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- By tdh1967 (*) Date 2007-10-14 20:34
This may already be easily possible but if it is I missed it.  I suggest the option to tell how deep into the book to play.  For example, 5 moves by white, unleashed by black, or 5 each, etc., would be mainly for comp. vs. comp. games.  It would be nice for those of us who may wish to experiment by building our own book but are limited on time, we could test our book by playing it against the same version of the same program (or a different program) and being able to control how deep one or the other or even both could go into the book by choosing it in advance.  Although we can now manually go in and shut off a book, I can't find that it is easy or possible to have two programs play each one another with a pre-set number of moves from a book.  This could be a disaster if someone didn’t understand the line they played because a program may come out of book at a bad time and not know how to sort through it.  Of course, this entire suggestion is based on the fact that only a user researching book openings and/or making book improvements would use or benefit from.  It would not be for an ordinary user. 

Unleashed of course would be as it is now and would go as far as the programmers had worked on the book, or the default book I guess would be the proper term. 

I probably could have said all of this in a sentence but I hope I have been clear.  This is something that is very important to me but may be of no interest to anyone else.
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