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- - By Shaun (****) [gb] Date 2010-12-21 12:47 Edited 2010-12-21 12:49
Incase anyone missed it...


Computer assistance permitted.

P.S. Don't get too excited regarding the prize money - it may only just cover your electricity bill... and for some would not even come close :twisted:
Parent - - By TheHug (Bronze) [us] Date 2010-12-21 15:34
Well this is true you will have to play for a few years before you would win this event. That is one advantage of my WBCCC tournament I believe. At least for the first year. It is planned on being done before the end of the next year. It usually wouldn't be possible. As robin round tournament can take time. With the unique system using the Double Swiss tournament setting. It is possible to have many people and have a fair amount of games. And although the overall prize fund may not be the same as this one. Who would complain about a free tournament that could get you about 500 dollars for first prize? in fact with the number of prizes I am thinking of offering. 1/3 of the players playing will win something. I have close to 30 players and 10 places. To most its not about the money tho. They will prefer the enjoyment of the competition. And even had one that said if he win any money that he would give it back to the others. I hope to expand in the next edition of WBCCC. I had some strong players that wouldn't play for one reason or other. I have there feedback and I plan on making improvement to get them to play.
Parent - - By Shaun (****) [gb] Date 2010-12-21 17:01
Yes roughly 1 year per round... Personally even the 10 moves/30 days is a little fast for me I prefer 10 moves/50 days :wink:

I wish you all the best with the WBCCC but much too fast for me :(
Parent - By David Evans (****) [gb] Date 2010-12-22 09:22
Iam playing both :grin:
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