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- - By rivaldo (***) [de] Date 2007-10-01 10:42
hi convekta-team and vasik,

there's some possible feature, that would definitely help any deep analysis like in correspondence chess.
I don't know if my idea has been already mentioned, but here it is:
in many mostly complex positions with tactical possibilities there are often lines where play is pretty forcing, i.e. after a given move the next 6 or 8 ply are forced to avoid decisive material loss. the problem is, that the user might not be aware of these lines because the program considers the initial move (with the forced line) to be weaker than some other moves and won't display it. of course you can work out these lines, but sometimes the starting move is an irrational one and you will miss it. the main point is, that rybka or other programs still have some weaknesses in evaluating endgames or other certain positions and if there was an option, which would show the user all the endpositions of possible forcing lines, he could judge himself what they are worth. and even if rybka in the end is right with it's evaluation it's a great deal because it helps the user to understand better the dynamics in this position! often these lines contain a material tradeoff and are a transposition into the endgame, where the user might have a better sense of what's drawish or winnable.

so to get a more practical impression: let's say you set a threshold of 0.7 pawns (worse than rybka's initial eval) and now rybka together with the GUI shall generate a tree from the starting position, where only forced lines are considered (displayed) (let's set it to at least 5 ply). also forced lines which occur not directly after 1 ply shall be considered, but also all forced lines, which start after 3-4 ply. depending on the position there could arise a vast output of lines, which forces you to play around with the 3 variables:
(threshold/minimum length of forced line/depth from initial position to start of forced line).

obviously the engine has to do this selection herself or the GUI has to do that, but then the GUI has to "know" nearly the whole tree, generated by rybka. I don't know how to effectively program this, but any comment of you on this topic would be nice.
Parent - By rivaldo (***) [de] Date 2007-10-01 11:38
I forgot, that one would have to tell rybka also what is meant by "forced move". I would set a difference to 2nd best move of 1.0 pawn.
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