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- - By Mark Mason (***) Date 2007-08-23 10:06

I am currently running Hiarcs 9.6 (excellent program  - thanks Hiarcs) on my Palm Tungsten T3 - 400MHz ARMS Processor.   I have recently experimented with overclocking the T3 using both Afterburner  from   and Lightspeed  from   - both available for free trial.

I have followed all the guidance and overclocked the CPU for the Hiarcs 9.6 application up to high levels. However, on running position analysis Hiarcs doesn't seem to be reaching ply depth levels any quicker than before the overrclock. Also I have run a couple of the benchmark utilities for Palm and don't sem to be getting any visible gains.

Has anyone else experimented with this ? I would be interested in your results and findings and to know whther I'm not using the overclocking correctly or maybe I'm expecting too much ?


Parent - - By albitex (***) Date 2007-08-24 02:20
I would only like to put you to knowledge, that all the developers of programs
for the overcloking, they tell not to use their tools with portable devices.
This because overheating itself they risk to break themselves.
It is not as a desktop, where you can put all the fans that you are able.
A portable is alone already over heated .
Careful... !!
Parent - By Mark Mason (***) Date 2007-08-24 09:07
I have researched this and there is no danger from overclocking a PDA as it uses such low levels of power compared to PCs. I actually rechecked the way I was using Lightspeed and found that I had it in disabled mode - have now enabled it and it is working very well. I overclocked the Palm 9.6 by 50% and it has significantly increased the speed of the engine. From a 1.e4 start position the time taken to reach search depth 8 has speeded up from 17 seconds (default) to 5 seconds !!   It has been stable with no issues.

If anyone else is interested in this I would recommend Lightspeed v2.0 which you can download from

Although I use it for overclocking the chess engine performance, interestingly you can also use this to underclock the PDA to extend battery life - useful as palm Tungsten T3 battery life can be short.

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