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- By Werner (***) Date 2007-10-21 18:55 Edited 2007-10-21 18:58
Hi all :-),

our new 40/20 and 40/120 rating lists are online and can be found at the attached links.

40 / 20:
This week we have with DeepJunior 10.1 4CPU and Scorpio 2.0 Beta 2CPU two newcomers in our list. We also made more games with Fruit 2.3.3f and 2.3.3j. See more in our list "Games of the week".

In total our 40/20 list is based on 190 348 games!

New engines:

The program from Amir Ban could win 42 points with the doubled numbers of CPUs. This was awaited before. After only 112 games we cannot say much about the rating of the new Scorpio version. The start rating is 15 elos in top of the previous version. But Daniel is still working on his engine- so we can wait for better results.

Updated engines:

Fruit 2.3.3f did hold the 2nd place of the single engines. With Rybka 1.0 beta 64 bit we have still a better freeware engine. ProDeo 1.6 beta made 326 games this week - with not so good results we had before, So the rating dropped down.

40 / 120:
With fruit 2.3.3f we added the 30st engine to our list. The engines start rating is 2837 elo - very similar to the rating in our 40/20 list. With more games the rating can even rise more. We will play more games till all engines have 1000 games - then we will add more engines to the list. This week we added 526 games to our database. In the meantime 16074 games are played.

Our blitz list well be updated next week with Colossus 2007d, Delfi 5.2, Hermann 2.0, Homer 2.01 and ProDeo 1.6.

A big „Thank you“ to all testers as usual !! :)

Games of the week:

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