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- - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-06 12:06 Edited 2012-06-06 12:09
Hi all !

In the last weeks I was in a short trip in the afterlife - after a car accident. Now , I'm in convalescence. Because I like the phototherapy :wink:here's some old (extremely rare ) and new photos from my IASI. Again , please excuse-me for this out of topic post !

If you want more photos - here is the old link:

1.-IASI - Union Square (Hotel d'Europe) in 1880:

2.-IASI- Lapusneanu street in 1910 (Coloseul Bragadiru):

3.-IASI- Belle Arte Academy (left area) and National College (right area) in 1937:

4.-IASI- The Chamber of Commerce - 1926:

5.-IASI- The Headquarter of the 4-th Romanian Army (King Ferdinand Palace) in 1928:

6.-IASI - Union Square in 1939 (Grand Hotel Traian - a Gustave Eiffel project - in the left area):

7.-IASI - Elena Doamna street in 1931:

8.IASI - Palas Garden a week ago:

9.-Modern architecture in IASI:

Well , I think a minimal idea about how was/is the architecture of the historical capital of Moldavia has been presented.

Have , you all , the nicest day possible !

SilvianR :wink:
Parent - - By Homayoun_Sohrabi_M.D. (***) Date 2012-06-06 12:10

I hope you are okay.   Good to have you posting again.  :smile:
Parent - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-06 12:18

> Good to have you posting again.

Thank you !

God has been merciful to me !

Parent - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2012-06-06 14:28
You really should consider putting that book of photos of the historical architecture of IASI together. It's a shame this is such a well kept secret...
Parent - - By Quapsel (****) Date 2012-06-06 16:32

> please excuse-me for this out of topic post !

It's very Ok!
There ist nothing interesting about Rybka for a long time.
So whom could you have desturbed?
Parent - - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-08 08:56 Edited 2012-06-08 09:58

> It's very Ok!
> There ist nothing interesting about Rybka for a long time.
> So whom could you have desturbed?

OK !
........and.......let's go. A new series. Today , a long one !

1.-The old head office of Financial Administration of IASI in 1908.

2.-Dacia Bank in 1925. An important one in IASI:

3.-Villa Dr. Bogdan in 1915. Here lived - along the WWI - the general Berthelot - the chief of French military mission in Romania. He is Citizen of Honour of IASI. A true myth among the IASI people. He loved IASI. He was many times in my city until his death in 1931. Even in our days the young people of IASI ourselves his memory. His colleague - the colonel Jeanrenaud- has married a young of IASI. In our days Jeanrenaud family is a highly respected one in IASI. A lot of important professors , especially in chemistry !

4.-The house in IASI of Alexander Ipsilanti - the leader of National Greek Movement "Eteria" (1821):

5.The Great Synagogue in IASI. Was built in 1670 . Is the oldest synagogue in Romania. Even the national anthem of Israel - Hatikva - was written in IASI by Naphtali Herz Imber (in 1878):

6.-Hotel Continental in 1914:

7.-Cuza_Voda street in 1900. You can see the nice uniform of a Romanian police officer:

8.-Ermacov store in 1910. The finest cognac in epoch here was:

9.-French Cultural Center in IASI .A nice building with an impressive history ( in the XIX-th century here was an embassy). In Iasi they are also a German Cultural Center.

10.-Asaki school in IASI. The oldest school in Romanian language. The IASI citizen Ghe.Asaki was the first Romanian engineer:

11.-The old Theological Institute Veniamin Costachi in IASI - 1898:

12.-IASI-National College in 1925:

13.-The Gothic Hall in IASI. Here has been printed the first book in the Romanian language (1643-Cazania of Mithropolite Varlaam ):

14.-IASI-the old customs:

15.-IASI in WWII - German troops on an old street . The tank is a Russian T34 (I know , I'm expert here) captured and reused by Wehrmacht:

16.-A very rare image-Panzers V of Großdeutschland Division in Union Square in IASI (early 1944):

17.-The same place 60 years later.Only the old Cupola galleries (in the left area in the first photo , in the central area in the second photo) is still alive:

18.-Russian soldiers on a commercial street in IASI (the first days of September 1944):

19.IASI-the great Statue of Freedom:

20.-IASI-Lapusneanu street in 1890:

21.-IASI-Diamant-Walter House in 1895:

22.-IASI-old Moldavian architecture - before WWI - in a nice area of my city:

23.-IASI-Saint Nicholas Church (a Stephen the Great construction) -the XV-th century - Moldavian style:

24.-IASI-the old Golia monastery (the construction of a Moldavian boyar -nobleman-Ioan Golia):

25.-IASI-Galata monastery. Was built by the Great Prince of Moldavia Petre Schiopul. Inside is the tomb of Maria Amiralli - princess of Moldavia -the wife of Petre Schiopul. She was one of the most beautiful woman in all Moldavian history.
The fortress of Galata (together with Cetatuia fortress) defended IASI versus Tartars and Cossaks incursions.

