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- - By gigabyte137 (*) Date 2007-07-25 03:43
Can someone confirm that Vista64 is slower with Rybka then XP64?
Parent - By JhorAVi (***) Date 2007-07-25 04:59
Vista has a lot of disk processing and cache swapping in the background as long as there's available CPU usage.
It utilizes all available RAM no matter how big it is.
All those are supposed to improve overall performance of desktop applications that has nothing to do with chess :)

Luckily, a 5% drop or increase in Rybkas KNPS is not really that significant :)
Parent - By j_futur (**) Date 2007-07-25 05:27
Yes, it seems but just a little !
My test was on the 32bits version.

Parent - - By Lukas Cimiotti (Bronze) Date 2007-07-25 08:04
I made tests some time ago with a special benchmark version of Rybka. That test indicated that Vista slows down Rybka by 2%. But in the meantime i found out that these benchmarks show some deviations in result every time you run them. So i am not shure anymore that Vista is worse.
Parent - - By Kreuzfahrtschiff (***) Date 2007-07-25 08:06 Edited 2007-07-25 08:27
vista has some problems with 8 cores according to microsaft, so its no wonder :)
Parent - By gala.martin (**) Date 2007-07-25 21:41
These differences should depend a lot on the hardware. They should be negligible for reasonable hardware, and notable for old hardware. 2% on Kullberg HW seems way too much.
Parent - - By Sesse (****) Date 2007-07-25 23:22
For any meaningful test of that kind, you will need more than one run for each side. 15 is a good start... Less if the results are dramatic, of course, and it all depends on what confidence level you want.

/* Steinar */
Parent - By Lukas Cimiotti (Bronze) Date 2007-07-26 07:07
Each of these benchmark runs takes ~3 hours, so i thought they should be precise - but they are not :(
15 runs on each os would take 90 hours - i am not that patient ;)
Parent - By Svilponis (***) Date 2007-07-25 10:49
According to my experience, there is no significant differences in speed (E6600 = 2 cores).
Parent - - By albitex (***) Date 2007-07-25 22:25 Edited 2007-07-25 22:37
To plan to the best XP with Rybka, you can use GameXP.
It is a tool that puts XP under the best conditions for the games.
But attention, will remove from you some small utilities of XP.
You will always be able in a second moment, to restore the preceding state.
This you can directly do it with the program, it has an option for this.
You will have an I increase of 5/10%.
I attach to the present one the briefcase with the program. I also attach the
proramma ClockGenerator, for overclokcare the CPU.
I beg me not to exaggerate.

Hi Alberto
Attachment: GameXP2.rar (444k)
Attachment: (328k)
Parent - By BigBen (****) Date 2007-07-27 09:59
    Vista in general is slower than XP and eats memory ... It it easy enough to search google ... There are plenty of other places you can read up on this stuff

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