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- - By Pirc8 (**) Date 2012-03-30 02:16

     Have several questions now having successfully installed Aquarium and Houdini Opening book.  Thanks so much for all of your help in getting this far.

     Example of opening positions encountered which render "No Info" are 1) g3 e5  2) Nf3 e4  3) Nh4 d5  4) d3 Bd7  5) white to move.
1) g3 d5  2) Nf3 c6  3) Bg2 Bg4  4) O-O e6  5) white to move

     Given that none of the books on hand render analysis of these two positions are there any options in obtaining the sought after analysis, i.e. a static index of what white's best 5th moves are?

     What I would do here is start with Houdini for how to access its best move choices, then readily consider utilizing other books.  I have already seen cases where R-4 analyzes where H-2 doesn't.  Emphasis is that I need a pre-calculated move because of having so many positions being worked with.                                                                              Pirc8
Parent - - By buffos (Silver) Date 2012-03-30 14:16
Before getting into "books" , i think you first have to "understand" basic concepts of Aquarium, such as "configuration trees" because that is what shows you no-info

You have to understand what they are, how you change them and more interesting stuff. So spending some time with the manual + experimenting + searching on the forum, will give you a lot of answers.

So search in the manual for Tree configurations, and then in the forum for the same thing. Then you can ask what you do not understand and many of us will help, but now the answer is simply "copy pasting the manual"
Parent - By Pirc8 (**) Date 2012-03-31 03:10
Thanks for a most interesting answer.  Will get started on that stuff.  Why I didn't go right to the trees is because it appeared that one first make a 'project' which involves a dozen or more steps.
- By Pirc8 (**) Date 2012-04-02 03:29
Want to view H2 Expanded's best moves per opening positions in one position after another, whether by loading sets of positions or simply one by one.  Topic herein concerns using Tree Configurations to this end.  I see a number of options in this regard, however I can only bring one concept to be discussed at a time for lack of understanding.

     I tried in Sandbox mode, 'Tree', 'Options', 'New', where my choice of opening book is mentioned in 'Copy current configuration.'  After completing this process I knew nothing but to go to position set-up and choose 'analysis' followed by 'current position.'  Sometimes only IDeA indexes are shown which I fear aren't regarding H2 Expanded.  Other times and 'I.A.' index is shown.  I have thoroughly looked at the Aquarium manual.  Please send me somewhere.

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