26.-Armenian Church in IASI. The oldest construction still existing in IASI. Inside is the oldest epigraphic mention of IASI. Armenian community is a highly respected one in IASI. Nostalgia , a lot of nostalgia for me - around was the years of my childhood and the beautiful Armenian girls. A lot of are still my friends . No matter if the life sent them away from IASI.

27.-IASI- A Moldavian jewel _Trei Ierarhi monastery !!!!! Alll carved in stone in Georgian style. Was a construction of the Great Prince of Moldavia Vasile Lupu. Sometimes was all dressed in gold. A day , after a "cultural" incursion , the Cossaks- a Christian people- stealed the gold! But the beauty of this churh is hard to be stealed !!!!
The tombs of three Great Princes of Moldavia are inside: Vasile Lupu , Dimitrie Cantemir (Cantemir Bey - a true academic in his epoch) and Al. I .Cuza (the founder of modern Romania) ! RIP !

28.-Luceafarul theatre. A modern one , for the young generation.

29.-IASI Philharmonic Orchestra in concert. Do you remember the eminent Sergiu Celibidache conductor ???

30.-IASI Opera "in action":

31.-A new mall in IASI. They are a lot of !

IASI was / is a complex city. A cosmopolite one. With an incredible history and cultural life.

Tourism in IASI ?

Well , for Romanian intelligentia IASI is a true sanctuary.

Listed in tourism agencies ?

Well , IASI is under a true boycott.

An internal one because Bucharest (the capital of both Wallachia and Romania) never had his monuments. And Ceausescu demolished the few ones existing in epoch. So, a brother jealousy ! :wink:
And an external one. If you know the history of my area you know for sure the reasons ! But the true academics and culture men in both West and East know a lot of about my city ! And this is enough for the old Silvian Rucsandescu , your friend !

Have - you all - a nice weekend and .......and a good health !

SilvianR :wink:
Parent - By keoki010 (Silver) Date 2012-06-08 14:51
Beautiful Silvian!
Parent - - By Barnard (Bronze) Date 2012-06-13 02:08
very nice pics...but...where are the truly romanian monuments?you understand me... :wink:
Parent - - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-13 11:59 Edited 2012-06-15 11:34

> where are the truly romanian monuments?

A bit of patience , Mon Cher ! :wink:

For all my friends , here and in CCC , some new images of my very dear IASI - the historical capital of the whole Moldavia:

1.-Notre Dame de Sion in 1909 - the right area of residence:

2.-Coloseul Bragadiru in 1907:

3.-The Boulevard King Ferdinand and the railway station in 1931:

4.-IASI military headquarter in 1890:

5.-The Anatomical Institute in 1929:

6.-Negruzzi college (my very dear secondary school) in 1910:

7.-The Old and The New Metropolitan Cathedrals of Moldavia:

8.-Notre Dame de Sion -the left area of the residence in 1896:

9.-The old Administrative Palace-1888:

10.-Braunstein Palace (Cupola Galleries-today):

11.-The Palace of Culture (the old residence of Moldavian princes) in 1920:

12.-Motas Houses in 1921:

13.-Rapa Galbena in 1906:

14.-The Military School in IASI:

15.-IASI- The School of Arts and Crafts in 1926:

16-IASI - The Theological Institute in 1904:

17.- IASI University in 1916:

18.-IASI - Lapusneanu street in 1926:

19.-IASI - Ghe. Asaki school and statue:

20.-IASI - The Monument of Division 2 Cavalry IASI - heroes in WWI:

21.-IASI - Hotel Traian (one of the two constructions of Gustave Eiffel in IASI) in 1910:

22.-IASI - The church and the hospital Saint Spiridon in 1892:

23.-IASI - Barboi church in 1900:


Well , Mon Cher Barnard , now for you : :wink:

1.-Miss Universe Romania 2009:

2.-Miss Universe Romania 2010:

3.- Miss Universe Romania 2011:

4.-A Romanian Tv newscasters:

5.- Some young Romanian students in canto:

6.-A well known Romanian actress:

7.-A famous Romanian model:

8.-A famous Romanian singer:

9.-Another Romanian model:

10.- A new model:

Enough on today ? I'm still a man who suffers , at least !

