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- - By Mr.Nobody Date 2007-09-17 01:54
Hello chess friends... :)

I'd like to know are xeons better processors for chess, and if they are, why?
I know that they have fsb of 1333mhz and they are used as server computers becuase of their fsb and bandwidth, which comes to a better transmission of data between cpu and northbridge...But really, in theory, not some kind of synthetical tests how much are they faster(if they are at all)...Lets say quad xeon 5355 (4x2.66ghz) is "better" for chess than qx 6700? Of course, at stock settings because i know xeons are not made for oveclock....

Thnx in advance and don't crucify me for making my first post a topic :)
Parent - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2007-09-17 04:28
Actually, they are a little worse than a comparable speed Q6600 because they use slower buffered memory. The advantage of the Xeons is that you can put together a dual Xeon (octal) settup that will be a little faster than even a highly overclocked non-Xeon quad. I'm not sure whether there would be any improvement at all in going to a 16-core system with Rybka 2.3.2a.

Parent - - By PAKman (**) Date 2007-09-17 04:57
The top ELO computer on the computer list is the nic (Awesome), a Q6600 with 1066FSB using 2GB of PC6400 Memory.
Good Job Roger Z. I have seen the computer and am amazed that the ELO is possible with that computer considering the stiff competition.
I wish i knew what all this meant, but as a computer player i will save the money and not buy a Xeon. By the way he is overclocked. :)
Parent - - By XmikeX (**) Date 2007-09-17 19:08 Edited 2007-09-17 19:12
How is a Q6600 @ "1066"FSB  (266.66666666666666... x 4 ) = overclocked / overbussed ?

Unless his Q6600 has an unlocked multiplier (engineering sample !?), I believe you can only OC the chip if you change the FSB.  Am I missing something here (oblique reference to another post or user?) ? 

As we know, we see the Q6600 a-plenty with the current wave of El Cheapos in this forum :) who love turn their Q6600 into pseudo-QX6850 by moving to "1333" FSB  (333.333333333333... x 4).  Right on! Stick it to the man (Intel).
Parent - By PAKman (**) Date 2007-09-17 20:02
Not being a Quad overclocker, I can't tell you anything about what numbers he used.
The specification of the chip is as follows.
sSpec Number:SL9UM
CPU Speed:2.40 GHz
Bus Speed:1066 MHz
Bus/Core Ratio:9.0
L2 Cache Size:8 MB
L2 Cache Speed:2.4 GH
Package Type:LGA775
Manufacturing Technology:65 nm
Core Stepping:B3
CPUID String:06F7h
Thermal Design Power:105W
Thermal Specification:62.2°C
Core Voltage:1.100V-1.372V

He hangs out on the playchess server, ask him.
His nics are Awesome and _Beware__

Just making a suggestion based on his performance.
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