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- By Electro Date 2013-11-17 17:16
How to  improve chess in the media.
If u look carefully,tennis is one of the most stupid things u ever imagined in 2013:adult men playing with a ball ,winner,smileys, so on,compared to chess is like comparing the masterpieceof a Rembrand drawing a human face with any of Picasso abstract crap,but it works..millions of fans worldwide,why? Because they understain what is going on.In chess games between two humans,the comentators should change the whay they comment the game,the way they guest every move,stop trying to denied houdinis and rybkas exist,just accept it ,with a practical and objetive actitude typical of tv presenters and journalists of bloomberg channel(as example) the commentators should ask themselves in loud voice for the audience :whatisgoing on in the mind of Mr x right now?! --We've been seen 3 clear alternatives presented by houdini3..alternative a,b, the a) the white pieces develop well,block the development of black and gain a bit of space,is the reason why it gave 0.30 advantage..the alternative b) is trying to do the same,but it gave a bit of counterplay for black,maybe its the reason why is not the best choice..alternative c) is a disadvantage because white is not gaining space,not disrupting black developments,and finnally mismatching the main goal...and the commentators because of their level,could understain what is the esence of each alternative and coment it..and important:what type of alternative is likely to be played by humans and what is not possible! Leaving the challenge,the game,every person with a pc worldwide may follow the comments on their computers and reaching the same uci results,understanding whats going on because of the commentators and hoping: the human can simulate the brilliant A.I. solution? Lets see,lets wait,lets learn more because of the comments,lets see...
Its a human drama,people understain more less what is going on,and there is a challenge,a beast,a powerfull uci that could be simulated by any of the players..
The second solution to make chess popular is making every game a human drama,matches between a human and a uci ,in 10 games only a draw is needed to win the match...imagine a mounstro only whay to reach u is destroing 10 doors one after another..u need only to stop him at any door and u win and u reach ur goal!! Great,perfect,a human drama,a david,a goliat,so people will identifie themselves with ,and take part of the show...machines are everywere in our home,our job,our city,invaders...could any of us really stop them?
Other solutions are crap and will not reach the goal of creating an understandable human drama that people can joint and follow with pleasure
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