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- By TheHug (Bronze) [us] Date 2010-10-20 20:37 Edited 2010-10-20 21:13
This thread would be for discussion for Tournament Format. Another reason for waiting 2 months to start is that I want to have everyone input as to what would be an acceptable tournament format. I will show the ideas of others and give some of my ideas. I know for some the 2 biggest things are going be how many games and how long. Here are some of the proposals.

Form Vytron- 

Well, I have experience running tournaments at FICS, and I suggest a double elimination tourney, that is, that players that lose two games in a row leave the tourney, or you can do that after 2 games 1.5 points are required to continue the tourney, after 4 games 3 points are required, etc. to take into account draws. You can have 3 divisions, the high one (for players that have won most of their games), the middle one (for players that have drawn most of the games) and the low one (for players that NEED to win to continue on the tourney). The tourney would remain going as long as necessary until there are 3 players left, those players play a round robin to decide a winner.

This format only requires even number of players to start (or one bye), so it's easier to handle than one that requires a multiple of 2 or 4 players. And it gives each player the chance to at least play once with white and with black.

It's just an idea, of course, if it's too complex you can go with something more simple, but I don't think hand picking to allow fairness would be possible, as it would be unfair for the players that the hand picker considers stronger/weaker than they really are, or new unknown players that join. Since the rating of the players is unknown, you could use "name" pairings at the start, which is de facto fair, before players are reorganized depending on game results.

Form Moz-

I'm definitely interested however the format will ultimately be the deciding factor for me.  I've played in a number of large corr tournaments over the years and I'm skeptical that the tournament format you outlined would work for the simple reason that the draw rate will be very high.  I think the only practical approach is to use the format used at ICCF/LSS (3 groups of players randomly selected, everyone in a group plays other group members 1 time and half the games are with white, the other half as black with a tie breaker) or possibly institute the system used at Bilbao this year where they borrowed the soccer scoring and awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

Personally, I would prefer the latter format as it encourages enterprising play and risk taking and will minimize the number of draws.  To a certain extent, the time control will help in that regard as 48 hrs a move is very fast compared to ICCF/LSS time controls so mistakes are bound to happen...but whatever you can do to minimize the chances that people will play boring openings like the Berlin Wall would be appreciated, I'm sure.

By Slumdog- If you decide for an event with 30 or 40 players, the first thing I would say is, fix a time limit for a game to conclude, say 3 months or 4 months or more.  That's a must.  Or the event will go on for years and half way through everyone will turn sick.  As far as number of games is concerned, you need to do pairings manually with the consent of the players.  I would suggest that you prepare TOP HALF and BOTTOM HALF.  Divide the number of players into two groups.  The winners of both groups will play the Final and the runner up of each group will play for the 3rd position.  Or even make 3 or 4 groups and accordingly decide.  Otherwise, if you try to make one single group, then, as the usual tournaments go (swiss system), everyone needs to play everyone.  That means for 30 players 29 games.

And my ideas are similiar to this. My only other ideas was if the formant allow for it and I get head to head matches in the final rounds. If in the match rather its 4 games or 6 games or whatever this maybe. If my players in that match agree to a drawn match I will allow for the prize to be spit even for that place. Of course this was just idea to help with time.

I want everyone reading this that is thinking about playing that everything is going to be talked about. As I want a fun tournament to happen. For now this will be open to the Tournament Format. As I believe this will be the most talked about. I will open another thread for Time Control and the other issues.
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