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- - By carlos-40 Date 2007-11-24 17:57
i´d like to know if two hard drives in raid 0 improve the speed of chess engines or not. I want a dedicated chess computer so i will heed your advice before buying a computer.

My regards to everyone , from Argentina

Parent - - By Phil Harris (***) Date 2007-11-24 20:52
It certainly won't make any difference to the way the engine runs.

There was an argument for it in the case of table bases, but quite honestly it's so much better to put those on an 8gb USB stick (assuming 3,4,5 men is sufficient), that raid setups offer no discernible advantage that I can see.
Parent - - By carlos-40 Date 2007-11-25 16:37
thanks a lot , i will stick to only one hard drive . I will buy a quad-core Q6600 , do you recommend me 2 or 4 GB of ram ?
Another question , which is better for chess ? windows vista 64 bits or XP 64?

My warmest regards ,

Parent - - By Phil Harris (***) Date 2007-11-25 20:43
Hi Carlos,

I get reasonable results with 2gb of fast RAM. My view is that given a certain amount of money to spend on memory, it's better to spend it on 2gb of very fast RAM, than 4gb of ordinary stuff.

Personally I prefer XP64, my computer does nothing except play chess, so I don't need any of the features offered by Vista.
If you want to use it for a range of tasks, especially media center stuff, then Vista will suit better. I am pretty sure that XP64 works a little better for chess as it is less demanding on the system itself.

Hope that helps,

Parent - - By carlos-40 Date 2007-11-26 14:03
Hi Phill ,

Thanks for helping me . I will only use the computer for chess and watch dvd . What ram can you recommend me ? ddr2 ocz platinum 800 mhz or other?
Im craving to get hold of the computer and analyse positions to improve my chess.
Have a nice day and see you soon .

Parent - - By Phil Harris (***) Date 2007-11-26 17:25
Hi Carlos,

So much depends on your budget for the computer. 800mHz RAM is just about ok if you don't plan to over clock the machine. If you are, then something faster will offer good advantages. Corsair Dominator PC8500 which runs at 1066mHz seems to be reasonable value for good quality RAM. This will give room for better over clocking.

If you do decide to over clock the computer, there are a few things to think about... There has been a lot of discussion on this forum about it here

If there are any questions you want to ask after reading that, I will be happy to try and help.

Parent - - By carlos-40 Date 2007-12-03 16:09
Hi Phill

Thanks again for your help , im not into computer stuff so im trying to learn , slowly of course . Im a chess adict so i want a powerful machine. This is the computer i will buy soon :

Intel q600 ( overclocked to 3 ghz )
4gb 4x1 gb ocz reaper 3-4-4-12
xfx 8800gts 320 mg xXx edition
dvd-rw pioneer sata
2 x 250 gb sata 2 16mb
Power OCZ 600w steal x stream
thermaltake tsunami
Mother gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
thermalright ultra 120 extreme + scythe SFF21F
Ups Lyonn
screen dell E228 WFP

I will run both windows xp 32 and 64 bits , the latter for chess .

I wil buy deep shredder 11 for a start , im trying to buy Rybka for mp but argentina is not a suitable country to get chess software , no imports  for chess software.

I hope you are ok and i send my regards to you and good ol England , a country i miss so much ( ive been there twice in 2000 before the argentine crisis )
Parent - - By Phil Harris (***) Date 2007-12-03 21:36
Hi Carlos,

That specification will be very effective for what you want to do. I would imagine that with a G0 stepping version of the Q6600 you should be able to achieve a bit over 3gHz with that cooling.

Running 4 sticks of RAM does seem to have an impact on the performance you can get with them, before buying them, I would have a look at any 4gb kits with 2x2gb sticks in them that might be available. It's probably not too important, but might give you a slightly better result.

Rybka is available as a download, which is how I bought my copy, and I am sure Convekta can accept a credit card for payment.

Glad you enjoyed your trips to England, our mutual history contains some sad events, but I have yet to meet an Argentinian whose company I didn't enjoy.


Parent - By carlos-40 Date 2007-12-04 00:36
Hi Phill

Yes , our mutual history contains some sad events and im the first argentinien to regret the bent politicians that ruled my country and most people think the same way . We respect England as a source of tradition , culture , good manners etc. Quoting John Cleese In ¨ Fawlty towers ¨ Dont mention the war !!!! ok ok i know we´ve started it lol

My regards again and see you soon

Parent - - By Svilponis (***) Date 2007-11-27 07:16
My experience is that Vista x64 has better process priority handling. With WinXP x64 I have to manually reduce Rybkas process priority if I want even surf the Internet while engine is calculating a position. Otherwise my browser will stop responding or responds so slowly, that normal use is not possible. With Vista x64 I can surf without adjusting the priorities. Speed difference (regarding chess) between Vista and XP is unsignificant.
Parent - - By Phil Harris (***) Date 2007-11-27 09:50
I have not had any problems like that at all with XP64, I can run my browser, several IM programs and Thunderbird with Rybka running, and not have any conflict at all.
I haven't had to make any adjustment to priorities, it all just works.
Parent - - By Svilponis (***) Date 2007-11-29 20:10
But I have not jet seen a computer where Rybka 64bit MP under Win XP64 and Shredder 9 UCI GUI with default options does not nearly freeze Internet browser, especially when browsing dynamic websites like newspapers and online shops. When Rybka is running, it takes half a minute or more to open some websites, that usually open within a few seconds.
What GUI do you use? Some GUIs might give Rybka some parameters (Shredder has a 'CPU usage' parameter that defaults 100) that reduce Rybkas priority automatically.
Parent - - By Uly (Gold) Date 2007-11-29 20:44

> When Rybka is running, it takes half a minute or more to open some websites, that usually open within a few seconds.

It sounds like a RAM issue, are you giving too much RAM to the engines?
Parent - By Svilponis (***) Date 2007-11-29 21:10
I usually give 1 to 2 GB of RAM for Rybka. This should not be a problem, because I have 4 GB of total RAM. There is no swapping and Windows System reports that there is plenty of free RAM. I think, if it was a RAM issue, then decreasing Rybkas process priority wont help.
Anyway, Vista64 runs other applications smoothly even when Rybka is calculating at default priority.
Parent - By Phil Harris (***) Date 2007-11-30 01:18
I use Fritz 9, with the updates offered. I have honestly never seen this problem, even when I was running a highly over clocked dual core E6600. Everything just works, and without a noticeable speed penalty.
Parent - By Hetman (*****) Date 2007-11-25 08:38

it depends how the RAID is implemented by software or by hardware.
If by software, most probable in Windows or on the PC platform, it slows down the operating system and indirectly the calculations of the chess engine.
It shall be not the direct impact of the RAID.
Parent - By Vempele (Silver) Date 2007-11-25 09:40
According to Robert Hyatt (author of Crafty), it only matters if you're using SCSI drives; others won't be able to take advantage of it properly.
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