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- By Vegan (****) Date 2013-01-12 14:06
bought a new LCD LED IPS 1920x1080 panel for the rig. The old panel croaked last year and I was using the spare AL1916 until I could scrape up $$$ to get a respectable screen. I ended up with the Asus PA238QR which was marked down following the holidays which favored the acquisition.

This will give lots more space for Arena to show the board and the rest of the stuff.

Arena is free which is helpful and I have noting but respect for Herr Blume for his generous support for computer chess.

Meanwhile I have still not managed to compile some more open source chess engines I have dug up for the tournament. Its 28F out there so the server will be acting as my space heater.

I have increased the EGTB torrent to 100 GB a month as I am still well below the monthly limit from my ISP.
Up Topic The Rybka Lounge / Computer Chess / new panel

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