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- - By alistair [us] Date 2010-06-01 02:23 Edited 2010-06-01 03:18
Hi there

I'm very excited to say that just over the weekend I bought the Deep Rybka 4 engine however I don't know anything about configuring the engine to make it as strong as possible for my computer specification(detailed below). In fact I'm not sure whether I even have it running properly.

I use the Winboard interface which I just found the latest version 4.4.3 which incorporates polyglot to enable UCI engines. I like Winboard because of it's very light weight feel and ease of use.

Could somebody please send me the best engine settings to run the Deep Rybka 4 engine through Winboard 4.4.3 to make its ELO the strongest possible for my current computer specification. Not too worried about efficiency or speed, just want to make the engine as strong as possible. Best if somebody could write up a polyglot.ini file or even just explain the engine configuration parameters.

Here is my current polyglot.ini file for Winboard(used for old Winboard version 4.2.7):

EngineName = Rybka 4
EngineDir = .
EngineCommand = DeepRybka4w32.exe
Log = false
LogFile = DeepRybka4.log
Resign = false
Book = true
BookFile = book.bin

Hash = 256
OwnBook = false

Only having two engine settings seems like the engine isn't optimised at all! How should I improve this?

Here is the spec of my current machine:

HP Compaq 6910p Laptop
2GHz processor(single chip dual core 32 bit)/2GB Ram (upgrading to 4GB in about a weeks time)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP3

Al Nicholls.
Parent - - By chess_pr0 (**) [us] Date 2010-06-03 13:42
yeah im using compaq presario dual core 64 bit.. but this is very close just change 64 bit where as needed 2 32 bit, also u need a .bin book download one off this site i recommend using komodo.bin or Morphius books... here is my poly file and this plays very strong even against deep rybka and quadcores i can manage draws and wins ..


EngineName=Rybka 4 x64
EngineCommand=Rybka 4 x64

Max CPUs=2048
CPU Usage=100
Main Process Priority=Normal
Use Large Pages=false
Always Score Main Move=false
Display Upperbounds=false
Preserve Analysis=false
Hash File=
Persistent Hash Play Depth=64
Persistent Hash Write Depth=10
Persistent Hash Size=16
TC Buffer=3
TC Normal Move Time=80
TC Max Move Time=100
White Pawn cp=0
Black Pawn cp=0
White Knight cp=0
Black Knight cp=0
White King Bishop cp=0
Black King Bishop cp=0
White Queen Bishop cp=0
Black Queen Bishop cp=0
White Rook cp=0
Black Rook cp=0
White Queen cp=0
Black Queen cp=0
Rook Endgame Scaling=100
Contempt Play=15
Contempt Analyze=0
Parent - - By alistair [us] Date 2010-06-03 21:42
great thanks for that.

Couple of questions though.

Why have you set Max CPUs to 2048 when you only have a single processor?

Also I can't find the komodo.bin opening book on this site, can you please post the link. A lin k to the Morphius book and any others you recommend would be cool too

Much appreciated.

Parent - By Uly (Gold) [mx] Date 2010-06-03 22:02

> Why have you set Max CPUs to 2048 when you only have a single processor?

Because Rybka will automatically use all the processors up to this number (e.g. if you have 2049 processors she will not use one), having 2048 is like having 1 for your case.
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