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Poll How do you think about a re-startable Analysis? (Closed)
very fine, I missed that all the time! 2 20%
nice, sometime I would use that feature. 4 40%
perhaps nice, but I never missed that function. 1 10%
unneccessary, I would use it very seldom at most. 1 10%
Humbug, Vas, forget it,please create other things! 2 20%
- - By Quapsel (****) [de] Date 2007-11-01 09:18
How about the feature 'interuptable and re-startable analysis' in an future Rybka version?

I think about:
Doing the long-time analysis of a position, rybka ist writing Checkpoints on the harddisk when reaching several situations.
Rybka than can be interrupted, maybe the machine can be rebooted, used for other things. And a little later Rybka is started again and can resume doing that analysis.

My Ideas for such Checkpoints are:

After each totaly calculated depth
Maybe easy to implement, but the advantage is not large.

After each calculated move in depth 1.
The advantage doing so would be greater.
Because very ofton the first move calculated in each depth needs a rather long time, also such a strategy is not really good.

After each calculated answer-move in depth 2.
I think, doing so, most time invested before the break, many intermediate results can used by resumeing the analysis.
Nearly only the contents of the hashtable is lost, OK, that costs a little time, but that's not very bad.

The amount of of information written at each checkpoint shouldn't be very large in each of these 3 implementations.
Maybe: the found 'Hauptvariante' (what is the englisch word for this?)
the sorted Move list (or move-lists in case 3. )
alpha, beta, (2 pairs of alpha, beta in case 3. )
last calculated moves.

To implement such a feature should be possible and shouldn't cause too much work, I think.

Is this 'an interuptable and re-startable position-analysis' an interesting feature for you?

Parent - By Zruty (*****) [ru] Date 2007-11-01 10:04
I think thatsearch effectiveness decreases very quickly with the increase of depth. It may take Rybka several weeks to reach the i.e. 30th depth, but with proper human assistance it may get even better understanding of position in a few hours.
Parent - By Hetman (*****) Date 2007-11-01 20:15

rebooting and restarting feature is useful. You can get that but hibernating and restarting some OS's but checkpoints are nice and can not be substituded by the feature of the OS.
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