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- - By Pirc8 (**) Date 2014-01-30 00:22

     In a previously discussed matter I was able today to copy "newbook.hsh" to a usb flashdrive with help from a friend, who isn't by any means a computer expert.  At first the file refused to be copied so we had to copy all the files on page.  The bad news was that once working with the files on another computer the "newbook.hsh" wouldn't open(because it was an .hsh file.)  The purpose as a whole is to have book contents on a flashdrive as more and more lines are added to the book; if unforseen data loss occurs there is a backup.

     I realize these questions have been tedious, so I just want to say thanks again for getting this far, I'm sure the solution will come for this eventually, and in case anyone wants to say what they would do, feel free.


Parent - By bformless (**) Date 2014-01-30 03:26 Edited 2014-01-30 03:29
You copied only newbook.hsh? There must be a newbook.elm file as well that you have to copy. If Aquarium is open and has access to the newbook-tree then you have to close Aquarium, and then copy it to your flashdrive.
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