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- - By Pirc8 (**) Date 2012-03-27 03:30

     I have just purchased the Aquarium gui along with Houdini Opening book. Can I place an opening position in Aquarium and view a best move for that position as a static, non-flucuating index?  In other words such a move would be available instantly or upon the click of a button.  It would be pre-calculated.  (From googling 'Houdini Opening book' I reasoned that the index I seek is in the IDeA tree, called "I.A.")  Please clarify as best you can and relate how any static index for a position can be obtained including the process for reaching that place.  I would then put the same position into my quad core/Houdini program and compare the index to Houdini's move in a 40/120 level.

Parent - - By ppipper (*****) Date 2012-03-27 17:00
Are you spealing about book (tree) moves?
Parent - By Pirc8 (**) Date 2012-03-27 18:07
ppipper, am speaking about moves from Houdini Opening book.  The info taken from googling this question implied that an IDeA tree is involved.  (I am awaiting professional installation of the two C-D's.  There is so much in the way of instructions that I don't yet know what is what.)
Parent - - By mattchess (**) Date 2012-03-27 17:45
Try the position in Sandbox mode.  Then make sure the tree window is showing in Sandbox (probably is already there under the board).  Then go to the tree ribbon and using the pull down menu on the left make sure the opening book you want is selected.

If the position exists in the opening book you should see the evaluation in a CAP column.

You can then customize the configuration to include a lot more information by adding columns.  Mine has the Rybka4 book and CAP evals, my own IDEA evals, any prior analysis by houdini, critter, fire, komodo, rybka, and stockfish )I save all my analysis to files), and then game statistics from hugebase, corr/iccf and another megacorr database and a database of just engine games.  I also have the opening classification and description (where applicable).

To see how to add those custom columns look here:

Here is what mine looks like...

Parent - - By Pirc8 (**) Date 2012-03-27 18:15
thank you mattchess,

     Two points:

     1)  The first move in your CAP column picture is "5... O-O"  Is this a picture of an analysis of the position in motion with flucuation or is the 5)... O-O /CAP .22 what appears instantly and doesn't change?

     2)  On the back of my Houdini Opening book disc case it says "over 65 million positions."  I was under the impression that all possible opening positions are covered.  With White I use an opening classified as A00 because it starts with 1) g3.  I am hoping that all permutations of this opening would be covered.

Parent - By mattchess (**) Date 2012-03-27 18:24
The CAP column is the static evaluation that had already been processed and provided with the Rybka opening book.  I assume the same is provided with the Houdini book but I have not gotten that one yet. 

I suspect you will be happy with the opening book.  Then you can extend lines you are most interested in using IDEA and record your own move preferences by color coding in your idea tree.  In my case, those color codes would show up in my COL column if I assign them.  The way I work with idea is to export all of the idea results from individual trees into a master tree, and the idea column and col column in the picture above are drawn from that master tree.
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