and has better pruning.   There is a whole lot of not-low hanging fruit that could probably be lopped off, if you are trying to have reasonable battery life.  

Deciding what to keep and what to lose, is a difficult choice.  Hence the laptop race.   You have to be good, but you also have to be reasonable in the resources that you use.  Ultimately I think everyone wins.  Developers get a different look at how they are programming, and how they balance what they are doing.  Consumers win, by getting a better laptop specific program.

Seriously, sometimes you are with your modern laptop, and you need 2 batteries, or a plug to run the chess program.  But often that is an unreasonable cost to always be bearing.  How about a program that is more respectful of the resource, so that I get more time with program.
Parent - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2007-12-23 08:39
There's no rocket science involved here. If you want the greatest possible efficiency on a laptop, you need to perform the following well known steps:

1) Run a 64-bit OS and Rybka 64-bit engine (60% greater speed with no additional power usage),
2) Run on a single core (running on two cores gives only a 70% speedup),
3) If you must, reduce usage on the 1 core to less than 100%, or if possible, underclock and undervolt your processor.

This will give you the most bang for your battery charge.

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