SilvianR :wink:
Parent - - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2012-06-13 13:35
Romania, first home of Cristina Rad, home of Nisipeanu, and nsphere magazine.
Parent - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-13 17:19

> home of Nisipeanu

Yeah !

Like bonus:

1.-GM Nisipeanu (2648 ELO FIDE):

2.- my friend - GM Lupulescu (2603 ELO FIDE):

3.GM Parligras (2622 ELO FIDE):

4.-GM Manolache (2545 ELO FIDE):

5.-GM Marin Mihail (2540 ELO FIDE):

6.-GM Chirila (2521 ELO FIDE):

They are all underrated because they play very rare (Romanian chess federation isn't a rich one ) !

Only some of Romanian GMs !

Have a nice day !

SilvianR :wink:
Parent - By Barnard (Bronze) Date 2012-06-13 19:40
very nice pics :smile:

my favourite monument,n. 8 :smile:
Parent - - By Phil Harris (***) Date 2012-06-13 19:58
The tanks in image 16 are Tiger 1s I believe, the Panzer 5 had a sloping turret and glacis plate.
Parent - - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-14 06:35 Edited 2012-06-14 07:06

> The tanks in image 16 are Tiger 1s

Yes !
You are right ! Thank you !

Tiger 1s:

Panzer V:


You are very good man ! Just for you - the Romanian tank TR 85 M1 "Bizonul":

TR 85 M1 is a very good tank. The experts have this conclusion !

TR comes from Romanian Tank. This tank is a Romanian conception (maybe not 100% - some minor German Leopard components). No one Eastern European country has a such tank ! For example his cannon is for 4000m (Leopard cannon is for 3000m).
Built in Galati and UMB Bucharest.


Parent - - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-15 11:33 Edited 2012-06-15 12:28
IASI in WWII-Romanian and German officers observe the Soviet positions. Major General Nicolae Scarlat Stoenescu (2 right) commander of 4th Army Corps and General Kurt Röpke (2 left) commander of the 46-th Infanterie-Division on Repedea Hill near Iasi. Far away the Cetatuia monastery (May 1944):

Here is a short biography of this Romanian General:

After WWII all , but absolutely all , Romanian Generals were eliminated ! If not directly from life , but from their careers after long years of prison. Many have been heroes and decorated both on the Eastern front as well as the Western front. Even those with an absolutely perfect conduct ! Some examples:

General Petre Dumitrescu:

General Gheorghe Mihail:

General Leonard Mociulschi (was arrested and imprisoned without a trial):

General Corneliu Dragalina:

General Radu Korne - a true legend:

General Nicolae Dascalescu:

and many , many more !

Even for the communists and their internal and external ardent supporters has been practically impossible to find them a clear guilt.
Very interesting for me -at my age- to observe how many "ardent" communists are now "ardent" capitalists. And nobody asks them nothing. And not only in my country. And how notorious anti-communists are still damned. A very interesting life lesson !

Today some of the above generals were rehabilitated and considered heroes. Post mortem !


Parent - - By Chess_Rambo (***) Date 2012-06-15 14:30

> Today some of the above generals were rehabilitated and considered heroes. Post mortem !

This is unthinkable here in Austria. Our socialist government builds monuments for the partisans. The ordinary soldiers, who did nothing but their duty, are being denounced as nazis. :eek:
Parent - - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-15 18:29 Edited 2012-06-15 18:32

> Our socialist government builds monuments for the partisans. The ordinary soldiers, who did nothing but their duty, are being denounced as nazis.

I remember from my childhood a terrific image: a market (the ex-Dimitrov market in IASI ) with a man ,an ex simple soldier , without a leg ( lost on the Eastern front ) begging each day his bread. Any kind of pension for him because he fought on the Eastern front.
Yes , in Romania were also partisans. But only anticommunist. And a lot of were executed ! The communism came to us - mainly - via Moskva (Ana Pauker & co). And a lot of true Romanians have been killed. Even our history was mystified by "academics" like Mihai Roller ( ).
And what about , in our days , ex members of PCR , UTC ( the Romanian communist organizations) are sometimes minister.....even Prime-Minister ?
There has been much controversy also - here in Romania-about the choice of Mr. Vladimir Tismăneanu , as commision president ( the Presidential Commission for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania) , about Tismăneanu's choices for commission members, and about the conclusions of the report. Here is a short biography of Mr. Tismaneanu (on Wikipedia):

What can we think about this our world ?????

