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- - By Denniswp Date 2012-08-15 17:39
Have a Macbook Pro, 2.7 GHz, 16GB Ram, Graphics: intel HD graphics 4000 512 MB.

   When I use 'Shootout' (to have DR4 play itself) the Fritz 12 GUI becomes 'unresponsive' at the conclusion of the game, and I have to either exit Fritz, or shut down Windows 7 Professional to exit Fritz. This happens every time. Similar happens when I try to have an 'engine match'. (Yet Deep Junior13 works well in Arena.)
    I'm relatively new to Windows and GUI's, etc. I'd be grateful for any help you could offer. Thanks.
Parent - - By Uly (Gold) Date 2012-08-15 21:49
Try running the engines at BelowNormal priority.
Parent - - By Denniswp Date 2012-08-17 11:48
Thanks for your input; I'm sure you're right, but I really didn't buy DR4 to use in a diminished capacity. I was wondering if you, or someone else, knows how to free the DR4 engine from Fritz 12, to use in someone else's GUI? Perhaps it's not possible? (I see Arena comes with older versions of Deep Rybka that run perfectly, as does my Deep Junior 13 engine.)

Best Regards,
Parent - - By Uly (Gold) Date 2012-08-17 16:36
Look for a file called Rybka 4.exe, the one you use should have appended "Deep" or "x64" in the name. This is the UCI engine, it can be installed in any GUI that supports UCI engines of your preference.

By the way, "BelowNormal" priority is not at diminished capacity, the engine will still be using all your free resources, but the GUI will also get resources to remain responsive.
Parent - By Denniswp Date 2012-08-18 12:03
I stand to be corrected. Thank you for the info, it should be very helpful.
- By Denniswp Date 2012-09-17 17:17
Further to my original post; Mac users may be happy to know Deep Rybka 4 (as well as a variety of other engines) works well with Arena and Aquarium in the bootcamp.
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