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- - By Lusakan (*) Date 2011-07-01 09:14
Would you kindly share your feelings about the recent happenings to Rybka? You defended Rybka like a galant soldier, I mean you know what you did to defend Rybka agains tthe clones - Instant bannings and hidden subforums for what is now being openly posted and discussed in the general forum, how does that feel for you?

Of all the people you - more than anyone else - deserves some respect from Vas. At least an explanation of his side of the story and the way forward. Are you in touch with Him? Whose forum is this anyway? I mean this was the Embassy of Rybka - where people bought Rybka, and got news about Rybka, reported bugs and suggested improvement, and you were in charge. But now - it is sounding here more and more like an obituary page- like the Embassy of the Soviet union. How does that feel for you?

I am a sociologist and a counselor, so for me these a serious professional questions.
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2011-07-01 12:10
Well, the whole stuff isn't completely new ... I still don't know what Vas' position is at the moment, I'm not in contact with him currently (but forwarding requests for answering questions from newspapers :) )

I had quite some shift in priorities in the last months, so I don't really care that much about this stuff anymore :)
Parent - By Lusakan (*) Date 2011-07-06 07:36
Thanks Felix for the explanation. All the best.

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