Have - you all - a nice weekend !

Parent - - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-21 08:36
Hello !

Although the doctors prohibited me , at the moment , the work on computer, it is a pleasure to post here -only for you - four new images from my IASI !

Two old general views of IASI ( the first image is from 1905):

And two images with the modern IASI (Palas complex):

Have - you all - a nice day !

SilvianR :wink:
Parent - - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2012-06-21 11:52
I like the modern one in the third pic :-)
Parent - - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-29 11:17 Edited 2012-06-29 11:40
Hello my friends!

Because Deep Rybka 5 is still in Vas Laboratories Kft , here's a new set of photos about my IASI (just let me know when I become a tedious person). You know nothing about the IASI surroundings . That's for sure ! :wink: Below are some photos:

1.-Barnova woods. A fantastic nice and large one. Like in the stories from your childhood. I don't know if a single westman know it !
These woods are a part of my life:

2.-Ciric Lake -very good for sports and amusement:

3.-Ciric Lake-on its banks there are many hotels and restaurants:

4.-Ciric Lake-the Southern part:

5.-Repedea woods- an image assorted with some students :wink:

6.-Repedea - the natural geological reservation. Again , nor any idea how beautiful it is:

7.-A Breazu woods bungalow:

Now , from the serial "IASI in WWII" some new photos:

1.-A Romanian soldier from the special research troops and the Generalleutenant Hasso von Manteuffel (the  commandant of Panzer Grenadier Division Großdeutschland on IASI front (July_8_1944):

2.-The Romanian Aviation General - Major (Comandor) Emanoil Ionescu (left) decored by the Luftwaffe Generaloberst of Luftwaffe4 Otto Deßloch on IASI front(June_7_1944). The General - Major Emanoil Ionescu is a Romanian hero. His name is ported today -in his honour- by the 71st Romanian Aerian Flotilla - Campia Turzii:

Have - you all - a nice weekend !

SilvianR :wink:
Parent - - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2012-06-29 12:11
Lake picture is cool :-)
Parent - - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-06-29 12:33

> Lake picture is cool :-)

Hey , Mr. Labyrinth !

If a day you are in Eastern Europe just let me know ! Please ! :wink:

SilvianR :wink:
Parent - - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2012-06-29 14:44
Will do :-)

At this point no sign that I'll have money for travel any time soon though :-) Like maybe never :-P
Parent - - By Homayoun_Sohrabi_M.D. (***) Date 2012-06-29 18:30
Yeah, money is tight these days, that's why for our next vacation we are going to Alabama, I hear it's a very nice place to visit and cheap too.
Parent - - By Bob Durrett (***) Date 2012-06-29 19:11
Parent - - By Homayoun_Sohrabi_M.D. (***) Date 2012-06-29 19:23
looks really nice
Parent - By Bob Durrett (***) Date 2012-06-29 20:13
It may be a little hot for your tastes. In northern Alabama (USA) it is 104 degrees in the shade. This summer it may be hotter. Humidity is high. Maybe Arizona USA would be better. It is only 111 degrees in the shade but humidity is near zero. In Arizona, if you go up into the mountains, temperatures typically run 30 degrees cooler. Of course, there is no beach, but you could enjoy the mountain scenery.

Bob Durrett
Parent - - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2012-06-29 20:02
Sure, and Bob can teach you how to make $800 an hour playing blackjack! :lol:
Parent - By Homayoun_Sohrabi_M.D. (***) Date 2012-06-29 20:15
I hope so, then my winnings will pay for my vacation....the way Bob always did it.
Parent - By billyraybar (***) Date 2012-10-12 01:46
- - By Silvian (***) Date 2012-10-10 12:11 Edited 2012-10-10 12:21
Hello friends !

Holidays have passed, isn't it ?
Well , no problem - new ones are on way ! :cool:
Some new photos from my IASI - I never posted:

1.-Russian Church (Biserica Lipoveneasca):

2.-The main hall in Nathional Theatre:

3.-Old and new face to face:

4.-Aerial view of the fortress and monastery Golia:

5.-The main private university in Iasi (Petre Andrei University):

6.-The Metropolitan Cathedral of Moldavia:

7.-Palas Center:

8.-Auchan in IASI:

9.-United Bussines Center in IASI:

10.-Food Court in Palas Center:

11.-Iulius Mall:

Have - you all - a nice day !

SilvianR :cool:
Parent - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2012-10-10 17:21
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