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- - By Graham Banks (*****) Date 2007-12-15 09:20
The December 14th update of the CCRL Rating Lists and Statistics is now available for viewing at:

The list gets updated periodically during the week and these updates can be viewed here:
Please be aware that no game downloads are available from this live link.

The links to the various rating lists can be found just beneath the default Best Versions list.
For example there is a 32-bit Single CPU list.

Our standard testing is at 40 moves in 40 minutes repeating while our current blitz testing is at both 40 moves in 4 minutes repeating and 40 moves in 12 minutes repeating, all adjusted to the AMD64 X2 4600+ (2.4GHz).

Currently active testers in our team are:
Graham Banks, Ray Banks, Shaun Brewer, Kirill Kryukov, Dom Leste, Tom Logan, Andreas Schwartmann, Charles Smith, George Speight, Chris Taylor, Chuck Wilson, Gabor Szots and Martin Thoresen.

A big thanks to all testers as usual for their efforts this week.

40/40 NOTES

There currently 91,427 games in our 40/40 database.

Many engines on our list have few games and in many cases their ratings are likely to fluctuate (markedly for some) until a lot more games are played. Therefore no conclusions should be drawn about their strength yet.
To illustrate this point, when an engine has 200 games played, the error margin is still approximately +-40 ELO, after 500 games +-25 ELO, after 1000 games +-17 ELO and even after 2000 games there is a +-13 ELO error margin!
This of course highlights the importance of looking at other rating lists that are also available in order to draw comparisons and get a more accurate overall picture.

4CPU 64-bit Engines

Rybka 2.3.2a is over 50 ELO stronger than Zappa Mexico.

Deep Shredder 11 lies 40 points further back in third spot.

Naum 2.2 comes in fourth, not too far behind Deep Shredder 11, but ahead of the evenly matched pair of Deep Fritz 10.1 and Hiarcs 11.1.
Deep Fritz 10.1 is a 60 ELO improvement over Deep Fritz 10.
Hiarcs 11.1 is ahead of both Hiarcs 11.2 and Hiarcs 11.

The remaining well tested engines in order of rating are Loop M1-T, Glaurung 2.0.1, Deep Junior 10 and Deep Sjeng 2.7.
After 460 games, Glaurung 2.0.1 is currently 65+ ELO ahead of Glaurung 1.2.1.

2CPU Engines

With the emphasis of multi-cpu testing on 4CPU as opposed to 2CPU, there are still gaps in this category and some of the engines also require further games. However, the order of strength is almost identical to that described in the 4CPU notes.

Single CPU Engines

Rybka 2.3.2a reigns supreme, over 100 ELO ahead of Fritz 11, Shredder 11 and Zappa Mexico.

Toga II 1.3.1, Naum 2.2, Hiarcs 11.1, Loop M1-T and Fruit 2.3.1 are within a 25 ELO range of each other.
Fruit 2.3.1 and Fruit 051103 seem to be fairly even in strength despite their different playing styles.
Toga II 1.3.1 definitely seems to be stronger than Toga II 1.3.4.
Likewise, Hiarcs 11.1 seems to be stronger than Hiarcs 11.2.

A little further back again, Glaurung 2.0.1, Spike 1.2 Turin, Deep Sjeng 2.7 and Junior 10 are very close in strength.
Bright 0.2c (private) looks likely to be amongst this group.
Junior 10 seems to be stronger than Junior 10.1.

SmarThink 1.00, Ktulu 8.0 and Chess Tiger 2007.1 are 40-50 ELO further back.

Chessmaster 11 now has 760 games and is 40+ ELO stronger than CM10th Default.
It is also a little stronger than the best CM10th settings.
How much of an improvement new settings can improve the strength by remains to be seen.

Movei 00.8.438 (10 10 10) and Alaric 707 are the next group of engines that are fairly closely matched in strength.
The Movei 00.8.438 (10 10 10) settings appear to be a little stronger than the default settings.

Scorpio 2.0 has been disappointing to date and lies 30 ELO adrift of the previous version after 247 games, around the same level as SlowChess Blitz WV2.1, Delfi 5.2, Ruffian 2.1.0, WildCat 7 and Gandalf 6.
Delfi 5.2 seems to be similar in strength to the earlier Delfi 5.1.

Free Single CPU Engines

Rybka 1.0 64-bit is still the top free engine ahead of Toga II 1.3.1.
Fruit 2.3.1 comes in third ahead of Glaurung 2.0.1 and Spike 1.2 Turin.

Naum 2.0 is 50 ELO further back, but with a good buffer over the group that includes Movei 00.8.438 (10 10 10), Alaric 707, SlowChess Blitz WV2.1, Scorpio 2.0, Delfi 5.2, Zappa 1.1 and WildCat 7.

