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- By Permanent Brain (*****) Date 2007-08-28 09:12 Edited 2007-08-28 09:59
One important feature would be a quick "calculate threat" key, as Fritz has it. While the engine is running in analysis mode, you can press "x" and it simply switches the right to move from one side to the other and continues to calculate with no other input required, thus finding the opponent's threat(s). Of course you can simply switch back with x again and it restarts the normal analysis.

This can be combined with multi-pv as well, which is necessary because often, the obvious threat is "shallow" like a simple capture, while the "true" threat is more hidden but would never become the primary variation. If you think of a position for example, where the queen is simply attacked but there is another (deeper) threat, too.

An innovation for that feature could be: An automated threat calculation for a defineable time (seconds) for the interactive analysis mode. For example, if set to 3 it would always run for 3 seconds with switched move right in a new position, and after the 3 seconds start the normal analysis. The display of the threat variation(s) should of course be kept in the output window. I think, min. 2 multi-pv variations should be possible for that, maybe better 3 or unlimited.

About preserve analysis: If it is considered that Rybka's normal game performance is better with this feature OFF, then I suggest an automatism, at least as an option, to switch it to ON automatically if the user goes into analysis mode (and maybe the same for "display PV tips"). Currently, I use two different engine configurations with different settings to achieve the same, but I think it would be more comfortable and easier for the users, if it could be adapted automatically when the analysis mode is started/ended.

Two more features are less important, but interesting details which can help to make a difference:

Separate opening books for White and Black: Why? For example, if we have 1,000 games from GM Expertovich (w+b) and we generate an opening book from them, we do not get his repertoire. Instead, we get a mix of his repertoire and of his opponents, because: If, for example Expertovich has not a good score against the Caro Kann and never plays it himself, the book would still play Caro Kann because the move statistics are good. By separating his white and black games and making two different books from it, we could avoid this effect. If the GUI would support different W/B books, we wouldn't have to replace them manually.

(I guess this could also be useful for engine and anti-engine books for the same reason.)

Continuos analysis in setup mode: This is an unique feature I found in an old chess program, Virtual Chess for Windows. While being in the setup mode (-mask), it could calculate and show the usual engine analysis output, while you were removing pieces from the board, add other pieces, change their position etc. Obviously the function made a quick check for "minimum legality" so it wouldn't calculate if a king was missing or if a king could be captured by the side to move, but as soon as the position was analyseable, it calculated.

This would be very useful to design test or training positions. If a positional example is created, one does not want that it has a (maybe deep) tactical solution off topic. With analysis during setup, this could be immediatly/interactively checked and the position improved if required, much more comfortable than to have to switch off the setup mode, start analyis mode, back to setup, etc.
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