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- - By twynne77 [us] Date 2012-12-29 02:31
I have owned Rybka for sometime.  When I purchased it came with a number on the front of the book that told you how to use it.  I have since lost that book.  I think I registered but don't know where or how.  I am changing computers and would like to load Rybka on the new computer and off the old.  How do I do this with out the magic number.  Help?  Is there anyway to contact Rybka directly by phone to recieve product support?
Parent - By Barnard (Bronze) Date 2013-01-03 23:10
the ENGINE rybka 4 (including 4.1) hasnt copy protection

so i deduct that you purchased with a GUI,and the GUI will need that serial number,or activate the GUI

of course,you can play always with a free GUI like Arena,or if you want use other methods,is easy;google it for some good chess forums like immortalchess
Parent - - By keoki010 (Silver) [us] Date 2013-01-03 23:57
If you bought the product from ChessOK you can contact them and give your info in an email and they will send you the serial number. Was the product Aquarium, Rybka opening book, or Rybka engine?  Sorry to ask but it all makes a difference! :cool:
Parent - By Barnard (Bronze) Date 2013-01-04 00:02
it makes the difference,of course :smile:

from his message,i deduct that was quarium with rybka;he seaks about a serial number,and the engine alone itself hasnt copy protection

the opening book hasnt the rybka engine,so he only can speak about a GUI that has embedded rybka,and that was (in past,like he is speaking) Aquarium
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