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- - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-19 23:24
Just installed Rybka 2.3 as stand alone, and I got the 2.3 engine running on my Fritz 7 (Chessbase 8).

I got a sheet of instructions for installing the Rybka opening library for Fritz Interface which just does not seem to work.  Basically there is supposed to be an opening library file rybkaii.ctg stored somewhere and I can't find it anywhere.  I searched all my computer drives and the original installation CD.  I have searched for any *.ctg files and just find the opening book for Fritz.  The Rybka CD has two *.obc files which I think are the opening book files but Fritz is looking for *.ctg.

Anybody help?

Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-07-19 23:37
it should be on CD (RybkaII.ctg), but if you can't find it, just register to receive updates (this is recommended since Rybka 2.3.2a is much stronger than 2.3), then you will get a link to the opening book together with the links for the new versions.
Parent - - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-19 23:55
Thanks, but there are no .ctg files on the CD or anywhere in my Rybka installation.

Where do I go for this update?  I filled out the registration form on original installation, but is there somewhere to go right now?  There are so many websites associated with Rybka (chessassistant, chessok, etc etc...)

I am stuck.

Parent - - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2007-07-20 09:18
Please send an email to Convekta (, they will send you a download link for RybkaII.ctg.

You might also look for (or something like this) on your CD. I bet this file is there.

Parent - - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-20 14:22
sorry, nothing about RybkaII anywhere to be found....

If you please look at your DVD for the product, please tell me the folder you believe it to be in.  I have "Rybka 2.3 UCI & Chess Openings 2007, with Database of 3,100,000 games."  Maybe mine is defective.

per your instructions I sent your message to

but, so far I have not received ANY responses to ANY e-mails to, or

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-07-20 14:41
did you check your spam folder?
Parent - - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-20 15:06
no spam, no filtered trash, nothing nada zilch

I figured I would get some response to my registration signup, but there was no "Welcome to Rybka" message or anything like that.  I did get some "Code #" but as I posted earlier, what does that do?  How or where do I use that?
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-07-20 22:34
There should be a mail with "update to rybka 2.3.2a" etc. as topic, but no "Code #".
I had no problems with contacting them, what is your email provider? You could also try ICQ (220772637) if you have that... but they send the updates only via email- you could also try to register an emailaddress at yahoo - because this works fine for me and should also work fine for you.
Parent - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-21 01:06
I already have Yahoo, that is what I registered under.

If you are some sort of person with Rybka, can I send you my e-mail address, product serial no, etc and can you have the necessary link(s) sent to me?  i started out just wanting the "RybkaII.ctg" library to use in Fritz, I looked all over the DVD and it is not there and nothing like it.  I even asked Rajlich if he could tell me what folder it is under. 

Can't anyone who ever got the DVD for 2.3 tell me?  What is the big mystery?

Then Rajlich told me to email and ask for it, I did, I even posted his forum post in there and got no replay.

Then I started hearing about an update for 2.3.2a....and that I should expect that or ask for that...still waiting for something to happen.

Parent - - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-21 01:15
The 11-Digit "Code #" I referred to is what I received, when I filled in the popup registration window I got during installation and pressed the "send" button.  It was not an e-mail but a message on the screen during installation.  Is that not a normal occurrence?  Can't any of the many people reading these posts identify with that as right or wrong?

I am still not able to confirm registration with Rybka, other than that Code # which I don't know what to do with or if it is real.

I also asked in a separate forum message where one goes to register a Rybka product other than during the installation process.  If there is a place I would like to know.  Again, nobody answered that question yet in the forum.

I do not have ICQ but I guess I can start that service and see if I can communicate and relay some of these post questions there.  This is getting real frustrating.
Parent - - By diskamyl (**) Date 2007-07-21 06:47
just wait for a few days. it wont be an automated mail, so may take time but they will contact you. (keep in mind the spam folder.)
Parent - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-21 13:16
ok, thanx, I am watching on all "fronts"....believe you me...
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-07-21 11:04
OK, I'll help you. Can you send me your Serial number? I will contact Convekta then and forward the message to you. My email is felixkling (at..) (this is no problem because I'm the webmaster of, see , , otherwise giving other persons your serial number wouldn't be ok of course :) ).
Parent - - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-21 13:27
Thanks very much, I like all your pictures,,,,

email to you sent....
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-07-21 13:37
I just send the email to the support, you can expext an answer on monday or tuesday since it's weekend.
Parent - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-21 13:44
Wunderbar und Hallelujah!

Much appreciated...
Parent - - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-20 21:19
I still do not get any response from your company about anything I send them.
Parent - By hebroots (**) Date 2007-07-26 22:52

This is an update to let the forum know that I finally did get all good and helpful responses from chessok customer service,,,lots of European names there!  They answered all my questions even though they were redundant at times.

So I received my R2.3.2a file (I have single processor, 32 bit) and it installed fine, and it is running well on my Fritz 7 interface.

The RybkaII.ctg file was a bit more troublesome, since it is a very long download for my dialup service.  The service I have forcibly disconnects me after 4 hours, and with Explorer I could not resume my download after disconnecting.  Bummer.

But, Mr Felix Kling (ooops, almost called you Fritz!) gave me a good tip to download a browser called OPERA(.com), which does allow the use of multiple continuations on downloading after disconnect.  So, at long last I was able to get my full download of the latest opening library, and everything installed fine, and I am good to go.

The new library is interesting because many of the opening moves would not be chosen during engine games, because they are "red" in the list of moves.  Initial experience shows that the new opening library with 2.3.2a runs "very strong" (whatever that means, but I am winning games!).

Thanks again for all the help from Vas, chessok staff, Felix, and all the posters.
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