After 141 games, Pro Deo 1.6b remains behind Pro Deo 1.2.

Other new engines that are still in the early stages of testing are BugChess2 1.5.2, Sloppy 0.1.1, Hamsters 0.6, Crafty 21.6, Twisted Logic 20071202, Typhoon 1.00-346, Xpdnt 071115, Cyrano 0.2d, Little Thought 1.02 and NanoSzachy 3.0.
Unfortunately there are signs that this latest version of Xpdnt might be exhibiting the same serious flaws that saw us remove Xpdnt 061120 from our testing.

We test a very extensive range of amateur engines through our Amateur Championship divisions (32-bit 1CPU) plus other tournaments, all of which can be followed in our public forum.

Our aim is of course to ensure that all engines lower on our lists get 200+ games.


There are currently 209,123 games in our 40/4 database.

The 40/4 update is usually done separately to our 40/40 update.
The latest ratings can be found at one of the following links:

An enormous amount of work goes into the blitz list and it is well worth a visit.


There are currently 25,200 games in the FRC 40/4 database.

Ray tests only those engines that can play FRC through the Shredder Classic GUI.
If engine authors have a new and stable version of their engine that will run under this GUI, they should contact Ray if they wish to see it tested.

Shredder 11 has now taken over second spot behind Rybka 2.3.2 FRC (private), an impressive 80 ELO ahead of Hiarcs 11.1 and Naum 2.2.

Ray has recently finished testing Glaurung 2.0.1 and it has made a 60 ELO gain over the previous version, slotting into seventh place on the pure list.

He has also just finished putting Hamsters 0.6 through its paces and it has also made a 60 ELO gain over the previous version.

For FRC the best list to look at is the pure list.


The LOS stats to the right hand side of each rating list are "likelihood of superiority" stats. They tell you the likelihood in percentage terms of each engine being superior to the engine directly below them.

A list of games played this week per engine can be found in the update thread in the CCRL public forum, accessible through the link given at the top of this post.

All games are available for download through the link given at the top of this post. They can be downloaded by engine or by month.
ELO ratings are now saved in all game databases for those engines that have 200 games or more.

Clicking on an engine name will give details as to opponents played plus homepage links where applicable.

Custom lists of engines can be selected for comparison.

An openings report page (link at bottom of index page) lists the number of games played by ECO codes with draw percentage and White win percentage. Clicking on a column heading will sort the list by that column.
Games can now be downloaded by ECO code.
Parent - - By h1a8 (***) Date 2007-12-15 10:04
Please may you test Rybka 2.3.2a 32bit 2cpu at 40/40.
I am very eager to know how she compares to 32bit 1cpu.
I just bought a 32bit 2cpu system and I use 32bit Windows. I am not considering upgrading
to 64bit Windows because I'm scared that some programs won't work. Maybe later I will change
my mind though.

Thanks for the update though!
Parent - - By Carl Bicknell (*****) Date 2007-12-15 13:55
can someone badger r.lang to make Genius UCI??
I would honestly purchase it for old times sake if he did. I notice testing has stopped after only 313 games though...shame.
Parent - By ernest (****) Date 2007-12-16 18:28

> I notice testing has stopped after only 313 games though...

what testing, where...?
Parent - - By Graham Banks (*****) Date 2007-12-17 20:14

it's unlikely that Rybka 2.3.2a 32-bit 4CPU will be tested at 40/40, but we might do some 40/4 testing for you if that suits?

Regards, Graham.
Parent - - By h1a8 (***) Date 2007-12-18 11:53
That's fine. Thanks!
But when Rybka 3 is released can you test w32 2cpu version in 40/40?
Parent - - By Shaun (****) Date 2007-12-18 13:40
Would you like 2.3.2a 32-bit 2CPU or 4CPU tested at 40/4 - I assume 2CPUs would be better?

I switched from XP 32-bit to 64-bit and it did cause problems with some programs (my sons games mostly) however Vista 64-bit is better in this regard however Vista is a little slower and really needs a service pack...

Have you considered dual booting... I am running XP 32bit and Vista 64bit on one machine and that seems great...

Parent - - By Vempele (Silver) Date 2007-12-18 14:07

> Vista is a little slower and really needs a service pack...

A release candidate has been, well, released.
Parent - - By Shaun (****) Date 2007-12-18 15:13

IMHO you would have to have a lot of spare time to even consider installing relase candidate software....
Parent - - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2007-12-18 15:30
Of course it has been argued that the first two releases of any MS product are really release candidates...
Parent - By Vempele (Silver) Date 2007-12-18 16:14 Edited 2007-12-18 16:35
Hmm, the RC expires about six months from now. It has to be a beta if they expect it to be tested that long. :)
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